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FaerieGodfather's Retro-Whatever
« on: September 06, 2016, 10:27:27 AM »
I've been working on this awhile, but not making any real progress. It was never intended to be a true "clone", as it was based on pieces of multiple versions of D&D, but as I have worked on it, it has encroached upon other "old school games". The original premise was to apply the systems of Player's Option to the simpler BECMI core, with a robust martial arts system modeled on Combat & Tactics and Dragonfist.

The basic features so far:
d20 System task resolution
Class-and-level, basic classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Shaman
Race-as-class: Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Dragonborn; twist my arm and you might get Halflings
Occupational and Racial Classes are customizable as Skills & Powers
AD&D multiclassing
Six saving throws (as 5e)
Saving throws increase with level; saving throw DCs do not, meaning saving throws get easier as you level
Ranked weapon, non-weapon, and "special" proficiencies; proficiencies grant mechanical bonuses a la Palladium

Attack rolls are ability mod + proficiency bonus versus AC (no attack bonus per level); Fighters get +2 to hit with all attacks
Combat maneuvers per Rules Cyclopedia
Weapon proficiency bonuses by weapon group; weapon mastery built-in to proficiency system
Martial arts proficiencies that grant additional combat options
Action economy as 5e
Extra Attack as 5e; Warriors and Elves get one; Fighters and Dwarves get multiples

Spell points
Spells lists a la Rolemaster with augmentable spells a la HARP (no spell prep)
Ritual magic (just vaguely D&D like, using rules from 3.5, 4e, and 5e)
"Encounter" magic via chi pool
Proficiency-based cantrips available to all classes
All classes have capacity for spellcasting

This is just the player-facing stuff for now. Planning on including rules for domain management and Immortality. Default setting based on Spelljammer with an OA twist. More racial classes for races I can't officially publish.

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Re: FaerieGodfather's Retro-Whatever
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2016, 11:57:30 AM »
This sounds really interesting. I started with 3.5, really love Classic and AD&D, and quite enjoy 5e as well. This sounds like a very interesting mix of OSR & 5e + some other fittings. Keep us updated!