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Alex Karaczun:
Which books, of those available for AD&D 1st Edition, do you use for your games/campaign? I'll start off...

I am currently running a campaign set in the World of Greyhawk CY576. The rules we use are the three core rule books; Monster Manual, Players Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide. We also use the Fiend Folio, Monster Manual II, Unearthed Arcana, Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, Wilderness Survival Guide and Manual of the Planes. The World of Greyhawk Folio and Gold Boxed Set are used for world info. The Greyhawk Adventures hardback is rarely used. We also add content from Dragon Magazine from the same era. Some examples follow.

Winged Folk (Al Karak Elam)

Barbarian (revision)
Cavalier (revision)
Monk (revision)
Bounty Hunter
Bard (Minstrel)
Incantatrix (Sorcerer)
Anti-Paladin (NPC Only)
Sentinel (NPC Only)

Good Hits & Bad Misses (Critical Hits and Fumbles)
Living in a Material World (Spell Components)
Realistic Vital Statistics (Height & Weight)

We kept the Bard as presented in the Dungeon Masters Guide, the Bard from Dragon Magazine we call a Minstrel and is sort of a lesser, more common type of Bard. We call the Incantatrix a Sorcerer because Incantatrix sounds stupid.  ;D

Wow a little bit of everything!

Traditionally when I run AD&D I use the core 3 and any extra monster books. I may use the DSG, WSG, or UA for my own personal prep, or for a ruling I wasn't anticipating, but I usually don't hand out all of those options to the players.

Now you have me intrigued to use them all, and maybe even that odd tome Exhumed Obscura from ebay.

I am using all of the 1st Edition Hardback books for my '12 Kingdoms' Roll20 game.

DMG, PH, UA, MM, MM2, Fiend Folio, DSG, WSG, OA, MotP, Deities and Demigods.

Oh, also using 2nd Edition Revised, PH and Monstrous Manual.

I use Monster info from 3rd to 5th Edition and enhance monsters from 1E/2E with it. On that note I see that the Monster Ability stats in 5E are the one's missing from 1E/2E, the 3E ones were out of whack, especially the strength score.

For Character classes I am letting the players mine:

1st / 2nd Edtion Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbooks, Unearthed Arcana, Players Options Books:

Rules Cyclopedia Mystic

Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2nd Edition:
Lets start at the top all of the usual PC core classes are there:
-Fighter: a swordsman, bowman, or other warrior type
- Magician: a sorcerer who memorizes arcane formulæ and casts spells
- Cleric: an armed and armoured mystic sorcerer
- Thief: a nimble swordsman possessed of numerous specialized skills

You get subclasses of the main four: From the fighter you get:
- Barbarian: an outland warrior possessed of feral instincts
- Berserker: a rampaging shock trooper renowned for unbridled battle rage
- Cataphract (Knight): an armoured horseman and warrior elite
- Huntsman: a wilderness warrior who glories in the hunt
- Paladin: a champion who crusades for justice and Law
- Ranger: a borderland fighter, frontiersman, and defender
- Warlock: a spell-weaving fighter who wields steel and sorcery interchangeably

From the Magician you get:
- Cryomancer: a sorcerer who commands the elemental power of ice
- Illusionist: a sorcerer who evokes phantasms and manipulates shadows and light
- Necromancer: a sorcerer who practices black magic and communicates with the dead
- Pyromancer: a sorcerer who commands the elemental power of fire
- Witch (Wizard): a sorcerer who brews potions, divines portents, and lays curses

The Cleric has some interesting choices:
- Druid: a mystic sorcerer empowered by ancestral, elemental, and animistic spirits
- Monk: a warrior-priest who strives for physical and mental mastery
- Priest: a chaplain mystic of prodigious spell-casting capacity
- Runegraver: a mystic warrior who carves runic spells on bone, metal, stone, and wood
- Shaman (Witch Doctor): a primal sorcerer who confers with ancestral and totem spirits

And the Thief adds their own flair to the mix:
- Assassin: a thief who specializes in murder and intrigue
- Bard (Skald): a warrior, scholar, and weaver of enchanted lyrics and/or music
- Legerdemainist: an adept thief who also commands the power of sorcery
- Purloiner: a religious thief who also practices the esoteric mysticism of a cleric
- Scout: a lightly armed explorer, intelligence gatherer, and stealth master

Adventurer, Conqueror, King (any not already in the AD&D books)

Dragon Magazine:

The game has used both the 1E and 2E versions of the Bard.

