Author Topic: Old School Computer Game Update 6: Villain Classes & New Quest Types  (Read 1338 times)

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Hi folks.

I have updated Old School Computer Game (link in my signature). Your existing saved games will not work with this new release - before you download and play this version, please load up any games with characters you want to keep and export them to disk in the manage party view.

Bug Fix:  fixed the 'fun house' map generator's selection of monsters to be more random (affects Casa Loma dungeon)

Bug Fix:  the number pad now works for movement in combat

Bug Fix:  waiting in combat no longer resets the moves-this-round counter

New Classes:  Avenger (classic anti-paladin), Black Knight (advanced anti-paladin), Blackguard

New Items:  Amulets of Armour (5), Bag of Holding

New Monsters:  Assassins (5 types), Barrow Wight, Cold Wight, Evil Priests (21 types), Fiendish Harpy, Harpy Queen, Kobold Scout, Kobold Shaman, Kobold Veteran, Kobold Wokan, Imbued Wight, Infernal Harpy, Ju-Ju Zombie, Zealots (evil human fighters, 9 types), Zombie Lord

New Random Quest Location Type:  hideouts  (it did not make sense for bandits to be 'hiding out' in castles and towers)

New Random Quest Location Type:  temples

New Random Quest Type:  Get Item (quests to obtain objects of power or great value)

Increased the difficulty of encounters (more monsters on average, and enemy spell casters cast defensive and buffing spells before combat begins)

Key Changes:  changed some key/command mappings (press F1 or H on the map panel to display the modified list of commands)

Spell Change:  slow no longer has a saving throw

If you find any problems with the game, or want to propose improvements, please post them here.

Thank you for playing!
Please try my old school computer game (link) and tell me what you think.