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First Edition AD&D / Old School Editions D&D Page on Mewe!
« on: April 04, 2019, 12:44:17 PM »
Here is a page on Mewe for Old School Editions of D&D!


Here is a review of Goodman Games, new book, "Into The Borderlands", which is a collection of the B1 & B2 Adventure Modules, along with a 5th edition conversion and new content!


Anyone pledge for the Kickstarter?!


It's $403 to get the actual Kickstarter Exclusives base part of the game alone!

It is ridiculous how they are milking the fans to buy in like that and not fair for those that would like to get it but can not, all at once like this.

If it were me running this, there would be no exclusives and every player will have a chance to buy Every Accessory available even after the KickStarter.

Really they should have just stuck with the base $150 game for their current Kickstarter.
Then did other KS's for this game at intervals, spreading out the cost for the buyers and enabling way more to be able to buy the Full game.

I would love to get this but the fact of knowing I can not afford the other $253 for the Base Exclusive set is just upsetting.

So I will likely not get it now because, latter, I can not have the full game, because they are offering it only once. Instead of spreading it out over several KS's at various intervals.

Come Join us for an Evening of Role Playing, Exploration, Adventure, Combat and Puzzle Solving!

This (Twelve Kingdoms) campaign is using 1st / 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Role-Playing game rules,

with some elements folded in from later editions and clones, (mainly new monsters, spells, magic items).

The live gaming sessions, will be played on Thursday evenings from 8:00 pm EDT- 5:00pm PDT, till 12:00am EDT (9:00pm PDT).

This will be our 123rd gaming session for the ongoing 'Twelve Kingdoms' Campaign !

Current Module is "DD3: Fortress of the Yuan-Ti", by WotC. Up next will be "I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City".

An INVITE LINK into the game will be sent to you !

There are Characters Available for you to pick up, plus, we will make a new one for you so that when the current character in the game dies, the new one is ready to go right away.

Once a character dies, you can choose your new Character Class and Race from any of the following:
1st / 2nd Edtion Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbooks, Unearthed Arcana, Players Options Books
Astonishing Swordmen and Sorcerers of Hyperboria 1st Edition (any not already in the AD&D books)
Adventurer, Conqueror, King (any not already in the AD&D books)
Dragon Magazine: http://bit.ly/2pJhdTb

You will also have the option to start at Level 1 or at the current module's Lowest Level.

Current Players are:
Bard - Altomi - Human - DocMindWipe
Fighter - Willie - Dragon
Ranger - Johnny Bowman - Wood Elf - Buddy D.
Samurai - Shindo Tanaka & Holyhand the Life Battle Cleric - Ullek
Witch (from Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea) (male) - Elmfra Darling - Half-Elf - Extraterritorial Erudite

There are Story Chapters for the game that gives you the story of what happened in the game so far. (So everyone remembers what has happened!)

This is TEXT-BASED, which helps in the Role-Playing, and greatly speeds up game play. ( You Can Still Use Voice/Video ! Though, no one has really bothered with it much).

Live Gaming Sessions typically can last up to 4 - 5 hours ! ( One lasted 6 hours and 25 minutes ! )

*** Please be sure you can ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAKE, during this Live Gaming Session Time Period before joining ! ***

*** Do not be shy about Interacting and Role-Playing with other players & characters and also be a part of the party's decision making ! ***

*** Also, you must be able to Update your character sheet when necessary !
(Such as when you acquire or deplete an item (i.e Food, Arrows, Quarrels, Sling Stones, Oil, Torches, etc.), or daily spell & equipment maintenance ). ***

Game Modules used in the Twelve Kingdoms Campaign So Far:

"1A: The Inheritance" by Mischief Inc.": Levels 1-3
"DCC24: Legend of the Ripper" by Goodman Games: Levels 1-3
"DF30: A Village With No Name" by Dragonsfoot: Levels 1-3: (combined with "DF: Legend of the Ripper")
"C3: Lost Island of Castanamir" by TSR: Levels 1-4
"Scourge of the Howling Horde" by WotC: Level 1
"Lair of Largash The Lurid" by Canister & Grape: Level 1-3
"DD1: Barrow of the Forgotten King" by WotC: Level 1-3
"DD2: The Sinister Spire" by WotC: Level 3-5
"DD3: Fortress of the Yuan-Ti " by Wotc, Levels 6-8 (Not yet completed, party will head back to this)
"DNH1: Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil" by Dark Naga Adventures, Levels 4-6
"JD1: Cess-Pit of the Bog-Mother", by Uni-Games, Levels 1-3; updated for 5th level characters
"DNA2: Buried Zikurat", by Dark Naga Adventures, Levels 5-6
"RL1: Craft Dungeon of Reynaldo Lazendry" Levels 1-3, Updated for Level 6 characters
"Mystery at Port Greely", by North Wind Adventures, Levels 4 to 6
"DD3: Fortress of the Yuan-Ti", Level 7

Kickstarters / Zweihander: Grim & Perilous RPG
« on: August 02, 2016, 12:58:31 AM »
Zweihander: Grim & Perilous RPG:

Create adventures with a system of gritty realism, clandestine conflict, political intrigue, vicious reprisal and supernatural horror.


Kickstarters / BarrowMaze: The Forbidden Caves of Archaia : MegaDungeon
« on: August 02, 2016, 12:54:48 AM »
MegaDungeon Sequel to "BarrowMaze: Complete (Compilation of Barrowmaze 1 & 2):


Madara the monk: Does the door reveal anything?

Dungeon Master (GM): yes an entryway into another very dark area.

Madara the monk: do i need to roll for stealth mode?

Dungeon Master (GM): to hide in shadows, & move silently yes. You roll a D100 & need to roll low

Madara the monk: rolling 1d100 = 91, the hide in shadows did not work

Dungeon Master (GM): hide in shadows is a 10% chance move quietly is a 20% for Madara

Madara the monk: I walk into the dark room with a lit torch given to me by Deklan.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok i will reveal what the torch sees...about 15 feet outward the green object is an old hanging oil lamp.
That's the hanging oil lamp & you see half a fireplace.

Deklan the cleric: check to see if there's oil still in the lamp

Dungeon Master (GM): hmm ok this is at least 125 year old oil if so & it hardened to a clump

Madara the monk: Pulls out a match and lights the lamp

Dungeon Master (GM): it does light the wick but you see the oil is now a hardened substance here is what you see in the room:

You notice a critter Stepping into the darkened interior of the Ten Bells’ main bar,

you enter a room in which hundreds of ale-soaked dramas would have played out over the years before it was boarded up and abandoned.

At one time, it may have been a comfortable if decidedly lower-class tavern.

The original brick and flint walls, ancient floors, old beams, and aged furnishings and tables are reminiscent of an earlier age,

a time when patrons by the dozens would have drunken themselves into rowdy stupors within.

Now the room is eerily silent, and the only patron is a frighteningly large raccoon that scurries into the fireplace

in response to your intrusion.

Deklan the cleric: maybe a little like the Cam Inn?

Dungeon Master (GM): basically yes, just not leaning on it's foundation

Madara the monk: I examine this lamp for oil

Dungeon Master (GM): it appears just like the other

Madara the monk: I light it.

Dungeon Master (GM): the oil has hardened into a clump

Madara the monk: does my lamp reveal anymore?

