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For those playing 5e and interest d ina digital tool check out dnd  The Basic rules and SRD content is free to use and the other 5e content will be available for purchase in a couple weeks.

Subscription pricing isn't totally out of this world, either, I think something like $3 or $6/month.  :D

--- Quote from: D&DBeyond ---The Hero Tier is intended primarily for players. It removes ads on the site, allows players to create an unlimited number of characters, and add publicly-shared homebrew content to your collection to use within the toolset. This subscription will cost $2.99 a month.

The Master Tier is intended primarily for Dungeon Masters and full groups. It grants all the benefits of the Hero Tier, and also allows a DM to share all her unlocked official content with other players within a campaign - so content does not have to be unlocked by every player. This subscription will cost $5.99 a month.
--- End quote ---
The good news is, once you add something through the subscription, it is yours to keep even if your subscription should lapse.

I don't know that I'd be paying the $30-something to buy the books/adventures again, though. ::)

--- Quote from: D&DBeyond ---Digital sourcebooks (such as the Player's Handbook or Volo's Guide to Monsters) will be available for $29.99, while adventure modules (such as Curse of Strahd or Storm King's Thunder) will be available for $24.99.

For the first week after launch, the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual will be on sale for $19.99!

--- End quote ---
Fortunately, some sort of a la carte option is available:
--- Quote from: D&DBeyond ---Players can also purchase individual game elements or bundled content within any official source. Like to play barbarians? You can unlock that class and all of its options only. Want to run "Tomb of Horrors" from Tales From the Yawning Portal? Unlock that single adventure.
--- End quote ---


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