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Other Games / Re: Gramma World
« Last post by okumarts on January 19, 2019, 02:26:51 PM »
I put out an adventure for Gramma World as there seems to be some interest in the property after all. I should be putting out more support material in the next couple of months.
Thacos Hammer Podcast / Re: Past Shows and Splatbook Updates
« Last post by DMRendclaw on January 18, 2019, 06:41:31 PM »
Splatbook 147 – Stealth Is Not Underrated!

We’re donning our soft-soled shoes for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Brian and then later, they are joined by the seldom seen DM Cory as they dish out another helping of 2e goodness! First, they get into part four of their in-deoth series, this one surrounding the thief. After that, they go into the fantastic powers of the gray slaad, and wrap things up with a Playing Favorites segment.

People Skills: In Depth, Part Four: The Thief
Snipe Hunt: Gray Slaad
Playing Favorites: Top Five Kits

You can find us on Osrgaming.org, d20radio.com, Tumblr, Facebook, iTunes, Planetadnd.com and Twitter (@thacoshammer), as well as our home page at http://www.thacoshammer.info. If you are looking for an RSS feed or a different way of downloading the show directly, the address is: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/94174. Also, we have a new location for archived episodes, and the address is: https://archive.org/details/thacoshammer_gmail_Archive. If you are looking for our Actual Play (AP) podcasts, you can find them on iTunes (search for WGP's OSR AP Podcasts), or you can go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/osractualplaypodcasts, and they are also on our archive.org location. You can also email the show at thacoshammer@gmail.com, and you can leave a voicemail for the show at 405-806-0555.

Email from DM Jack (campaigns with multiple plot points)
Email from TimTheDungeonDude (what happens when you lose your gaming group)
General Discussion / Re: How to grow the Forums
« Last post by Angry Monk on January 09, 2019, 01:37:53 PM »
I with you guys on the FB thing. I dropped it, but I've jumped back on. I used it for talking to "muggles" but used G+ for my gaming connections. Now I'm using Twitter for my gaming connections. But nothing satisfies like a forum.
General Discussion / Katherine Kurtz--Deryni Rising
« Last post by Angry Monk on January 09, 2019, 01:35:12 PM »
Has anyone read any of Katherine Kurtz's novels (in particular The Chronicles of the Deryni or The Legends of Camber of Culdi)? I've picked up the two series and wondered if it was worth the investment of time.

General Discussion / Re: How to grow the Forums
« Last post by DMMike on January 05, 2019, 09:42:29 AM »
Agreed, I let my wife Liz do the FB thing but I avoid as much as possible. I never got twitter; my life just isn't that interesting and I refuse to post about what sandwich I had for lunch or other exciting activities. :P

While I know forums are on their way out I will stick with them until the very end! ;)

DM (Good at remaining a grognard, even about social media!) Mike
General Discussion / Re: How to grow the Forums
« Last post by sgtslag on January 04, 2019, 10:28:15 AM »
I passionately HATE forums like FaceBook...  It is designed to virtually force you to visit it multiple times each day, to avoid losing a conversation/topic, as it scrolls down the page as new topics are posted...  I can't stand such a crappy approach to try to force participants to log into their site slavishly.  Forums are the only thing I will utilize.  I refuse to become a zombie-slave to FB, or any other social media machine.  YMMV.  Cheers!   ;D
WotC D&D / Create your own 5e spellbooks
« Last post by Angry Monk on January 04, 2019, 09:34:48 AM »
I found a very cool website that allows you to select the specific spells your character has in his or her repertoire and then print them out. It saves a lot of rifling through the PHB or buying expensive spell cards.

WotC D&D / Re: 5e campaigns
« Last post by Angry Monk on January 04, 2019, 09:31:38 AM »
Thanks for the responses. I like the new iteration of D&D, but unlike when I started playing back in the day with BX and AD&D (even with the TSR modules), it seems like I need to have a masters in FR history to play. WOTC really seems fixed on the FR. It's this sort of detail that sort of turns me off of playing Pathfinder with a local group of (good) folks. I don't have a clue (or want it, frankly) about factions and guilds and blah, blah, blah.... Just point me towards the adventure!
I'm guessing the Save for Half group was not aware of Skull & Crossbones, published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1980. This was their pirate game. I've never seen it in person. I only know of its existence thanks to the website RPG Geek. It's extremely hard to find and expensive when it does come up in the marketplace. From the images and the brief description on RPG Geek, it sounds a lot like Privateers & Gentlemen. It's a combination RPG and hex-based board game with ship-to-ship combat rules. I've included a link to the listing on RPG geek below.

I'm glad one of your saves was the mention of the rules for homosexuality. I found it's inclusion when I read it to be very strange for an RPG written in the early 80s. What was more surprising is I think this might have been the first time that homosexuality was not treated as a mental disorder or a character flaw, as in the first printing of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rolemaster, and GURPS. It was rather just stated without any negativity attached to it.

Keep up the great work. Your coverage of these forgotten games that came in a box is great to listen to.


Skull & Crossbones
Second Edition AD&D / Panzuriel the Enslaver
« Last post by AuldDragon on January 02, 2019, 12:07:42 AM »
Panzuriel the Enslaver is the evil of the depths, partially banished long ago by Deep Sashelas and an alliances of oceanic deities. He raises a rabble of followers wherever he can in order to lay waste to the civilizations on the sea floor, although his favored followers are the kraken and morkoth.

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