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Adventure Campaign Blogs / Star Wars d6 REUP Campaign
« on: February 12, 2016, 02:51:04 PM »
It has finally happened. After playing our one-shot of Star Wars d6 REUP, we started a campaign. We had our first session last week, and our second will be tonight! We were originally going to make our own templates from scratch, but most of the players still don't quite know the rules enough to do so, instead mostly relying on Norrible and I to guide them through it, so we started with templates again.

We started out in Tatooine, in the city of Mos Shuuta. I made a smuggler named Rijl Solarblast. I was lucky enough to start out with a ship, but am in debt 25000 credits to the Black Sun. I started in a cantina where I was approached by a distraught woman looking to have her mother rescued. Apparently sand people have strangely started kidnapping villagers. She didn't have much money to pay, but she agreed if I helped that she would help find some people to help repair my ship so I could get off this planet. I calmed her down and agreed to help. When leaving the cantina some ruffians from the Black Sun found me and shoved me up against the wall asking for payment. I tried to explain that my last run was to a planet that when I came out of hyperdrive was nowhere there. Nothing its sector was even there. I assumed it was from what we had all heard of the rumored "Star Killer Base." They told me my next payment was in a week for 1200 credits, smashed me against the wall and walked off as another man came up asking if anything was wrong. As they shrugged them off they made a rude comment to me. I looked at the other man who looked like he wasn't going to take any nonsense from them either, we both drew our blasters and blasted the two men. My shot hit one of their jetpacks, he flew into the ceiling and was knocked out. Next I knew some young kid was coming out from the bar with his droid in joining in taking shots on the men. I managed to get another lucky shot and blew the other guys helmet. The kid came up to us, and I thanked him for his help. After getting to know everyone and seeing they were good in a fight, I told them of the mission I was just asked to do and asked if they'd join. I'd gladly help take them off Tatooine once my ship was gone if they helped. Soon we saw some storm troopers approaching so we quickly shuffled off to the bounty office.

Once there we were met with a man who looked like some sort of diplomat. He had apparently crossed some bad people and was looking off the planet. Again I told him of my circumstances. He didn't look like he'd be much good in a fight, but he might have the connections to help grease some palms on the way. He offered 5000 credits to get him out of here. We talked to one of the bounty officers, and he just shook his head. Apparently there have been lots of reports of kidnappings, but no one has been successful yet. We told him we were up for anything, and he told us he'd give us 100 credits for every Gaffi Stick we brought back. Lord Rorikon (the diplomat) tried to haggle the price up, but the bounty officer wouldn't budge. I started to question his skills, but needed the 5000 credits. The bounty officer told us they would shuttle out to the sand people camp, but we'd have to find our way back somehow. We agreed and went out there.

Once there, the speeder sped off, wanting no part in what would go down here. I was impressed as the kid (d'Aragnan Fletcher) and the guy who helped me (Ted Bundy) crept towards 2 of the guards we saw. Ted eventually tripped over something and alerted the guards. They ran out to see what was happening, but the kid and I were quick in disposing of the 2 guards. Once everything seemed clear we all made our way to the entrance. At this point Lord Rorikon was quite amazed by the Banthas and decided to mess with them. They nearly murdered him before we got him out of there. We knew we'd have a hard fight going into their base to save the villagers. We had no time for this.

Upon entering, Ted and I took point and crept down the hallways. We came to a T-intersection, where 2 hallways were separated by a thin wall. Ted crept down the first one, and I went around the 2nd, where I was met with quite a few sand people. They knew we were there and immediately began their attack. Luckily Ted and I had cover, Lord Rorikon hid, and d'Artagnan was trying his hardest to get into battle. The Sand People had quite poor tactics, and just ran into the blaster shots. I managed to shoot through one and kill another in 1 shot! It wasn't long though before we were clear of any immediate threat and could push on. We made the foolish decision to split up, as we thought the hallways would reconnect. Ted pushed on alone, and the kid and diplomat backed me up. It wasn't long before Ted ran across some more storm troopers. We heard him on the communicator, and pushed for our closest door in hopes of flanking the enemy. We were saddened to just find ourselves in some kind of labyrinth. We ended back tracking back to Ted, who was getting pinned down pretty hard, and helped him clear out the sand people.

