Author Topic: Ever had to get rid of loot quickly?  (Read 1133 times)

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Ever had to get rid of loot quickly?
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:34:52 AM »
Our DM this time is sending us on a 1st level mission into some goblin caves. We created our 3e characters and I drew the rogue. (This DM insists we randomly get character classes.) After rolling, I wound up with a high CHA rogue with very little starting funds to arm up with. I told the DM that I wanted him to gamble for more money. Okay, after a few hands of 5 card draw, I went from little money to a couple hundred gp and then right down to zero bucks. I figured that I would break into this guys room at the inn and steal some money back. All went well until the DM randomly created the NPC a little more completely. He turned out to be a 14th level fighter with 150,000 gp in cash in his room. (I was just hoping to get about 200 gp!)

Two insanely lucky rolls of 20 had my PC out of that room rich as all git-out. My first thought was "YESSSS!", then I saw the DM smiling. Yes, I was suddenly fantastically wealthy, but with an unexpected problem; how to launder the loot FAST! A low-level street rat suddenly showing up with a fortune would have the cops on me faster than anything! Showing up in criminal dives with that much was sure to get my throat cut. And you just know that when that fighter wakes up, he's not going to be happy! So we now have to get out of town and hope that no bandits notice that every horse has heavy money bags! (Also, we have to avoid the cops who will be very suspicious of a bunch of ne'er-do-wells suddenly leaving town in the middle of the night with very heavy purses!)

This is going to be one of our rare games that goes on a few nights. We normally do one shots, but we voted to continue this one since we had this unexpected turn of events partially derail the planned adventure.
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