Author Topic: Organizing and Cataloging your mini's/terrain/books?  (Read 20498 times)

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Organizing and Cataloging your mini's/terrain/books?
« on: May 02, 2019, 02:28:30 PM »
I stumbled across a link to a phone app which allows you to catalog your items (any items), with a photo.  The app would allow you to share your inventories with others.  I thought, "How perfect for sharing my mini's collections, so my friends won't need to ask me if I have X and Y mini's/terrain pieces for a fantasy battle they are planning!"  Then the rubber hit the road of reality...

The app, in question, is only written for Apple iOS.  They promised to offer an Android OS version -- two years ago, but it still is not available.  I found other apps, for my Android phone, but they do not allow me to share with others.

A friend suggested I do it with Excel.  I have more than 10 armies, each consisting of 20-180 miniatures, each.  I need a catalog, with photo's, and detailed information, in each entry.

I also need to catalog my collection of RPG books.  I have two copies of a couple of expansion rule books, in my collection, because I didn't realize I had a copy already.  Really want to have something on my phone, to consult, before I bid on e-Bay, or order from Amazon/DriveThruRPG/etc.

What would you suggest?  I could use OneNote, and other MS programs.  Wondering what the hive-mind thinks...  Remember, it needs to be usable on a cell phone (Android preferred, but Apple iOS compatibility as well, would be ideal -- my friends, who I wish to share my files with, have both types of phones).  Cheers!
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