Deklan the cleric: perhaps the rest of us should enter the room?

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha yea, he's one very brave fellow!

Deklan the cleric: well... he's hiding and moving quietly to check things out

Dungeon Master (GM): right

Deklan the cleric: should the whole party come on in? I would think so... looks big enough

Madara the monk: More the merrier.

Dungeon Master (GM): up to you i'll just need 4 more d20 checks for holding down their stomach contents is all

Deklan the cleric: rolling 4d20 = 15, 4, 7, 3 so only the first one of the last four entering managed to hold down their stomach from experiencing the evil aura which was Altomi.

Madara the monk: Can the druid talk to the raccoon?

Dungeon Master (GM): not until you rest up again for 8 hours so taursis, sven & fewe could not handle the evil feeling & hurled as they enter the Ten Bells

Madara the monk: do i need to roll for perception to reveal more of the room?
Fenwe the ranger enters the large room
Where is Luren the thief ?

Dungeon Master (GM): no, i just reveal what you see, based on where you place your token, 15 feet out for madara (torch), 30 feet out for barak (lantern).

Deklan the cleric: the paladin should be spearheading our search

Dungeon Master (GM): you see the original front door in that white space above the steps graphic, which is all boarded up & notice boards on the outsides of the front windows.

Deklan the cleric: detecting evil... is Deklan the only one that can turn undead?

Dungeon Master (GM): yes

Deklan the cleric: ugh

Dungeon Master (GM): where are you detect evil? This is the paladin doing so.

Deklan the cleric: he should be nearer to the front too... are those stairs down?

Dungeon Master (GM): The stairway appears to lead upstairs & downstairs.
Right now, You see 2 doors along the east wall one of which Madara is at now, the other behind the bar.

Madara the monk: Madara searches room for traps 1d100=30 : Madara finds no traps at the door he is at (door behind the bar)

Dungeon Master (GM): You note the room is 25 feet wide & right now you see 40 feet long of it.

Deklan the cleric: we should get roman hands to do it

Madara the monk: Agreed, Madara tries to open the door

Dungeon Master (GM): 3 of you have thieving abilities

Deklan the cleric: who else? let's pair up at each door?

Madara the monk: ok

Dungeon Master (GM): Since Luren the thief, moved there I will assume he has the 2nd lantern to reveal some more

Madara the monk: I already searched this door, do you wanna pair up here?

Madara the monk: Taursis the paladin, enters room Sven the mage-thief, enters the bar room area now from the back room.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok you are all inside the bar area now

Deklan the cleric: Taursis the Paladin, detecting evil in the stairs, & he finds no evil emanation.

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren the thief, noticed another door about 10-15 feet down from where he is, so there is a total of 3 doors along this east wall.

Madara the monk: I figure Barak can tank so he should be in front?

Deklan the cleric: just because you didn't detect traps doesn't mean there isn't one there

Deklan the cleric: Luren the thief searches at his door

Madara the monk: Do you want to go up the stairs or threw the doors?

Deklan the cleric: oops... he rolled a 1d100 roll= 95 at the door roman is standing at (Middle door in east wall)

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, he thinks there is none there

Deklan the cleric: who else can check?

Madara the monk: I can

Deklan the cleric: I thought there were 4? it takes 10m to check for traps

Dungeon Master (GM): Altomi, Madara, Luren & Sven all have thieving skills

Madara the monk: Altomi checks door for traps 1d100 roll= 59; & thinks that there are none

Madara the monk: Altomi opens the door behind the bar (Middle door on east wall)

(There was some chat here that indicated attempting to open the top & middle doors however the majority of the tokens were behind the bar so
it is the only door described as being opened & entered)

Deklan the cleric: " Hopefully there isn't zombies behind the doors.", says deklan, over at the fireplace.

Dungeon Master (GM): is Deklan probing the fireplace (that is where the raccoon disappeared)

Deklan the cleric: (sure Deklan is poking about the fireplace)

Deklan the cleric: Luren tells altomi he would have liked to have listened for noises before opening...

Dungeon Master (GM): here is what is seen when you shine a light into the room (Altomi):

The floor of this small room is covered in dust, the air is stale, and dense cobwebs hang from the rafters like a funeral shroud.

A few old crates and barrels lie scattered about the room, one of which is covered in a dark, quivering

blanket that seems to shy from the light.

Deklan the cleric: quivering?

Dungeon Master (GM): It appears to quiver in the light.

Where exactly is Deklan poking the fireplace?

Deklan the cleric: The Mantle.
ah... not really quivering... just optical illusion

Dungeon Master (GM): poking the mantle only disrupts the dust on it

Madara the monk: Luren the thief, enters the room and examines the crate

Dungeon Master (GM): as Luren entered the room he became ensnared in a web at ankle level
Luren, can attempt to break out of it but not before Roman gives me a surprise roll!

Deklan the cleric: Luren the thief, rolled 2 on a 1d6

Dungeon Master (GM): ok you were surprised by 2 spiders!

Deklan the cleric: tiny ones?

Dungeon Master (GM): Let's say not so tiny ones that look like oversized wasp spiders (~ a foot long)

Deklan the cleric: they're never tiny....

Deklan the cleric: is that a rug in front of the fireplace, or stone?

Dungeon Master (GM): It is stone work, rug would catch fire!

Deklan the cleric: what happens if I wave my torch inside the fireplace?

Dungeon Master (GM): Two big raccoons come out of the fireplace at Deklan.
Deklan rolls for surprise.

Deklan the cleric: deklan surprise: 1d6 Roll= 4 : Not surprised by the Raccoons coming out of the fireplace!

Madara the monk: Was the trap set off by the fireplace?

Dungeon Master (GM): For all Luren the thief, knows he is just ensnared into spider webbing from simply walking into it.

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren has to cut out of the web first, if he does so the spiders get free attacks on him until he is free of the webbing

Deklan (Tim B): i'm probably going to get rabies from these raccoons

Dungeon Master (GM): Taursis the paladin, should be able to clear that up if so

Dungeon Master (GM): ok here is the description in addition to the trap door you see:

The crypt-like alley ends in a weary wooden door hiding amidst the shadows.

Faded, cryptic red graffiti, etched in either ink or blood, is scrawled across the door.

It’s probably just a warning to trespassers that the aged building is unsafe, but it’s hard to tell.

Beside the door is a small, grime covered window.

The glass in the lower portion is broken outwards as if something desperately sought escape through the

meager opening, but the jagged hole has since been filled in with old garments.

Ok what would you all like to do?

Luren the thief: See if the door is locked.

Dungeon Master (GM): the window is about 16 inches by 16 inches.
Luren turns the handle & it appears locked, in addition to a few boards nailed to the front of it.

Luren the thief: Since I'm the thief, roll to pick the lock?

Dungeon Master (GM): the monks & thieves can try to pick the lock or even search for traps first, roll a 1d100 to pick the lock or find traps first

Luren the thief: Er, on second thought, I rolled a 1d100 = 23 to check for traps.

Madara the Monk: rolling a 1d100 = 5

Dungeon Master (GM): you need a 5 or less so you think you did not find a trap

Dungeon Master (GM):  To open locks you need a 15

Luren the thief: Ok. Rolling 1d100 = 4% to pick the lock. a success !