From there we pushed on through where we found ourselves in trouble. Ted was wounded from that fight where we were separated, but he was still mostly useful. We eventually came across the chapel the Sand People were worshiping in and had a massive battle. The diplomat and kid both got quite injured, but managed to crawl away enough to survive. It was up to the ruffian Ted and I to tactically outsmart the Sand People. We both flanked around when the diplomat was pinned down and wounded, and manged to take out a couple of sand people in from the back. Issue was, we ran across more in the process. Luckily Ted and I had the firepower to take them out. After quite a long fight, we made it through. Somehow I was still mostly unscratched, only having one shot graze my hear, but the rest of the group was quite injured. I was impressed by the kid and the ruffians diligence and strength under pressure. The diplomat did about as well as I had expected. If he is able to come through on some other matters, we may be a crack team yet!

Once we had rested up, we heard the screaming of people. Not the warcry of sand people but of humans! Immediately I rushed up and found their cage. I took one of the Gaffi Sticks and bashed the locks. I shared some of the wamp rat meat I had taken from the Sand People with the villagers. I took Shari's mom into my arms and told her that her daughter had sent us for her and explained that she was ok. When we arrived back, I made sure to personally return Shari's mother to her while the others got treatment and rested up. I sure hope there is no delay in getting my ship fixed!

So in the end, we really had a great time! Norrible still has to work on his pacing a little, but he is picking up GMing really quick. He's always asking questions throughout the week on what I think and for feedback. He is doing a great job and I'm looking forward to more! I can tell the group get's a little tired as we've been doing longer sessions for these. Once Norrible gets used to the pacing all should be well!

You can watch our sessions here:
Remember these are NSFW
Part 1
Part 2

Dizzy's BFRPG Game / Braignir's Journal Entries
« on: February 11, 2016, 08:53:55 AM »
A diary. A soldier I've been drinking with lately recommended I keep one. He says it helps in times like these to remember the friends you've lost and the ones you'd leave behind if.....you know. I've been looking for any excuse not to do this. Not to think about my past...or you. I want to say that I can't think of anyone. That I've never had anyone to call a "friend". But that wouldn't do you justice, would it?

I don't think I'm the diary writing type, but letters to someone I care about sounds like something I can handle. Seems less like I'm talking to myself. I guess I'll start tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to go have lunch with someone. I'll tell you all about it later, but I'd like to reminisce about my past when I have another chance to write. You know I don't like thinking about a lot of the things that happened back then, let alone write about it. You're the only person I could open up to like this. Expect my next letter soon. That's what I'd say if I ever planned to send these.

Dizzy's BFRPG Game / Plimble Mae's Journal Entries
« on: February 11, 2016, 08:52:55 AM »
Hello... book.

I am Plimble. You have long sat in my bag, just waiting for me to fill your pages with ink and chicken scratch as my mother would call my attempt at writing. I never thought I would do so until now. I miss mother and my sisters. You were one of the few things I was allowed to take when I was asked to find somewhere to be.

I miss my attic window. I miss making the fine lace for the dresses my mother sold. I miss my people. Oh, not the hobbits... Not the thieves... those are not my people. I mean my mother and sisters and the people I watched every day from my attic window.

I love my mother forever and ever. She fed me and taught me how to make lace. When she found I could make it even more delicate than she herself could it was my one job and I was no longer allowed to braid the beautiful piping as my sisters did for the dresses she made and made over for the noble ladies of our city. The dresses she adorned with my lace were later to be called "Fairywork Gowns" and were in high demand. I spent so many hours making this lace I could do it without even looking at what I was doing. Thus I began my hobby of watching the people as they moved about in the street below my window. Over the years I gave them names and was so excited when I saw new additions to families being carried about by their mothers. I would name them too and give them adventures in babyland. I do so love people. It is still difficult for me meet them though. I am so used to loving them from a distance.

