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So it was my turn to DM 4E last night...


Yeah, it's weird for me to have rotating DMs, but the opportunity to one-shot games is kind of neat. So we got together and I handed out some equipment cards. They thought it odd that I was assigning gear until they saw their characters: US Marines. I dropped the squad into Iraq, using some pre-generated 4e PCs I had created to make things move a little quicker. Okay, you can get away with that for one-shot games. Their mission was to locate and recover a missing squad. They thought they were going into terrorist rat tunnels in the Iraqi country-side, so they got ready to deal with terrorists.

At first they mistook the goblins for children being used by the terrorists. When situation became clear to the players, they really got into it. They were ready for a cakewalk since they had machine guns and grenades, etc., ad hey, guns are super-weapons next to a broadsword, right?

To quote "Impractical Jokers", "WEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL..."

It turns out that hobgoblins can withstand a bit of firepower. The first time "Sgt. Klatchkey" opened up on a goblin, the expected bloodshed ensured. When he opened up on a hobgoblin, it reeled back with the hit and nearly dropped its sword, then it looked up with fury in its eyes. Yeah, that was when the guys said "Oh, sh......."

It was fun for a one-off. They recovered the missing guys after expending almost all of their firepower and having to go to knives and swords recovered from bodies, but it did leave the guys wondering what hobgoblins were doing on 21st century Earth and if I had plans to further this campaign on my next turn in the DMs seat. (I hadn't really thought about it, but...!)

Shiftkitty this sounds awesome. I hope you do continue it next time you DM and share with us again! I'd be stoked to play in something like that. May have to do it myself now.


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