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Splatbook 125 - Classic Module Experiences!


We have another question to answer in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as we tackle a single email. This time we get and email from The Dungeon Dude, asking us about our classic module experiences, and we do our best to answer his question!

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Email from The Dungeon Dude (the hosts’ classic module experiences)
Email from The Dungeon Dude (tweaking and augmenting spells to make them different)

I Look forward to it.
You still need to do that Dragonlance episode!   :)

Sweet, I'm currently playing in a AD&D 2E game. The DM is running against the slave lords, we are on the second module. Looking forward to listening.

Got a chance to listen to the episode. I think if you are not a hardcore about exact rules you could just use the 1e stats and not convert at all. In the scheme of things they run off the same chassis and I don't think player would know the difference. I'm currently running AD&D 1e game with elements from 2e. It all mixes well.


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