The day I found out my mother was not my natural mother, was the day I was stolen away from her. When I was very young my mother would put shoes on my large feet. They were heavy and felt all wrong. I hated them so much. One day when one of the most illustrious ladies in the town invited her and all of us to a summer festival to honor one of her daughters coming of age, I took off the beautiful beribboned shoes and threw them into the river. I was spanked severely. I never wore shoes again. After that day I was never allowed to go anywhere with her or my sisters (basically anywhere that might cause my family embarassment) and I was only allowed to go out and play after most of the townspeople had cleared the streets at the end of the day. I would run to the orchards at the edge of town and climb and jump from branch to branch just like a squirrel. It was in one of those trees that I learned I was a hobbit.

I had fallen asleep after gorging myself on apples. When I woke there was another small person, like me, standing over me on my branch. I nearly fell, dear book, I was so startled. He asked me if I was the tailors daughter and I told him I was. He said I was not. His name was Totter Briggs, he said, and he was my kin. My family, my true family, was slain. In accordance to my true mothers wishes, I was given over to the woman I knew as my mother to raise. He claimed he had tried to take me, but that my adopted mother had refused to allow it. Had I never wondered why I was so small and my sisters and mother so tall? Why my feet were so large compared to the dainty nubs at the end of my sisters shapely pegs? He was here to set me straight, and to take me back to my real home. I didnt want to go with him. I refused. He just nodded and said he understood. He brought out a sack of food and asked if I would at least break bread with him. I agreed and he began to tell me stories of my birth mother.

He was beginning to contradict himself in his tales when i began to feel sleepy. I blacked out and woke up on the inside of what smelled like an old fish barrel. When i was let out of my smelly prison I was in a glade and surrounded by many of my "own kind." They were a band of cutthroats and bandits. Totter was indeed my kin. The most deplorable of them apparently. I would never tell anyone this but you.. dear book. I wouldn't want anyone else to know I could be related to anyone who felt no shame in some of the things Uncle Totter had done. I will never tell them.

I didnt know where I was. I couldnt have survived on my own. I had nothing and no one now but these people. They taught me their ways. I learned much from them. Much that is useful now but also much that I will never use for the nefarious purposes they tried to influence upon me. I was with them for a few years, and then when I learned I was to wed the son of our leader, I feverishly began looking for ways to leave the band. I believed myself to be so far from my adopted family that I would never find them. On the night I was to wed I slipped my uncle a dose of the same sleeping draught he had used on me to kidnap me, and ran into the forest. Imagine my ecstasy when I found I was only about a weeks ride from my dear mother! I paid a farmer with a potato wagon handsomely to take me home. I had taken most of what my "dear" uncle had on him when I knocked him out, and apparently it was more than that farmer had made in three years selling potatoes. He was quite happy to return me home.

There was much celebrating when I walked in the house. My mother cried and held me shouting that once again we could sell the fairywork gowns that had once made her famous and that now my sisters would make advantageous marriages as they would be able to attend the festivals that they were no longer invited to since her work had fallen out of favor with the nobles. I was so happy to make her happy, book. I love her so very much.

When but two of my sisters had achieved these "advantageous marriages" my mother fell ill. For weeks I was shut away in the attic making lace. I was worried so much for her. I wanted to be at her side. I wanted to hold her and tell her she would be all right. My sisters refused to allow me near her. They said mother insisted I keep working so that she could make more dresses once she was well again. It was never to be. When the healers were able to purge the sickness from her body, she was no longer able to hold a needle, much less handle the heavy lengths of velvets and heavy fabrics needed for the dresses. She gave the dress business to my eldest sister, who had no use for it, as she had been the one to make the most advantageous marriage of them all. Mother was to live with her, and I was to find somewhere to be, as I would not be allowed in her house.

Mother cried and cried. Her life would never be the same. I felt so very bad for her. I wanted to make it better. She said she was cursed for what she did. She made me sit and listen to something that broke my heart. It was the truth about how I came to be her daughter. I cannot yet reveal this to you, dear book, it hurts too much. I cannot write it. Maybe someday. Not tonight.