Madara the monk: yes, open the door

Dungeon Master (GM): The door opens inwards & you remove the boards blocking the way ok time to move to the next map!

Madara the monk: I have one torch. Does anybody have a fireball spell/ or some sort of light spell" Madara asks the party.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok here is the room description for you & whom will step in first?

Madara the monk: Madara sneaks in with stealth mode active

Dungeon Master (GM): As Madara stepped into the door a flash of lighting then thunder occurs then he swears he sees a visage of a lovely bride before him!

Then just as suddenly another flash of lightning & thunder & the beautiful bride is gone!

now here is what else you see:

Madara the monk: Whoah!

Dungeon Master (GM): As the door swings open, an overwhelming aura of evil fills the air, so vile in its intensity that
you are overcome by it and your stomach threatens revolt!

This means everyone that enters will make a 1d20 roll !

Madara the monk: 1d20=4 for Madara, Madara's stomach can't hold it down so he retches onto the floor!

Dungeon Master (GM): Once you have managed to steel yourself against the malice that pervades this place, you take in your surroundings.

The room is small and only sparsely furnished.

A simple cot, devoid of blankets or sheets, stands against one wall, its mattress savaged by deep cuts and stained rust-brown with long-dried blood.

A small table is pressed against the wall beside the window, and a fireplace stands cold and lifeless.

A cheap print, faded with age, hangs over the fireplace and beside it is a small cupboard.

The floors and walls are stained with a combination of blood and other unidentifiable filth.

A sound of scampering feet can be heard as numerous rodents scatter for cover, but the only look you get of the shadowy creatures is a

quick flash of movement out of the corners of your eyes.

Madara the monk: Can I do a perception check?

Dungeon Master (GM): if you want to yes

Ryan F.: rolling a 1d20 = 2

Dungeon Master (GM): i'll say that is a good roll on your intelligence score so what you perceive is that the painting catches your eye as perhaps something that can fetch some coin.
The Painting is of a richly clad woman in a sitting pose, dressed in black with a mournful look, you note a suit of knightly armor in the picture.

Madara the monk: Madara attempts to look for traps rolling 1d100= 78%

Dungeon Master (GM): you find none (i'll say Madara searched the wall with the fireplace)

Madara the monk: Madara attempts to carefully remove painting

Dungeon Master (GM): it comes off the wall easily

Madara the monk: Is there anything else on the wall?

Dungeon Master (GM): just blood & other unidentifiable filth on the walls along with the small cupboard now

Madara the Monk: Madara checks the cupboard.

Dungeon Master (GM): The cupboard contains only cheap cutlery, a few empty bottles of spirits, and a hearth-broom.

Madara the monk: Madara checks the table

Dungeon Master (GM): The table is bare & covered in dust & sits below the window which is covered by an old overcoat in addition to the clothing plugging the hole in the window.

That is a Cot that Madara is standing by now, along the back wall.

Madara the monk: Madara examines the mattress cuts

Dungeon Master (GM): its mattress savaged by deep cuts and stained rust-brown with long-dried blood.
you find nothing with the cuts, noting inside where the cuts are

Madara the monk: Madara examines the overcoat hanging over the window.

Dungeon Master (GM): it's just appears to be an old tattered overcoat

Madara the monk: Madara yells. " Can somebody with higher intelligence come down here?"

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha

Madara the monk: Madara looks for the rats.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, try as you might, you find nowhere the rats could have gone which befuddles you!

Madara the monk: Madara checks underneath the bed. OOC: Do I need to roll for any of this?

Dungeon Master (GM): there's lots of dust under the bed & I would tell you if a roll is needed!

Madara the monk: ok Madara tries to blow the dust away.

Dungeon Master (GM): The dust just makes you cough & try to wave it away from your face !

Madara the monk: rofl reading description again.

Dungeon Master (GM): alright

Madara the monk: Madara examines the painting the clues.

Dungeon Master (GM): really you can't tell anything more from it, you'll need to get it appraised, maybe they will know more

Madara the monk: Madara examines the fireplace closer.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, you see nothing out of the ordinary about it, the flue is shut tight!

Madara the monk: Madara attempts to open the flue.

Dungeon Master (GM): Madara opens the chimney flue & gets some soot on himself, otherwise nothing else happens as he looked up it with a lantern.

Madara the monk: Madara attempts to look out the window.

Dungeon Master (GM): you move the old over coat & notice the window is very filthy & hard to look out of

Madara the monk: Madara wipes the window with the coat.

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha ok, it's just makes the coat more dirty & smears the grit on the window though you can see somewhat better out of it, not much as it's dirty on the outside as well!

Madara the monk: Madara waves to his buddies still outside!

Ellamin the druid: " Hey hey anyone die ? "

Madara the monk: " Hey come over here. "

Madara the monk: Madara checks the overcoat pocket's for clues.

Dungeon Master (GM): just lint is all you find

Madara the monk: I check under the table

Dungeon Master (GM): Nothing there but more dust when casually looking there

Madara the monk: Ellamin can you come in and talk to these rats? i look closer

Dungeon Master (GM): if you wish a thorough search check anywhere give me a 1d6 rool, which may turn up a secret door.
The Speak with Animals, spell would have worn off by now & the rats long gone due to the fighting with the Ghast ! And no one else has the spell.

Madara the monk: examining the table 1d6 roll = 4

Dungeon Master (GM): nothing special is noted about the table after Madara makes a thorough search of it 2 minutes it last
the fight lasted like 1 minute & a half & you been in this room now for like half an hour of game time looking it over,
just to give you a time frame.

Madara the Monk: Closely examines the fireplace 1d6 roll= 3

Dungeon Master (GM): Madara's thorough inspection of the fireplace turns up nothing more.

Ellamin- Druid: I'll go into the room too for back up

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, & you can search around as well

Ellamin- Druid: begins searching the room for hidden/secret doors

Dungeon Master (GM): first give me a 1d20 roll for Ellamin

Ellamin- Druid: 1d6 = 3 ; 1d20 =17

Dungeon Master (GM): As Ellamin enters the room: an overwhelming aura of evil fills the air, so vile in its intensity that
you are overcome by it and your stomach threatens revolt.

However, the 1d20=17 roll shows that Ellamin, managed to hold down his stomach contents!

Ellamin- Druid: Jeez that's some evil

Madara the monk: checking the back wall behind the Cot, for a secret door. 1d6 roll= 5

Dungeon Master (GM): Madara does not find one.

Madara the monk: There's gotta be a reason for the lock and ghost. I found this painting. Should we leave and get it examined by a professional ?

Dungeon Master (GM): Tou may want to wait until you are back in Caer Brennau to get a reputable value of the painting!

Madara the monk: How far is that?

Dungeon Master (GM): 48 miles back to home base

Dungeon Master (GM): you can go back & search again, the walls & spots you had bad rolls on before.
Each roll you do, represents 10 minutes of searching.
Of course, this may have a chance to draw wandering monsters!

Ellamin- Druid: Maybe one of the others with a keener eye can find a secret door or something. I wish I had that speak with animals spell right now."

Ellamin- Druid: "Cause we cant find anything in here. Just seems like an old empty room."

Madara the monk: I look at Ellamin "Are you suggesting we leave?"

