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Started a new 5e game last week

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For my three sons and 3 of my middle son's friends, and they are loving it.  The three friends hadn't played any RPG before. One of them is going nuts for it and his parents say he talks about the game all the time. His mother bought him a D&D shirt (the picture is the cover of the Cook Epert book) and she got me a dungeon master shirt.

That is absolutely awesome FJW!

Keep up the great work! Hopefully they'll all catch the DMing bug too!

Excellent, amigo.  Have fun!

Angry Monk:
How's the campaign going?


--- Quote from: Angry Monk on October 19, 2018, 10:26:50 AM ---How's the campaign going?

--- End quote ---

We are still going strong. We took a few months off during the school year when my son was not keeping with with his home work and we didn’t meet much in the summer as all the families had vacations, camps, etc.

Now they are 6th level and getting close to 7th. I have been sort of running the original DL modules but with very heavy modification. Right now they are storming an orc stronghold (an ancient Thorbardin outpost) to get a map to the gates of Thorbardin to get the refugees from Pax Tharkas to safety.


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