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Classic D&D / Gaming with the grandkids--1st time!
« on: March 15, 2016, 07:08:50 AM »
My son, his wife, and children are out here for a week to visit. They arrived Friday, and somehow (hehe) I managed to get them to sit down at the table to play on Sunday; they were so hopped up over it, they made me run a quickie follow up on Monday.

The 1st part was character creation--naturally. Jayna (9) had to have a amazon warrior; Gabe, a thief; Alexander is a HP nut and wanted a MU; mom (Francis) built a cleric, and my son made a generic tank/fighter. So I took them into the B2...Caves of Chaos! mwahaha. They chose to enter the first goblin cave to the left; the one with the attached ogre!!

I was teaching them as they went, and they caught on quickly enough. They ended up dispatching 11 goblins and the ogre! (his rolls were sooooo bad.) But that was the 2nd session, and my son was gone to a doctor's appointment, and his fighter dropped; though they bound his wounds to stop him from slipping away, the cleric from the keep--Brother Lionheart--rejoined their party after mysteriously disappearing while they entered the canyon--and did his thing! finishing off the fighter and casting a Hold on the elf MU. The ogre finally managed to drop my daughter in-law, but Jayna and Gabe somehow took the ogre down--the amazon with 1 HP all the while!

They returned to the Keep with the aid of a dwarf they had met there, who decided to be going on his own adventure, and came across them. With his mule, they packed out the "down" characters and the loot they found. With 250+ GP each, and 500+ XP a piece, they felt rewarded enough.

It was a great session, and the children (9-10 & 12) did pretty good. We used the 1980 Moldvay Basic instead of Holmes, and I think that helped them a bit. The icing on the cake was little Christopher (2 years old in January), sometimes climbed up into momma's lap and wanted to roll dice!! Tears came to my eyes! (lol)

& Magazine / Is this the...& ?
« on: February 12, 2016, 06:06:39 PM »
So what is happening here?
Is the mag-staff aware of the big crash of 2016?

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