Author Topic: Thought I would let ya'll know  (Read 1619 times)


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Thought I would let ya'll know
« on: March 10, 2016, 08:25:07 PM »
Hey Dizzy I will have to bow out of both games due to new meds and health. Tonight was going to be my last night to be able to play, and was wanting to tell the group good bye, but that did not work out as planned. Sorry about that. Hope this does not leave you in a lurch.

I cannot express to you how good it was for me to be part of a game group again even if it was for a short while.

I also cannot thank you enough for letting me be part of the group, I could for a while be a "normal person" without pain and just have fun.

Don't know when I will be able to be back on the forums, the doctors seems to be wanting to take up all my time these days. Don't even have time to work on Wyldland like I want to. It is super frustrating to tell the truth.

All I keep hearing is bad news when I go to the doctors. Don't really know how much fight I have left in me to be honest, just tired of the constant pain. Been this way since 2003, and recently it has gotten worse. Cant walk very good, brain don't want to work any more, just feel stupid and useless. 

But enough of the belly aching. I wanted to thank you Dizzy for letting me be part of the game group, and wanted to thank everyone here for being so nice to a dumb old fart that asks stupid questions.

Wondering where's a cleric when you need one,

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Re: Thought I would let ya'll know
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2016, 09:51:21 PM »
Mojo, I understand.

Sorry about the game. I was in the waiting room at the hospital and logged into the forums to send you a message about it being cancelled, but I just checked my sent messages and I guess it didn't go through. My sister was having a c-section, so I was waiting to meet my niece. She is the first of me and my full-blooded siblings to have a child, so it was an exciting moment for my family.

I hope things start to turn around for you. That sounds really rough Mojo. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad we could give you some fun moments of gaming. You're welcome back anytime!