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Other Games / Re: Gamma World
« on: July 27, 2017, 09:42:38 AM »
Yeah, another 1E Gamma World guy here. For some reason, random mutations in GW doesn't bug me as much as random super powers in Villains & Vigilantes; dunno why. Maybe its the gonzo nature of the setting. ;)

I've also played 2E GW, but not 3E. Was 3E GW the one that was also called "Gammarauders"?

DM (Good at randomly mutating) Mike

IIRC, Gammarauders was a boardgame that was somewhat loosely based on Gama World concepts. Almost like a Kaiju/Godzilla thing.There was also a Gammarauders comic from DC, based on the game.

Other Games / Re: Labyrinth Lord
« on: July 27, 2017, 09:26:58 AM »
Sorry for the necro, but...

Labyrinth Lord is the D&D I played BITD, and the D&D I want to play today. YMMV. I find it intuitive and flexible, true to B/X-1e AD&D, but verrsatile enough for whatever I need. Just started running it for my gaming noob nephews. Starting off easy, party initiative and the like, but can add things in later, once they start to grasp the fundamentals. And I can do so without overhauling the characters or adventures. I can run any B/X or 1e AD&D module with LL, needing little or no alteration. Overall, it's perfect for me.

Great show, gang. DMMike, with regard to your wondering if the James Bond 007 modules were supposed to be played just like the movies they were named for, the answer is no. The modules were changed, and players were warned that trying to play them just like the movies would most likely result in failure, or at the very least, a stirred martini.

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