Ellamin- Druid: maybe someone else can search if they come in here. Or, we can post a watch around this building and see what comes out of it tonight." after ten minutes Ellamin resumes searching at the back wall behind the Cot: 1d6 roll= 2

Dungeon Master (GM): You find a bit of raised plaster over a spot behind where the cot was.

Ellamin- Druid: interesting, I'll start to press around the edges

Dungeon Master (GM): doing that does not move the plastering but you do trace a door-like outline

Ellamin- Druid: I'll try and pull on the section if I can get a grip on the edges

Dungeon Master (GM): you can't grip the edges, looks like some hammering would be in order!

Deklan - cleric: is there any sconces or anything attached to the other part of the wall?

Ellamin- Druid: then that's what Ill do with my staff

Dungeon Master (GM): No sconces, must have been candle lit in here along with the fireplace light at one time

Deklan - cleric: Nothing on the wall that could open a latch in the door?

Ellamin- Druid: Try and hit it and pry it out with the staff

Dungeon Master (GM): Ok, chunks of plaster begin to fall as Ellamin hits the wall.  No nothing Deklan

Ellamin- Druid: I'll keep tearing at it till I can see if it opens on the other side

Dungeon Master (GM): eventually Ellamin sees wood behind the plaster like a door

Ellamin- Druid: nice, here it is

Ellamin- Druid: just help me tear the plaster off so we can find out how to open the door

Dungeon Master (GM): well the door/plaster has a hardness of 7 but i will not worry about that & say that after several minutes you remove enough of the plaster that there is a wooden door now fully visible

Madara the monk: search for traps, rolling 1d100 = 18%

Dungeon Master (GM): you find no traps!

Madara the monk:" Let's open it. ", I say as I attempt to open the door

Dungeon Master (GM): it's locked!

Deklan - cleric: is the locking mechanism visible?

Dungeon Master (GM): yes, a keyhole

Ellamin- Druid: pick that baby

Dungeon Master (GM): it is too dark to see what is beyond the keyhole
roll a 1d100 to pick locks!

Ellamin- Druid: is Madara a thief?

Dungeon Master (GM): monks have all but the pick pocket abilities of thieves

Madara the monk: yes, i'm a thief

Dungeon Master (GM): you need a 15% or lower roll, it is shown on your character sheet

Madara the monk: 1d100= 63 to pick lock, Madara fails to pick the lock open!

Luren the thief: rolling 1d100= 42%,  he too fails to pick the lock needing a 25% or less

Deklan - cleric: whose strong enough to break it down? Barak?

Dungeon Master (GM): Barak the fighter, can do it on a 1-3d6

Dungeon Master (GM): certainly

Madara the monk: 1d6 roll=3, plus the 1d20 roll=13 puke check

Dungeon Master (GM): Yes, as Barak enters: an overwhelming aura of evil fills the air, so vile in its intensity that
you are overcome by it and your stomach threatens revolt.

Barak's turn to hurl onto the floor with a roll of 13!

After he regains his composure, he goes up to the door & bashes it in with that 3 roll !

Deklan (Tim B): puke check: 1d20 roll=15

Dungeon Master (GM): deklan is ok after he entered the room an experienced the evil aura.

Deklan the cleric says as they walk north up the alley, "You know back at the monastery, we practiced all the gestures and commands and inflections they taught us, but we didn't have any real undead to practice on, you see... You don't think this Ten Bells Hovel or whatever as anything like that do you?"

Altomi the bard says "I bloody well hope not... if it is though, we have that flask of Holy water from the kobold hideout and could probably get more... on that, we should probably find some healing potions too. You know, before come across something big again."

Ellamin the druid: Following the others, "So, do we know where this building is or are we just walking down the street?"

Dungeon Master:

Blackburn the Baker mentioned that the Ten Bells Hovel is just up the north alleyway which is littered with piles of junk.

You are actually walking up the north alleyway towards Ten Bells Hovel as it is getting dark, having spoken to the baker just before he closed shop and after taking in "happy hour" at the Inn.

Altomi the bard: suggests searching through the piles of litter on both sides of the alley, and starts searching through the first 5 ft. (9 of us can take 45ft sqaure).

Dungeon Master (GM): You can move your tokens to the piles of junk in the alley, so i know whom is looking at what pile.

Description of what you see in the alley:

The high, windowless brick walls of the buildings flanking the narrow alleyway rise up prison-like on either side, causing your footfalls

to echo distantly as you probe your way into the shroud of darkness.

Huge rats stalk through the rubbish that lies scattered about, glaring at you with hungry yellow eyes.

A strange smell clings to the air here, but not the festering stench of rotting refuse.

It is something altogether different.

Your light finds a bundle stretched out across the cobblestone.

At first, you take it for a pile of rags, but soon your eyes adjust to the dim light and you realize the mass before you is actually

the twisted shape of a human male, his throat torn open, eyes wide and staring.

Madara the Monk: Turns down a dark alley and watches as a group of people stare at a bloody pile. He checks around the crime scene for footprints.

Dungeon Master (GM): Ok Madara or anyone else looking for footprints, give me a 1D20 roll !

Madara the Monk: Rolls 1d20= 16 : Madara did not spot any footprints

Ellamin the Druid:  Is going to use speak with animals to try an talk to one of the rats, offering it some bread to entice it.

Dungeon Master (GM): The Speak with Animals Spell will work on a rat, so Ellamin can speak to one !

Ellamin the druid asks the rat, " Who did this? Did you see what happened ? "

Dungeon Master (GM): the rat says, " No I not seen who kill him, however it is food now. "

Dungeon Master (GM): i think it will only understand Ellamin but you can tell Ellamin what to say to the rat i didn't make an icon for the rat here
Anymore to say to the rat? You have 2 minutes to question him until the spell wears off.

Sven Kas'Ka - Magic User/Thief: Did the rat hear anything? or smell?

Dungeon Master (GM): he heard nothing pertaining to the murder nor did he smell, but you are disturbing food now he says

Matthew S.: Can I kill the rat

Dungeon Master (GM): You could try to kill the rat, yes.

Madara the monk: would like to check the body for claw marks.

Dungeon Master (GM): rat says,  " If I you, I not touch food"

Sven Kas'Ka - Magic User/Thief: Why no touch "food"?

Dungeon Master (GM): Madara sees right now that the only nasty visible wound is the cut through the neck, everything else is where it should be tough you notice several bite marks in the abdomen area now that appear fresh.

Rat says, " Because it belongs to creature now, creature eats it now. "

Taursis - Paladin.: I will detect evil on the body & piles of garbage

Dungeon Master (GM): No evil has been detected !

Madara the monk: I want to ask if the rat can show us where the creature resides?

Dungeon Master (GM): Rat says, " Creature run when he hear you. "

C T.: Describe creature?

Dungeon Master (GM): rat says, " It a rotting human beast. "

Sven Kas'Ka - Magic User/Thief: zombie!

Taursis - Paladin: wright, ghoul

Dungeon Master (GM): you can still hunt for footprints or examine the body further

Lure the Thief: I would like to examine the body.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok when Luren bends down to look at the body he gets a sickening feeling roll me a 1D20 for Luren

Luren the thief: rolling 1d20 = 12

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, Luren does not get sick from looking at the body & seeing crawling maggots & the smell overcoming him!

Deklan the cleric: rolling 1d20 = 11: Deklan would like to look for footprints again.

