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Back in the 4e saddle


I haven't played much 4e since my last 4e campaign ended in April 2014. However this past week my sons (14 and 9) asked me to run 4e for them after hearing me talk about it (the older one played a little when he was younger but doesn't remember it). The last couple years I have played 5e with them.

Looking forward to starting a new campaign with an old favorite of mine.

It's been about 6 weeks. How is the 4e game going?


--- Quote from: kevinwatson on May 20, 2016, 05:01:52 PM ---It's been about 6 weeks. How is the 4e game going?

--- End quote ---

Thanks for asking but it's been really busy around here and we haven't had a chance to play. The characters are made but with band and choir concerts, me traveling for work, and the older two kids practicing for a play (oh and a couple funerals) we haven't had a chance to play anything.

Am thinking about having another look at it myself.  May do a lot of Star Wars Saga and D&D 4E crossover work just to keep things interesting in my Dawn of Defiance campaign (ongoing since 2009!).


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