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watched the movie priest and thinking about creating a new class similar to the priests. a class devoted to killing undead using the monk and cleric. first thought is a type of monk with cleric powers. any suggestions

Alex Karaczun:
Dragon Magazine #234 has Crypt Rangers and Crypt Defenders. It's from 1996 so definitely 2nd Edition, but you may be able to glean some ideas from the article if you can find it.

I think there is an undead slayer at the end of the kit section in the Complete Book of Elves.  A crusader type out of skills and magic might work or even use option rules to make a hybrid or even the new class generator from Second Edition DMG

while watching the movie they are like monks but specialize in killing vampires. just trying to create a character like that but for undead type. maybe a monk that has clerical abilities

Yeah, that would work.  I just watched it last night. I see what you mean. 


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