Dungeon Master (GM): Deklan sees no footprints!

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren, you notice the body is missing his coin pouch & see a pale white band of skin on one finger.
You can give me another 1d20 roll to examine him further.

Madara the monk: "coughs" looks like he was a married man.

Deklan the cleric: This body is giving off a toxic odor, we should back away for now.

Luren the thief: rolling 1d20 = 13

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren can not discern any more about the body than I already mentioned, anyone else?

Deklan the cleric: Unless somebody has a wind spell to blow away the odor?

Dungeon Master (GM): heh

Madara the monk: Let's ask around about a woman with a missing husband.

Dungeon Master (GM): Whom ever it was was not rich based on the clothing he was poor

Madara the monk: Walks away from the body towards the Cam Inn

Luren the thief: Do I recognize this person when Luren examines him?

Dungeon Master (GM): Others can examine body closer however i should note that you will need to roll 2 d20's & move the body physically
Nobody can recognize whom the man is.

Luren the thief: Can we roll the body over?

Madara the monk: How sick did the odor make me?

Dungeon Master (GM): It it made you a bit nauseous

Lurn the thief: Would like to roll over the body to look

Dungeon Master (GM): Ok, Luren, as you do that maggots come out of the body & get on you

Carrion Maggots: Carrion Maggot Attacks with his Paralysis Bite at Luren, Paralysis Bite Hits: AC 10 Damage: Paralysis S/M/L

Madara the monk:  shouts " Use a stick!"

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren is alright

Madara the monk: Smacks his own forehead and says "too late"

Luren the thief: Attack maggots ?

Dungeon Master: When Luren did that, something comes from the back of the ally leaping over a pile of junk & comes right for Luren !

Luren the thief: Luren will deal with maggots on him later. Roll to attack charging thing.

Dungeon Master: It is a Ghast that gets a jump on Luren, give me a 1d6 roll for Luren

Luren the thief: rolling 1d6 = 2

Dungeon Master: Ok Luren was surprised !

Madara the monk: Are we in battle mode or can I still move freely?

Dungeon Master: You can still move freely, this is currently just an initial engagement as the Ghoul tried to get the jump on Luren, for moving his food!

Ghast: Attacks with his Fang Bite at Luren
Fang Bite Hits: AC 13 Damage: 4 S/M 2 L
ok he missed Luren

Now everyone give me an initiative roll for the weapon you are using. This is done to determine Turn order during Combat.

(Initiative Rolls were made at this point & combat proceeded, see battle log for results & or chat log for the blow by blow of Combat with the Ghast)

The Party Defeats the Ghast without getting so much as a scratch!

Luren the thief: Now for these maggots....

Dungeon Master (GM): you can pretty much avoid the maggots now, as they fell off of Luren during the fight with the Ghast.

Luren the thief: Excellent

Madara the monk: What if we move the body with a stick? I got sick last time I did that.

Dungeon Master (GM): again you can check for footprint on a d20 roll (using other characters that have not already rolled currently)

Dungeon Master (GM): stick = long bladed weapon or quarterstaff ? as there are no sticks laying around !

Ellamin the druid: Ellamin pokes the body with his staff

rolling 1d20= 15 & does so without getting sick!

Dungeon Master (GM): nothing happens other than maggots squirming around as you roll over the body

Luren the thief: rolling 1d20 = 2 :  Checking for footprints but does not see any.

Dungeon Master (GM): I think Ryan discerned more with his roll (15) about the body.

Ellamin the druid: What did I discover?

Dungeon Master (GM): He was killed by a thick, not particularly sharp blade being thrust through the back of
his neck was the cause of death.

You note that unlike the body in the courtyard this one was not mutilated.

Ellamin the druid: He is missing a wedding ring. I would like to propose ask around for a woman looking for her missing husband.

Barak the fighter: rolling 1d20= 18 for finding a footprint & succeeded, finding a bloody heel print near the body.

Ellamin the druid: Which way was it leading?

Dungeon Master (GM): Fenwe can follow the bloody heal track as he is a ranger it appears from near the body & heads towards the back

Ellamin the druid: I think to follow it (bloody heel tracks) would be a good idea.

Madara the monk: ok let's follow the footprints

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, Fenw follows the prints & now you see a trap door in the cobblestone alleyway, which the prints lead to, as well as, the door to the Ten Bells!

Ryan F.: Can somebody detect evil?

Dungeon Master (GM): paladin sure can, just state that the paladin Taursis is trying to Detect Evil on (Object or Person)!

Dungeon Master (GM): You all follow Klina to the bakery & can see Klina buying a loaf of bread from the window.

Deklan -Cleric: does anyone think Klina knows more than she's letting on?

Fenwe -Ranger: We could interrogate her

Altomi (Bard): looks to Klin... "Such sweet buns"

Altomi (Bard): (Or seduce)

Barak- Fighter: We already talked to her.

Altomi (Bard): ((Someone talk to baker))

Fenwe -Ranger: talking and interrogating are two different things

Barak- Fighter: I order and buy a few pastries and then talk to the baker and ask if he saw/heard anything.

Deklan -Cleric: I have a way of making a powerful suggestion to her if anyone thinks it worth it

Barak- Fighter: Bakers are up very early.

Altomi (Bard) buy 5 loaves of bread

Deklan -cleric: good idea, Barak

Dungeon Master (GM): blackburn says, "Greetings gentlemen care for a loaf of bread today?" "It is really good & No i do not put unorthodox ingredients into my bread in spite of what you may of heard", Blackburn is a tall, frail & thin old man

Deklan -cleric: (unorthodox? as in the parts in the courtyard?)

Barak- Fighter says Good day sir, I'd like to buy some of your delicious looking pastries.

Dungeon Master (GM): Blackburn says, "Eh, boy did i hear you call my pastries delicious. You weren't sent here to insult my bread? You're not gonna say i look this way because there's sawdust & bone meal in what i bake? Very well, then, go ahead & pick what you want."

Barak buys the 5 loaves of bread & some pastries

Barak- Fighter asks if he heard or saw anything unusual early this morning.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok give me a d20 roll

Barak- Fighter: rolling 1d20=20 : He tells me everything!!! A Critical Tell!

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, in this case that was a very good roll there

Dungeon Master (GM): Blackburn replies to Barak, “Sure I seen ‘er, with me own eyes, I ‘ave.

She surely is a lovely lass, looking right handsome for better on one hundred years, I wager.

But lemme tell you, Mari ain’t the only one to live in that accursed building.

There’s a ‘orrible looking feller, dressed in a jacket as black as pitch but with eyes that glow like red-hot embers.

That gent goes in before the rise o’ the sun, and don’t come out again until the moon reaches well into the sky.”

Barak- Fighter: Which building would that be?

Dungeon Master (GM): Blackburn says, "well everyone in town knows it's the old Ten Bells Hovel up the alley north of here"!

Altomi (Bard) thanks the baker and moves outside with his fresh loaves of bread

Barak- Fighter tells Blackburn we found a body in the alley and asks if he saw who/what did it?

Dungeon Master (GM): Blackburn says, " What I saw in the wee morning hours as I started baking was all i related to you just now, if it was likely like cause, who knows. "

Barak- Fighter: Ok, We bid him a good day and head to the Inn.

