Author Topic: First project for Dark Naga has completed it's funding.  (Read 1394 times)

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First project for Dark Naga has completed it's funding.
« on: March 07, 2016, 08:22:30 AM »
I'd like to thank all the backers and all the people who spread the word. The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil will be a great looking adventure, only because of the support you have provided.

If you have an issue or concern with anything please let me know. Customer Service is important to me.

What remains to be done:

OSR stats for the head priest, Cyne. Still not 100% content there. NPC descriptions from the backers who picked that reward are expected Tuesday. I expect to have them integrated by Friday.

I have prelim sketches for the maps. Final cartography is anticipated the week of St Patrick's Day. One piece of the initial art is contingent on a final map. That piece should follow a day or two behind that final map.

Stretch goal art is in progress. Both NPC portraits are delivered. The half page piece is almost done

Tomorrow, I am going to bundle all of the art so far into an illustration PDF. I plan to use this to get more familiar with OBS publishing, including POD. It will be updated when the last two pieces of are are delivered, so please consider waiting until then for POD orders. For backers who want a POD illustration book, it will be at cost. Codes will be supplied when all the twists and turns are successfully navigated.

Tomorrow, I am going to order the dice. Delivery is typically two weeks from payment.

Tomorrow , I am also going to setup backer kit. This will make fulfillment and adding items easier.

I have been working on layout of the adventure in InDesign with placeholders for the pending art and maps. I expect to have the NPC descriptions and OSR stats for Cyne integrated by Friday. Final layout is expected the week of March 21, which is also when funds should be released to me.

From there, the remaining steps are upload to OBS and distribute email coupons to backers, send print layout to printer for proof, examine proof, possible loop here, then place print order. The print order should take two weeks from clicking submit to delivery at my door. From there, fulfillment will begin. These steps are far enough out that dates are currently fuzzy. As they firm up, I will be more exact.

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Re: First project for Dark Naga has completed it's funding.
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 02:24:39 PM »
Thanks for the heads up Kevin! I managed to get some money together right before the end of the kickstarter and pledged for print level. I'm definitely looking forward to this. My players have shown some interest in trying 5e, so this may be one of the things we try eventually! If not we'll always convert it ;) great work!