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Issue 14 is published!


& Magazine Issue 14 has been released into the wild!

Animal Companions is now available for free download on the & Publishing Group web site!

Included in this issue include feature articles:

[*]Animal Amalgamations, by Ian Slater
[*]Animal Companions ..., by Handley Jackson
[*]Dogs of the Lakelands, by Andrew Hamilton[/list]

Bonus articles:

[*]Political Treasures in D&D, by John W. Fogel
[*]Ability Checks: Are You Doing It Wrong?, by Goblin's Henchman
[*]Making the 'God Call', by Goblin's Henchman[/list]

and Regular Columns:

[*]Maps: Library and Records Hall, by Fingolwyn
[*]Gilderlo Hippogriffs, by Bryan Fazekas
[*]Who Let The Dogs Out?, by Dan Rasaiah
[*]A Plethora of Ideas, by David "Garhkal" Stairs
[*]New Weapons VIII – Siege Weaponry, by Nicole Massey
[*]Brewmaster: Extraordinary Holy Symbols, by Timothy Connolly[/list]

... plus more!

The cover art is from our regular contributing artist Robin Irwin. As always, we have great art from Art Director Wind Lothamer along with Nora Back, Goblin's Henchman, Caleb Horowitz, Robin Irwin, Chris Letzelter, Martin, Steven Poag, Olivia Rudiak, and Del Teigeler .

In addition to material from regular contributors Timothy Connolly, Goblin's Henchman, and former &PG Publisher Nicole Massey – we have articles from David "Garhkal" Stairs and John W. Vogel.

Please get the word out to share with others, and I hope you enjoy and find it useful!

Are the maps of the Library and Records Hall in issue #14, supposed to go with the Castle Triskelion adventure?

Nope. The maps are completely separate.

Ok! Thanks for letting us know!


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