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Splatbook 120 - Voicemails!


We’re taking calls (or in this case, voicemail messages)! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they listen to six voicemails from constant contributors to the show, with many thanks to them for their questions, input and opinions.

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Voicemail from DM Laz (Council of Wyrms)
Voicemail from DM Cojo (Tome of Adventure Design)
Voicemail from DM Cal (Turning former PCs into NPCs)
Voicemail from DM Raoul (Death Spell/Game-breaking spells)
Voicemail from DM Cal (Designing a carnival as a front for a thieves’ guild)
Voicemail from DM Cojo (2e game rules altered or thrown out)

You really should bring back the Brainstorm segment!
Your original brainstorm was better than the short lived podcast. (the podcast was good, but it wasn't true to your original idea).
It was a great idea and deserves to be a regular on your show again!

Another great episode. Always a pleasure to listen to you guys.

Patience, Longfoot. Brainstorm hasn;t gone anywhere, we just try to save those for when we are all present. With me being swamped with work and child care, Cory getting crushed by art deadlines, and Fulon doing Army things, its been hard to get together of late. We still have a cushion of shows before it becomes a major issue, but worry not... Brainstorm will be there!

This is a note of thanks long time over due for answering my question on the topic of the Death Spell.

Also, I'm with Glen on Basic's Clerics and their having to wait until 2nd level before receiving access to spells.  Let them prove their commitment to their god.  I love the RP element suggested and encouraged in this.


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