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Victorious Tuesday Nights from 8-10 PM Central


My online gaming friends chose to restart our Victorious campaign and we could use a couple more mystery men or women to fill out the team. We currently have a Alan Quarterman-style Big Game Hunter and an Opera Diva with sonic powers. Characters will be 2nd level. The adventures will be encapsulated into 1-3 sessions. At this time I don't have any grand arc in mind, but that could change as the game develops.

First session will be next Tuesday 8/28 with character prep. We use Google Hangouts and Roll20. Reply or PM and I'll make sure you get an invite to the hangout.

I can't make it, but I'll let the guys in my Monday night Victorious group know about it...a few might be able to make it over!

DM (Good at pimping games) Mike


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