Author Topic: Character Sheets, "Just the facts, ma'am."  (Read 2111 times)

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Character Sheets, "Just the facts, ma'am."
« on: August 16, 2016, 08:44:38 AM »
So I was looking at the 5e character sheet and was pondering why the need to record things like personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws. On the back you further record allies and organizations as well as your background. It seems to me to be wasted space. These are not things a player needs to refer too in the course of regular play, and are easily remembered by most people anyway. I'd rather see the space dedicated to a general notes section for things that actually come up regularly during a game.

Basically, I feel a character sheet needs only the following:
Attribute scores/bonuses
Weapon/To Hit/Damage
Other Equipment (Including money)

What do think? How often do you refer to the "fluff"? (Of course, I do like the 0e character sheets that fit on a 3x5 index card, but that's just me!)
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Re: Character Sheets, "Just the facts, ma'am."
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2016, 12:16:07 PM »
That extra info is an attempt to focus D&D more on the "story." That's the new buzz word around WotC. This is a reaction to perceived power gaming of 3-4e.

But I agree with you. Just give me the basic numbers on the character sheet. I don't like trying to use the mechanics to generate the story. To me the story is what emerges around the table by interacting with the DM and other players.

So I use my own CS.