There is a AS&S of Hyperborea Witch in the game.

There is a 5E Dwarf Cleric in the game.

Good Hits & Bad Misses (Critical Hits and Fumbles): I added a couple more dealing with the nose.

I may incorporate world setting stuff from Bruce Heard's "Worlds of Calidar" and Greg Gillespie's "Barrowmaze: Complete" and "Forbidden Caverns of Archaia"

I will let new spells, monsters, magic weapons, armor and items and new class abilities, from 3E to 5E in the game.

Deities: (From Fire Born Game's "Twelve Kingdoms" setting:

Adlan: LN; God of peace, reason and serenity
Aeron: CG; God of war, battle and bravery
Arawn (King of Hell): LE; greater god of revenge, terror, war, spirit contact, and reincarnation
Belinos: God of dragons and fire
Brenna: NG; Goddess of Nature and the Forest
Doliath - The Raven King: N; Demi-God of prophecy, ravens, music and writing
Gormail: (LE; intermediate god of tyranny)
Ioldan: LN; Greater God of magic, spells, mages, scholars
Ladron, the Stranger: N; Intermediate God of stealth and trickery
Livora, the Crone: NE; lesser goddess of malice and deep places
Seren - The Father: LG; God of sun, light, righteousness, valor and fire magic
Taliesin: LN; Lesser God of music, song, arts and crafts
Taranis: LE; Greater God of death, the dead, assassins and murder

Modules Used in campaign so far are:

Upcoming October 5th: "I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City" based in "X1: Isle of Dread" with "N1: Cult of the Reptile God" being set in Usi and the temple in Tanaroa. There are other adventure modules, being considered to be placed on the Isle of Dread, such as "I2: Tomb of the Lizard King", while I have a couple modules in mind to drop into the Forbidden City, itself. The whole Idea, is to have a "Kong: Skull Island" feel with a lost city.

39 Sessions for "DD3: Fortress of the Yuan-Ti", November 12th - , October 5th, 2017 (3 prior sessions before the 21st of Jan., were for character making)
7 Sessions for "Mystery at Port Greely", September 18th - November 6th, 2016
1 Brief Session for "Mystery At Port Greely", September 18, ~ 1 hour
9 Sessions for "RL1: Craft Dungeon of Reynaldo Lazendry", July 23rd - September 18th, 2016
5 Sessions for "Buried Zikurat", June 18th, 2016 - July 17th, 2016
5 Sessions & 30 minutes for "JD1: Cess-Pit of the Bog-Mother", May 14th, 2016 - June 18th, 2016
5 Sessions for "DNH1: The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil", April 9th, 2015 - May 8th, 2016
1 Session for "DD3: Fortress of the Yuan-Ti", April 2, 2015 - party will venture back to this one later !
19 Sessions for "DD2: The Sinister Spire", November 7th, 2015 - March 26th, 2016
13 Sessions for "DD1: Barrow of the Forgotten King"; August 15th, 2015 - Oct. 31st, 2015
2 Sessions & 20 minutes) for "CG1: Lair of Largash the Lurid"; August 1st, 2015 - Aug 15th, 2015
3 sessions for "Scourge of the Howling Horde"; July 11th - July 26th, 2015
7 Sessions for "C3: Lost Island of Castanamir; May 10th - June 27th, 2015
11 Sessions for "DCC24: Legend of the Ripper"/"DF30: A Village with No Name"; Feb. 21st - May 10th, 2015
15 sessions for "1A: The Inheritance; November 8th, 2014 - Feb. 14th, 2015

Alex Karaczun:

--- Quote from: Dizzy on October 03, 2017, 04:08:06 PM ---Wow a little bit of everything!

Traditionally when I run AD&D I use the core 3 and any extra monster books. I may use the DSG, WSG, or UA for my own personal prep, or for a ruling I wasn't anticipating, but I usually don't hand out all of those options to the players.

Now you have me intrigued to use them all, and maybe even that odd tome Exhumed Obscura from ebay.

--- End quote ---

Dizzy, I'm using the latter AD&D books (some would call them v1.5) for reference only. We've modified most of the classes from UA and I use the Survival Guides to look up specific rules if I feel the need in a specific situation. Not using player options other than from UA.

Is Exhumed Obscura one of those Dragon Magazine compilations that people are always trying to sell on eBay?

Alex Karaczun:
Maegnarval,  :o Whoa! That's a lot of stuff even by my standards!


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