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Massive Damage Question


By the book, Massive Damage is 50 points or more of damage. So if a creature has 300 hp, you can drop him instantly by only doing 1/6 of his total hp in damage? And doing 3 hp of damage to a 4hp kobold isn't considered "massive" to the kobold? Shouldn't the definition of "massive" be dependent on the target? Could you theoretically drop Tarrasque by reducing him from 840 hp to 790 hp in a single blow? (What did he die of, humiliation?)

Shiftkitty are you talking about 5e? I am out of town at the moment so don't have any access to my books. I'd think the massive damage rule applies to players taking damage rather than monsters, but I don't think the rule is 50 HPs of damage for PCs.

Sorry, I should have specified it's 3e. Also, I'm looking at damage being done to monsters. If it says it's for PCs, I missed that.

Don't have my 3rd editions books, or .pdfs for them, so checked my PF .pdfs. It has an optional rule that if a character takes half their total hitpoints in one attack (minimum of 50) they must make a Fortitude save or die.

Seems like PF made that rule a bit better. Won't work on low level creatures that would just outright die anyway, but tougher monsters and characters will need at least 50 HP, or half their total HP in one hit. That seems to fix some of the issues you were seeing with the rule SK!


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