Deklan -cleric: (OOC) He goes in before sunset and comes out at night. Sounds nocturnal. I f we go in now maybe we can see who it is that's staying there. The other option would be to scope it out tonight and see if we can catch someone coming out, then follow it and see what happens.

Deklan -cleric: looks like you can't dance on the tables

Dungeon Master (GM): The Cam Inn has long since begun to lean unsteadily on its weakened foundations,

giving rise to its modern moniker the cam inn, (cam means crooked in nautical terms).

The building is on such an angle now that merely walking straight requires a conscious effort; drunken patrons find it
an almost impossible task.

The inn’s frowning facade gazes out across the fog shrouded street.

Inside there is a veritable time capsule of ancient paneling and time-worn beams of hand-hewn timber, most of which was reputedly salvaged

from wood of a wrecked sea vessel of Caer Brennau dating back to the wars with the aquatic elves.

The great winding staircase that leads to the building’s second floor and the guest rooms is undoubtedly
the inns most commanding feature.

There are 5 drunken fellows & a burly bartender in the place.

Deklan -cleric: Altomi, are you going to play a tune?

Altomi (Bard) starts to play on his flute to turn the crowd more trusting/open and truthful

Deklan -cleric: begins to dance

Dungeon Master (GM): this gets a response from one of the guys on a stool at the bar, "what do you think you're doing here?!"
"the gay bar is a bit more down the street fellers"

Deklan -cleric: really....

Dungeon Master (GM): the fat burly bartender now has a worried look fall upon his face

Altomi (Bard) plays a manly tune of war upon his panpipes

Dungeon Master (GM): this cause the one fellow at the bar to still cringe, & he gets up from the stool now
the others sitting at the bar stop what they were doing

Dungeon Master (GM): the drunk says, "don't you understand, we don't want your kind here, now bug off, blokes."

Barak- Fighter Stops the bard from playing any more.

Barak- Fighter says and Pray tell would that kind be good sir?

Deklan -cleric: breaks out into a calming and soothing song and dance that momentarily calm down a number of characters or monsters (equal to 2x the priest's experience level in hit dice

2 uses remaining for the day

Altomi (Bard): ((Bard’s Singing & Playing can charm Creatures within 40ft. Creatures must save versus magic or be charmed & sit entranced while the bard sings. Those not Charmed will listen to the bard for 1 full round. Charmed Creatures are subject to ‘Suggestion’, if the bard utilizes it, the charmed creatures must save vs magic at -2 on their die rolls or be subject to the suggestion.))

Barak- Fighter: I'm addressing the one who is doing the talking.

Dungeon Master (GM): so that tune would calm down 2 of these guys but certainly not the one currently doing all the talking!
so two of them go back to sulking in their ales, listening to the music

Barak- Fighter: Can our Pally detect evil again?

Taursis- Paladin detects evil on the talkative one only to find no essence of evil

Altomi (Bard): My playing music didn't effect them at all??

Barak- Fighter: I think it pissed them off.

Deklan -cleric: ... or the gay dancing...

Barak- Fighter: LOL!!!!

Dungeon Master (GM): it affects them all to the extent you posted altomi
so the 3 that saved will likely just keep telling you to move along after 1 round
before taking any action. the other 2 will just sit there sulking in their ales listening to the music

Barak- Fighter: Ok....do we want to move along or fight it out?

Deklan -cleric: fighting won't get anywhere I expect

Taursis- Paladin detects evil

Dungeon Master (GM): You try one of the guys still sulking in the ales & find no evil

Altomi (Bard) walks out of inn

Barak- Fighter: I flip a gold piece to the bartender and tell him to buy a round.

Barak- Fighter: Let's get out of here

Deklan -cleric: never had anyone react that way to my dancing before...

Barak- Fighter grabs Deklan and hauls him out.

Deklan -cleric: very troubling...

Luren- Thief swipes a pouch 80 from the drunkest of the lot before leaving but was not successful with an attempt of a 1d100=80 roll

Dungeon Master (GM): the loudmouth of the group hesitates for a minute, not sure how to react then a 'what the hell smile" comes across his filthy face & he lunges out at the adventurers as the gradually leave the bar back out onto the cobblestone street

Madara- Monk: Tries to punch the man as he lunges but missed with a 1d20=8 roll!

Barak- Fighter: Ok....it's on.

At this point initiative rolls were made & combat ensued.

The 3 Ruffians were beat up to unconsciousness, then bandaged up & put back into the Cam Inn.

See the Battle / Encounter Log Thread for info on this combat.

Barak- Fighter: What are they weilding? Their fists?

Dungeon Master (GM): (1d3+1, unarmed strike) So yes their Fists!

See the Chat log for Combat for the blow-by-blow details

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, that takes care of the ruffians here
care to search the bodies?

Luren- Thief does immediately

Barak- Fighter: After that head back into the bar and "talk" to the other guys?

Altomi (Bard) moves to stabilize the ruffians

Madara- Monk: does too

Taursis- Paladin: and I

Luren finds 15,14 & 10 Copper pieces in coin pouches on the 3 Ruffians
One is wearing a silver ring with a ram skull signet, which Luren takes

Deklan -cleric: silver? kinda too nice for a place like this

Barak- Fighter: Ok, did we stabilize these guys so we can talk to them?

Altomi (Bard) drags a ruffian back into the inn

Deklan -cleric: we might as well query the bartender about the murders, etc

Barak- Fighter: THere's two other guys to talk to at the bar as well as the bartender

Altomi (Bard): "not leaving thugs in street and can use it for intimidation

Dungeon Master (GM): the bartender goes on like sgt. shultz from hogan's heroes..." I know nothing, I see nothing...."

Barak- Fighter: You're dating yourself. :-)

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha ha!

Barak- Fighter: I talk to the ruffin I'm next to. I "suggest" it would be in his best interest to remain civilized.
I ask him if he's seen or heard anything strange lately.

Deklan -cleric: I swear I'm not going to dance on the spiral staircase

Dungeon Master (GM): The ruffian just looks at Barak in his dazed drunken stupor & after seeing what you did to his buddies, just acknowledges Barak.

The ruffian says in garbled English, " Da two dancing & mus'ic playin' fools are da strangest things i seen lately."

Taursis- Paladin tries to cast detect evil... again

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, you detect no evil on the ruffian Barak just talked to, nor the Bartender

Barak- Fighter asks the bartender the same thing.

Deklan -cleric: looks up the spiral staircase

Dungeon Master (GM): The Bartender also says that the music & dancing were the strangest things he's seen lately.

Dungeon Master (GM): you could go up the steps but do a dex check at +2 if so for not being drunk

Deklan -cleric: asks the bartender what's up the spirals?

Dungeon Master (GM): Bartender Shultz says, " My girls. "

Deklan -cleric: oh.. I see...

Dungeon Master (GM): Bartender Shulz says, " Go up if you wish their services but be careful of the bloody steps, many a drunken fool ended their life on it. "

Barak- Fighter: And by your girls I assume it doesn't mean your daughters?
oops nvm.

Dungeon Master (GM): Bartender Shultz says, " I would not tell you even if one was. Besides your bunch would be the best & cleanest looking they had in a very long time"

Barak- Fighter asks why are the steps bloody? Is the blood fresh?