In the end, she had me sell what was left of my fine lace, and bid me keep the money from it. She gave me you, dear book, and all the ribbons I could carry. She made the ribbons herself from the scraps of the gowns she made over. So beautiful! I found a great use for them too! I will get to that in a moment tho. I can't mention that without first saying that I have friends! Yes, book, real friends! Okay, well, maybe some of them don't see me that way yet, i can't speak for them, but I think they are my friends. Especially Dongan and Braignir. Dongan lets me braid some of my precious ribbons into his beard. His favorites are the red tones. They make his beard look like he has fire pouring from his chin! He has a very soft beard. I thought it would be all pokey when I first saw it but it is quite luxurious.

Braignir doesnt really like me to braid ribbons into his hair. I do it anyway tho. He needs beauty in his life, especially now. He is like a porcupine. He is all bristly and angry and doesnt trust much. I can tell. He is all beauty and strength, though, book. He is kind in his own way, though not to many people. I think the only reason he is kind to me is because I took care of him when he needed it. He was like a hurt animal, book. I had to help him. I did his hair for the first time that day. He wasnt too happy with the dandelion colored ribbons, though they did make his eyes shine and went well with his skin tone. The second time I did his hair he was drunk. I admit I took advantage of the situation... but I couldnt help myself. He earned the name "the rainbow warrior" from the townspeople that day. I dont think he appreciated that. He took all but the blue toned ribbons from his hair. Now that I know he favors that color I have set aside most of the blues for him, and have begun to look for unique ribbons of that color in the shops i visit. Plimble Mae aims to please!

I am sad for Braignir now. Recently he lost the use of one of his arms when we had a fight with a nasty old hermit and his familiar. He almost died, book, and I would not have liked that at all. When we were leaving, one of our party, who i shall not name, as that would be rude... you shouldnt have asked, dear book, shame on you... Anyway, he decided to try to take the body of the familiar we had managed to slay with us. We all told him to do what he wanted as we were leaving and no one wanted him to bring the silly thing. He did as he chose and once again we were in a position to lose more than we already had.

By the grace of whatever Gods chose to take pity on us that day, they killed the crazed old hermit and we got away with out lives. I am ashamed to say that I didnt help in that fight. I was so afraid that Braignir would be killed. He was already laying helpless, barely alive, and I was so angry that the other fool had tried to take the familiar that my only thought was to save Braignir. He told me to run! As if I would just leave him! I tried to drag him by his hair but he was too heavy and I only managed to hurt him, so I covered him with moss and grass and hid while I kept watch over him and waited for the horror to play itself out.

In the end, Braignir was healed but as I said before, he lost the use of one of his arms. One of our new comrades took his own life with the help of another in our party, so that he might be born again. He had lost the use of both arms and he was in despair. So tragic. I sneak into Braigs room at night to make sure he is healing properly and listen to his mutterings. I worry that he longs for the death that Eldrick(i think that was his name.. I didnt know him for long)chose. I hope he doesnt go that route. I will try to be useful to him. He is one of my only friends and I would give much and more to make them all happy, but right now, i think he needs me more than anyone.

That is all for now, Sir Book. I hope that I will live to write more and more in your pages. Until next I take up the quill- Plimble Mae

Adventure Campaign Blogs / MOVED: Dizzy's BFRPG Game
« on: February 11, 2016, 08:51:32 AM »

Adventure Campaign Blogs / Dizzy's DCC Game
« on: February 09, 2016, 06:06:09 PM »
So we finally had our 2nd session of my DCC campaign. Tonight we finished our funnel of Sailors On the Starless Sea. We had 5 players this time. 3 characters survived the last session, but I had everyone make enough that all 5 players had 4 character each.

We ended last time in the tower, so the remaining PCs decided to go up the stairs and see what was up there. Inside they found 17 other captured villagers you were all chained to the wall. They rescued them, caught up with what they knew, then cautiously continue don there way. They went downstairs from the keep and one of the PCs was picking up the fallen gold pieces. They rushed into the next room to find the giant pool. They decided to take 4 of the cloaks, and were creeped out by the pool and the pictures on the wall. After seeing the skulls float to the top they investigated heavily. 3 of the PCs dove down to find the floor of the pool was littered with them, while one pulled the drain and was sucked to his death. After the pool was done draining the others decided to climb down and find what was inside. They were surprised by the natural cavern, but did decide to take the time to search it out. They found a ring on one of the finger bones, and were quite happy to try it out later.

