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Favorite Misreadings
« on: October 30, 2017, 10:49:35 AM »
Okay, so far twice have I made such a mistake that it changed the whole flavor of the dungeon. One was when I thought I had grabbed my notes for "Acolytes" but had actually grabbed "White Ape". I was DMing this thing blind, so I just read the encounters as they popped up. Instead of evil cultists, the party saw white apes running amuck in this temple. They responded by hooting and whooping like howler monkeys and chasing the enemy with knuckle-dragging delight. They even marked their territory by urinating everywhere, even on cornered prisoners. When I realized my mistake, I decided that the party had hallucinated the apes and a bunch of freaked-out cultists couldn't get out of that temple fast enough, urine-soaked robes and all!

The second one happened last night. Another seat-of-the-pants dungeon, another slight misreading. The party fought it's way through a dungeon, hoping to find survivors of a missing unit of soldiers. The map clearly read "Massacre Site". My eyes clearly saw "Massage Site". I lost control of the adventure at that point, but at least they found the soldiers!  ;D
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