Luren- Thief attempts to pickpocket the first drunk rolling a 39 on a 1d100 & was not successful with the attempt

Dungeon Master (GM): well for starters some blokes fell down them cracking their bloody skulls open
ha no barak checks the steps & there are no fresh blood stains on them

Deklan -cleric: anyone think it worthwhile to question the girls about the murders and last night?

Barak- Fighter: Sure. Let's send the thief. He's sleazy enough.

Deklan -cleric: but will he ask any questions?

Barak- Fighter: LOL!!!!

Luren- Thief tries the other drunk, rolling a 56 on a 1d100 but the attempt fails

Luren- Thief goes upstairs

Altomi (Bard) follows Roman

Dungeon Master (GM): someone can wait at the bottom to catch you ;)
roll a dex check

Barak- Fighter: I thought the blood was dry? Shouldn't be slippery.

Dungeon Master (GM): it's not the dried blood, it's the crooked-ness of the spiral Staircase itself Barak!

Luren- Thief: 7

Altomi (Bard):14

Deklan -cleric:  I'll go up the stairs too, rolls a 14

Dungeon Master (GM): All Dex Check rolls were successful with a +2 added. So Roman, Altomi & Deklan, are upstairs now

Deklan -cleric: perhaps nothing wrong with a little St. Vitus dance

Dungeon Master (GM): The trio are greeted by a few girls standing in the hallway outside the doors to their rooms, chatting amongst themselves.

They see the trio come up the stair well & say, " Hello handsomes ".

"Would you like to have some fun with us, our services are available?"

Altomi (Bard) , after going into the room, questions his girl about the murders and anything she knows about it and pays a gold coin

Deklan -cleric: official business, ma'am

Luren- Thief just pays a gold coin and has fun

Barak- Fighter: Roll for random disease!!!!

Dungeon Master (GM): Ha Ha Barak!

Altomi & Roman have some fun however, they leave with no new info as the girls say they were busy having fun inside here last night,

all they know is that some of the victims were girls this time & all are afraid to venture outside especially at night.

Deklan -cleric: He shoulda asked for a Purify Food & Drink first...

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha Deklan!

Luren- Thief: rolls a 1d100 = 78
NO NOT chlamydia!

Barak- Fighter: ROTF!!!!

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha

Barak- Fighter: Ok Cleric...lay hands on THAT!!!

Deklan -cleric: I'm heading out to the street

Dungeon Master (GM): i'm sure someone made a die roll chart for that somewhere on the net

Barak- Fighter: They did. I saw it once.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok ok i'll let you all down the steps

Altomi -Bard: There is a booklet designated to it

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ok!

Barak- Fighter: Yes!!! That's where I saw it.

Altomi (Bard) heads outside, the inn obviously no use

Luren- Thief walks outside scratching his privates

Altomi -bard: and give Luren chlamydia for not showing up again...

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha ha!

Chapter 1 : Introduction:

Millers Town:
Millers Town represents the dark underbelly of Caer Brennau.

The town lies on the sea coast south west of the main city.

It is a slum of unimaginable poverty and vice, a dark and bleak labyrinth of narrow alleys and fog-shrouded cobblestone roads.

The mere mention of the name conjures up images of squalor and deprivation, a place where the harsh existence of life breeds a healthy cynicism
and a disregard for the niceties of law and order.

Its streets are choked with the huddled masses of the poor and the dispossessed; malnutrition, disease, and parasites are their constant companions,

and the only relief they find is in the cheap liquor sold in the seedy taverns that border the narrow roads.

It’s the type of environment that breeds desperation, and subsequently many women turn to the oldest occupation to stave off starvation: prostitution.

It was these poor souls, women who could not afford to be discriminating, who were targeted 125 years ago by the infamous murderer known to history
as the Ripper.

The Ripper’s Reign of Terror:
It was known as the Autumn of Terror.

For two months, the Ripper terrorized Millers Town as he went about butchering and mutilating five women, all prostitutes.

It wasn’t the identity of the victims that horrified the citizens of Millers Town, for indeed they had long been jaded by violence and death,
but rather it was the brutal manner in which the killings were conducted.

Not merely murdered, the women had been mutilated in a way so terrible that many felt it was impossible for a man to have perpetrated them.

The reign of terror began on the evening of August 31, when a watchman happened upon a woman stretched out on the cobblestones.

Even in the feeble light of the lantern, the Ripper’s grisly handiwork was plainly obvious.

As horrible as the scene was, it was just the first of many that would present themselves to the watch over the ensuing weeks,
each one progressively worse than the one before.

The Ripper found his prey easy targets, like apples ripe for the picking.

They called out to him, and were all too eager to venture into the dark alleys where they both worked their trade.

Investigators, meanwhile, found themselves unable to stop the murderous spree, nor to hold back the rising reservoir of panic that was building up within the populace.

Worse, the Ripper was taunting his pursuers, leaving tantalizing clues that only befuddled red-faced investigators while
he laughed at them from behind his dark shroud of anonymity.

The Death and Undeath of Mari Kell:
No one could have known that the first four murders in the Ripper’s rampage of terror had been little more than the overture to a most grotesque finale.

Mari Kell would be the fifth and final victim, and in her the Ripper seemed to craft his deadly masterpiece.

There is nothing Mari Kell could have done in her brief life that was so terrible as to merit such a death.

Witnesses reported seeing Kell escorting a male patron into her room at a hostelry called the Ten Bells sometime in the early hours after midnight.

There, away from the traffic and bustle of the city, the Ripper could afford to work slowly; he took his time with Kell.

When at last he had finished his work, her corpse had been mutilated beyond recognition.

The defilement of Kell’s body was so complete, so savage, that it could only have been the work of a man borne of the depths of the Nine Hells.

After this slaying, the Ripper disappeared into the Millers Town mists forever.

However, Mari Kell, or more properly her tormented spirit, could not so easily slip away.

The mists of the afterlife would not completely enshroud her, and she remained at Millers Town, tied to the scene of her brutal and gruesome death.

In the 125 years since her murder, countless individuals have reported seeing Mari Kell, clad in black, returning to her home.

People gasped as she walked through the front door and then appeared at the window, wearing a mournful gaze.

The look in her eyes filled witnesses with the same dread she must have felt in her final moments, driving even the most stoic watchman to flee in terror.

Consequently, the building in which she lived and died was soon abandoned and avoided as cursed.

It remains so today.

A New Ripper:
A few weeks past, a new murderer began to stalk the fog-shrouded alleys of Millers Town like some rabid animal,
savagely and brutally defiling its victims in a manner eerily reminiscent of the Ripper.

Indeed, many believe the Ripper has returned from his self-imposed exile.

Five victims have been killed thus far, but in a departure from the past, among the dead are two men – a watchman and a coal porter.

This departure from his past norm has only fueled hysteria within the city.

As horrid as the murders had been a century ago, the fact that they were confined to streetwalkers meant the
average citizen felt somewhat detached from the menace.

Today, however, everyone seems fair game.

Back in Caer Brennau (Late December 742):

After a rest back at Gildas Trahern's Estate, the Adventurers, are having breakfast in a dining room with Berenion Galithil, when a servant passes a note to him. This gives Berenion an anxious look then a, "Hmmm".

This prompts Berenion to relate the above tale of the Ripper to the adventurers.