After they grew tired of the cave they climbed back out, and headed out of the pool room to continue down the stairs. The party just did not understand why the skulls continued to glow brighter as they continued on their way. Eventually they made it to the stone wall and climbed ontop. They saw the ship out at sea and weren't sure what to do. One PC decided he'd swim out to it, but it wasn't very long before 7 tentacles came out of the water and dragged him under. They managed to find the candle and lit it and the ship came to shore. A few of the party members climbed on board, but the rest were too scared to do so. Next thing one of the PCs bit off the top of the candle and the ship headed out to sea. They were caught off guard when the boat stopped and the tentacles started to attack again. They fought hard, and a couple even managed to escape it's grasp, but after it took a couple of sacrifices on its own, the ship headed on its way again.

The PCs heard the sound of drums beating. They watched as the glow of the tower came ever closer, and as the shadowy figured became bigger and bigger. Eventually the ship docked itself. The PCs noticed the beatmen had some similar robes, so they hid the halfling underneath one with one of the other PCs and tried to sneak their way up. When they got to the top the Shaman and his acolytes were not fooled and the acolytes began their attack. The PCs got lucky and knocked and acolyte into the lava, but he drug one of the PCs with him. Afterwards the shadowy demon came to live and began his assault on the PCs who dare to keep him there. The Shaman joined soon after he had finished summoning him. After a long and deadly battle, the PCs managed to slay all those who remained on top of the tower. One got some tied up villagers and brought him to the boat, while another jumped into the sea as the tower began to shake and fall apart. Those who made it onto the boat were stunned as a tidal wave came and carried their boat out into the abyss. Who knows where they will end up, but 2 PCs survived to level 2.

So I felt like I had a better understanding of DCC this session. It didn't take nearly as long for me to look up some things like crit & fumble charts. We all had a great time, and it opened with some brilliant roleplaying. I had to fudge and modify some of the end because 75% of the party refused to get onto the boat. I'm not sure where I'm going next, but I think I'm going to have the boat sail out to a foggy island and to start with Judges Guild "Caverns of Thracia."

^As always NSFW^

Kickstarters / Kickstarter Info
« on: February 07, 2016, 11:27:41 PM »
Hello everyone,

So we added a sub-section for Kickstarters/crowdfunding. We used to have a no kickstarter rule, but I want to alleviate that a bit. To avoid just having people come in here and post only kickstarters, and have it so regular members have them, you must have at least 20 forum posts to start a topic in here. Our content creators that we are in association are of course free to post their kickstarters in their appropriate sections.

Thank you, and I hope you understand why this is in place,


Thacos Hammer Podcast / Splatbook 117 - For the Gold, For the Glory!
« on: February 03, 2016, 12:33:35 PM »
Just a heads up, because of the forum outage before this hadn't been posted up. I'm trying to get in contact with the hosts that the forums are back up. I'll post up their latest episode for everyone to discuss at least!

We seek gold and legendary status in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they delve in the recently completed 2nd Edition retroclone, For Gold and Glory! After answering some emails, the fellas get to the task at hand. First, they give an overall review of the book, and then they give their pros and cons they found in the rulebook.
You can find us on Osrgaming.org, d20radio.com, Tumblr, Facebook, iTunes, Planetadnd.com and Twitter (@thacoshammer), as well as our home page at http://www.thacoshammer.info. If you are looking for an RSS feed or a different way of downloading the show directly, the address is: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/94174. If you are looking for our Actual Play (AP) podcasts, you can find them on iTunes (search for WGP’s OSR AP Podcasts), or you can go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/osractualplaypodcasts. You can also email the show at thacoshammer@gmail.com, and you can leave a voicemail for the show at 405-806-0555.
Link for free download of For Gold and Glory – http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/justen-brown/for-gold-glory/ebook/product-22356395.html
It’s In The Book – FG&G Rulebook, an overall review
Rule Zero – FG&G – The Pros and Cons
Email from DM Freddy (Fudging die rolls)
Email from DM Freddy (Buffing humans in character generation/Humanocentric games)
Email from Chantel Jones (Level draining monsters/Higher level monsters vs. low-level adventurers/Childish behavior in game and new players)

OSRGaming News & Information / OSRGaming News!
« on: February 02, 2016, 08:32:17 PM »
Hello everyone,

I just want to take a minute to bring some forum news to everyone. First I'd like everyone to welcome Kalex to the moderation team. He and I have been in close conversation since the forums went back up about our direction and rebuilding. I think he'll do a great job!

