Author Topic: Old School Computer Game Update 9: Psionics  (Read 1305 times)

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Old School Computer Game Update 9: Psionics
« on: September 09, 2016, 08:57:29 PM »
Hi folks.

I have updated Old School Computer Game (link in my signature). Your existing saved games will not work with this new release - before you download and play this version, please load up any games with characters you want to keep and export them to disk in the manage party view.

I have added psionics to the game.  Please read 'psionic_powers_list_and_instructions.html' in the documentation.zip file for more information.

New Class:  Psionicist

New Cleric Spells:  Spiritual Hammer

New Druid Spells:  Flame Blade

New Magic-User Spells:  Augmentation I-III

New Items:  18 ability-boosting rings

UI Changes:
 - combat and map panels:  press 'p' to use a psionic power
 - view character panel:  press 'p' to see a list of a character's available psionic disciplines and powers

 - added the option to start new characters at level 3 (not everyone enjoys the challenge of keeping a 1st level character alive long enough to get to 3rd or 4th level)
 - AI-controlled characters who can turn undead in combat now do so
Bug Fixes
 - added check for problem where some rooms do not have access to all other rooms in randomly generated maps, leading to orphaned rooms
 - ghoul touch spell's applicable immunity was 'cold'
 - silencing spells (e.g. silencd 15' radius) now work properly
If you find any problems with the game, or want to propose improvements, please post them here or on the game's webpage.

Thank you for playing!
Please try my old school computer game (link) and tell me what you think.