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A Song of Ice and Fire by CMON Miniatures WarGame KickStarter:


Anyone pledge for the Kickstarter?!

It's $403 to get the actual Kickstarter Exclusives base part of the game alone!

It is ridiculous how they are milking the fans to buy in like that and not fair for those that would like to get it but can not, all at once like this.

If it were me running this, there would be no exclusives and every player will have a chance to buy Every Accessory available even after the KickStarter.

Really they should have just stuck with the base $150 game for their current Kickstarter.
Then did other KS's for this game at intervals, spreading out the cost for the buyers and enabling way more to be able to buy the Full game.

I would love to get this but the fact of knowing I can not afford the other $253 for the Base Exclusive set is just upsetting.

So I will likely not get it now because, latter, I can not have the full game, because they are offering it only once. Instead of spreading it out over several KS's at various intervals.

Ok, having just looked at the Kickstarter again, they went and added in more Exclusives which brings up the total to $338 in Exclusive pieces.

So you need $150 + $338 = $488 right now during this one KickStarter to get the Actual Full Base Version of the game!

If I were them I would be the Chivalrous Noble Knight and cancel this KickStarter and re-boot, offering ONLY the base game with the High Seneschal,

instead of being a thieving Bard con-artist.

Then the noble knight I am, would break this down into several more KS at intervals to spread out the cost for the buyers and thus enabling way, way more people to get the FULL Game.

So like the next KS would be for 1 of the mats at $35 with one of the $30 Unit add-ons, until all 3 mats are released then go to the other accessories at no more than $60 per KS.

Too rich for my blood!  Glad I missed it, entirely, until now.  They did, however, pull in $1.9 million!!!  A great many people felt it was worth their money...  I just hope they get what they paid for.  That is a lot of money to lose, per person, if CMON does not follow through.  Caveat Emptor, Baby!


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