Second, I'd like to announce that Mischief, Inc. is making their home here at OSRGaming. I'm looking forward to what this partnership may bring in the future. They're coming out with great products and I'm excited to see what more will come in the future!

I've recently been hired by my church as a liaison for our new services, so my schedule has been a bit more packed than it was previously. As soon as I adjust and find myself with some time, I will be working on rebuilding the homepage to OSRGaming. With this I plan to help promote some of our users and partner's content with a scrolling newsfeed, as well as incorporating the youtube channel I discussed in the past. Hopefully we'll get a file hosting section setup too for those of you who wish to host any of your content here.


Classic D&D / OD&D Supplement 1: Greyhawk DNDClassics
« on: February 02, 2016, 10:24:25 AM »
I just wanted to let everyone know, that WotC released Supplement 1: Greyhawk today after releasing the lbb's last week. Still from the reprints, but it is a nice, readable, searchable text at least.

Other Games / Sub-forum
« on: January 30, 2016, 01:24:51 PM »
Essentially my plan for this section is to add sub-forums as games get discussed. If it used to be a sub-forum on the old board, I'll make it as soon as a topic gets created, if not, we'll wait until enough topics exist to warrant it having it's own board.

Dizzy's BFRPG Game / Dizzy's BFRPG Game Session Summary/Video
« on: January 29, 2016, 11:41:29 PM »
Last weekend we continued our Basic Fantasy RPG campaign with a new player once again :) It started slow trying to introduce him to the party (something I need to work on), but became a memorable session! Once they finally got started they decided to head into the woods once again to try and find the hermit. It took an hour or so of travel, but they made it to a large hollow tree eventually. They scoped out the trunk before finding an opening behind a bush. Erdrick walked up and hollered inside to see if anyone was there. They head the sound of footsteps before a disheveled old man appeared greeting them. The man was quite surprised to have visitors and welcomed their slew of questions for a time. After they continued to ask to enter his home he had enough and snapped.

The party was surprised as the hermits mountain lion leaped down upon them and started his strike. The hermit snickered and attacked as well. The party was quick to react, but it was like watching the three stooges. The party was getting ripped to shreds by the mountain lion, Erdrick had both of his arms crushed, Braignir had one arm crushed, and Plimble Mae received a permanent scar on her face from the claws. Dongan was quick to attend to the injured with medical aid while the rest of the party tried to fend off the Hermit and his pet. Eventually, the party was able to fell the mountain lion as they teamed up on it and the hermit ran off into his home. The party, looking awful at this point, decided they should head back to recover. Errdrick and Braignir had a difficult time carrying themselves, so they had to be helped. Eldor was dead set on dragging the Mountain Lion corpse back with them, and as he did, he suddenly felt the cold steel dagger of the Hermit slide into his back. He whipped around to see the Hermit phasing back into his presence. The people helping the wounded along dropped them and were quick to defend Eldor. The hermit was felled while in a fit of maniacal laughter. The party took a moment to recollect themselves and headed off to town again. The Corporal, Oliver, was surprised to seem them in such a shape. He rewarded them with 50 GP each for taking care of this nuisance.

The group went to the Temple of Thor to see if they could receive any healing, only to be made aware that none of the local clerics are powerful enough to mend their broken limbs. They made the offer to send a message to the City State of the Invincible Overlord if they donated enough money, but the party couldn't afford it. They may decide to make the trip themselves later. Erdrick was in a sad state, so Eldor took him out of the keep and took him out of his misery, knowing he'd never be able to hold a weapon, or perform any manual labor again. Braignir decided he could continue with one arm though.