Berenion then mentions that Lord Warden Arwel Hart would like to speak to the party at 10 bells past Midnight, if they would like to offer their help in investigating the matter. Lord Warden Hart will arrive at Gildas' estate at that time to see if they would take up the offer or not.

Berenion mentioned that there was another matter he wished to discuss with the adventurers however this takes a priority as people are being gruesomely killed.

Barak tries to search for secret doors: rolling 1d6 =(4) : Nothing was found in the search !

Dungeon Master (GM): There is the one more room you passed up in the 1st hallway.

Deklan -Cleric -(TimB): Deklan takes all the useless tomes he kept from the kobold leader's room and puts on the shelf in this room

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, you can do that, you do have the mule Tewahutes with you, that can carry back some of the stuff,
though really only 2 of the tomes look of any worth.

The tome on the workbench looks related to a ritual Sorcerer Hissiz wanted to perform.

You can pretty much head over to the one unexplored room now, with the one last single key looking likely to open it
ready to head there?

Barak -Fighter -Scott C.: Yes. Let's go. Whoever has it, uses it on the door. Or else I throw myself at the door. LOL!!!!

Dungeon Master (GM): You go back out into the hallway & when barak happens to look up he noticed many holes in the ceiling in the middle 10 feet of the hallway.

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Everybody stop.

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: That's not good

Barak- Scott- Fighter has the thieves look for traps.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok i will need rolls for them, Roman, Altomi, Madara & Deklan, can all look for traps

Dungeon Master (GM): rolling 1d100 = 13% : A Success for Madara for checking for Traps !

Madara the monk, looks at the doorframe of the middle door in the hallway which has the carcass of the black dragon wyrmling

& noticed a secondary device in the lock, he thinks it may have been tied to a trap but it did not activate.

(Note: You put the correct key in the lock on the first attempt)

Let me post a picture of what may have happened, as you can see it was a dart trap but the darts come from the ceiling !

Ok, moving the characters on towards the last room.

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: Did any grab that wax-sealed potion bottle on the wizard's table?

Dungeon Master (GM): Back in the sarcaphus room, now back into the hallway.

Ok, the southern door here is the one you passed up & did not open.

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: It's safe to go in now, right?, Says Deklan to the trap finders

Dungeon Master (GM): Yea, you try the last single key in the lock & it opens the door here

Dungeon Master (GM): i'll say someone grabbed that bottle, Deklan. Who looks into the room?

Altomi (Bard) does

Dungeon Master (GM): Your lantern illuminates the whole room & this is what you see:

The locked door opens to reveal a storage room.
In the room are three crates, two large barrels, a woodpile, and a large wooden table.
Under the table is a large sack.

Altomi (Bard): "Everyone pick something and rifle through it."

Deklan (TimB)-Cleric: glances up at the ceiling, then looks through the sacks

Ellamin -Mick P. -Druid: I'll look through the sack

Dungeon Master (GM): Deklan just sees a solid stone ceiling.  Altomi & Barak looks at the crates:
create #1 contains: 4 lengths of rope, a dozen crampons, 2 climbing picks, 1 hammer
crated #2 contains: 5 pairs of snowshoes, 5 pairs of boots
crate #3 contains: cold weather clothing that appear dwarf sized

Sack #1: Chunks of wood & other debris
Sack #2: Foodstuffs

Who opens the 2 barrels?
taursis & fenwe?
one contains ale the other dry mortar
Any searches for secret doors? Give me a 1d6

Fenwe the ranger: rolling 1d6 = 1

Dungeon Master (GM): Ok, Fenwe finds no secret doors !

Barak- Scott- Fighter: We ran the number from least to greatest. Nothing here.

Dungeon Master (GM): So now the adventurers feel they have explored all they could of the former dwarven temple converted to a kobold cult lair,
what will be your next move ?

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Back to the Foamy Mugg Inn, for some R&R. Sell items we can and have some ale !!!

Altomi (Bard): Agreed!!! Make a makeshift sled for our mule to tow

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Any better ideas? We can look for our next adventure.

Altomi (Bard): The tavern always holds a mission or someone in need... let us go...

Dungeon Master (GM): Very well then, I will say it would be at the least a 58 - 59 mile trip back to the Foamy Mugg Inn, roughly 5 hexes.

Dungeon Master (GM): i'll say you do your 4 mph hike speed & get there in the evening.

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Ok.

Dungeon Master (GM): You arrive there & Mugg Grimmhammer, is all happy to see you & that Idhrenwen Lasseth, & Smoke, the cooshee, are safe &

sound. So you can rest here for the night & continue back to Caer Brennau & the morning to tell them the dragon egg was found & returned to Galversharn, which will be a 2 day trip.

Fenwe: sounds good

Dungeon Master (GM): It would be around December 18/19th when you return to Caer Brennau & do so on horseback finally...without the threat of a dragon breathing down their necks the fort militia let you use their horses.

Deklan (TimB) asks if Caer Brennau is the best place to sell off some of this stuff?

Dungeon Master (GM): Yes it would be Deklan! Ok so you are back in Caer Brennau & debrief Lord Warden Arwel Hart of the details of the trip.

Altomi (Bard): Aye all our loot will be appraised and sold here please...

Dungeon Master (GM): You all stay at Gildas old Manse again with Berenion all happy to see the egg was found, He looked at the potion bottle & says it

contains a healing potion. So, you all sleep in the original rooms you had when you first came for Gildas' funeral.

Next morning at breakfast, a servant passed a note to Berenion.

He mentions that Lord Warden Arwel Hart will be over at 1 bell past Noon to discuss an urgent matter with the adventurers.

Berenion relates a tale of 'The Ripper' from 125 years ago & says Millers town on the coast is again experiencing brutal murders.

Barak- Scott- Fighter: ~sigh~ a hero's work is never done.

Dungeon Master (GM): at 1 bell past Noon Lord Warden Hart arrives.

He explains the situation & would wonders if the adventurers would like to look into it ?

Barak- Scott- Fighter: We would.

Deklan (TimB): Will we be deputized?

Dungeon Master (GM): Heh, perhaps at some point !

Ellamin- Mick- Druid: and rewarded

Altomi (Bard): Aye not like last time... just a thanks....

Dungeon Master (GM): Lord Hart says any unclaimed treasures you find is yours to keep.

Millers town is 48 miles from here on the south east coast. You can likely buy horses now or Lord Hart will provide you with them.

Deklan (TimB): what kind of unclaimed treasure are laying around a town?
seems like not much...

Altomi (Bard): "The treasure we got from kobold's hideout"

Fenwe: Can we convince Lord Hart to promise us a concrete reward for our efforts ?

Dungeon Master (GM): Lord Hart ponders for a moment, says, "Perhaps, i will let you keep the horses as yours, if this mission is successful."

Deklan (TimB): what kind of horses are these?

Lord Hart: " Light war horses, as these would come from the town militia stables. "

Deklan (TimB): I do have a skill in riding horses, so I have some familiarity
nice horses...

Altomi (Bard): And a wagon... most definitely need a wagon...

Lord Hart: "so we have a deal then, you shall look into the matter?", "The wagon you could perhaps buy here in town."

Altomi (Bard) nods "Okay.. the horses are good payments"

Altomi (Bard): "I will go"

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: agreed

The End of "1A: The Inheritance"

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