The group will not soon forget the mortal wounds that befell them. After our 2 character deaths in session 2, I quit using death at 0 HP, and we started using the Mortal Wounds table from Adventurer Conqueror King system. So far the party had been pretty lucky with their rolls on it, but this session they couldn't roll anything to save their lives. I have to say this table made for a very memorable session at least. They players were quick to learn, even though half their party hit level 2 and we made it harder to die, they're still not out of dodge yet. The world is a brutal place, and they will continue to tread carefully!


General Discussion / Introduce Yourself!
« on: January 29, 2016, 05:55:08 PM »
Feel free to reintroduce yourself here guys.

I got into gaming when I was in high school. It was Friday after school, spring break had just started, and my friends and I went to the local game store to pick up Axis & Allies. When we arrived, the friend who planned on buying it decided it was too expensive, but I saw the Basic Game box for 3.5 D&D. We were all intrigued so I picked it up and we headed back. I looked at how much was in there and decided I should read it over before we played. I spent that night reading it over, and getting used to the rules and we all met the next night to play and had a blast. We ended up going back to that game store every day during spring break to buy stuff for the game. I picked up the players box which came with a soft back PHB, minis, and dice, and they picked up PC minis, and I kept coming back for DMG, MM, and a DM Screen. The owners were really nice and helped us figure some of the rules out and were super helpful. Sadly when I returned after my first year of college it was already gone :/

We played 3.5 for a long time. I DMed from the start, and to this day, those players still don't even own a PHB. In university, my local store in Waco had some really beat up 1e hardbacks. I picked up the PHB, Legends & Lore, and Oriental Adventures and dove into them. I loved that it seemed like I didn't need minis or a battle mat, and the characters seemed so much less complex (and considering my players didn't even own a PHB, that was a good thing!). I happened to stumble upon RFI at the time, and I fell straight into the OSR. Dramaman helped me out by being my first 1e DM (only time before that I had been a player was in a pathfinder game I played in on maptools), and I've been in love with the OSR since. OD&D and B/X are now my goto systems, but I'm still getting the urge to run 1e & 2e at times.

Back then RFI had their own forums before OSRGaming was created, but I do want to thank everyone who has been through OSRGaming, and helped build it up. You made me the gamer I am. I've had a blast and I want to keep this community up for y'all!

Outside of gaming, I am a worship leader at my church, and teach saxophone and guitar lessons. I graduated from Baylor University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Music: Saxophone Performance and have been loving my job.

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« on: January 29, 2016, 05:42:57 PM »
1. Banned Topics:  Politics, Sexuality, and Religion

These important topics have nothing to do with gaming, and can easily divide our community.  Please do not mention them in these forums.

2. Abuse:  Trolling and Flaming

We have no tolerance for verbal abuse (flaming) or seeking to anger and inflame board members (trolling).  The moderators have the ability to edit posts and lock threads, and will do so to enforce this rule.  Repeat offenders will be banned.

3. Family Friendly Environment

Do not assume we are all adults here.  Please keep your posts work and family-friendly.

4. Spamming

Any spamming of these forums will result in an immediate account termination and IP address ban.

5. Copyright Infringement:  File Sharing and PDFs

We respect the people who create our games.  Do not post, link to or discuss copyright infringement - pirate sites, methods and the exchange of copyright materials are strictly forbidden.

6. Warnings and Bans

Each person will fall under the three strike rule. You will be given three strikes, upon the third strike you will be banned from the forums for at least 90 days or more depending on the issues. Strikes will fall off your account 1 year from the date you received it.
Bans will occur on a case by case basis with the Administrators.

7. Anything Else

While all the podcasts here are using the Wild Games Productions Bumper, to help promote like minded podcasts for easier finding, Wild Games Productions is not responsible for the actions of their hosts and for the content they choose to broadcast on their podcasts. If there is a problem with something on a podcast, please take up your issue with the podcast. If you are unable to seek a resolution, please contact WGP Legal Department.

Please note: Terms of usage can and will change at anytime based upon happenings inside and outside the forums, and its podcasts.

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