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I'm curious how many OSR DM's use miniatures in their games.  Do you use pongs (flat, circular markers, with/without images printed), or something else for tactical demarcation on a board?  What type of terrain, or board, do you use?  This is a query on RPG's, not fantasy miniatures games, please.

I use miniatures (I also play 2e BattleSystem, and 2e BattleSystem Skirmish, so I have numerous armies of figures for those, but they serve in my RPG sessions, as well).  I sometimes use a mixture of Battlemat with 3-D terrain pieces (guard towers, for example, sitting atop the mat).  I have 2-D dungeon prints, mounted on vinyl floor tiles, cut to size, but these rarely get used (sad, as they are quite pleasing to the eye).  I most commonly use my Chessex Battlemats, both square and hex, with miniatures, but nothing but ink marks, to map out the terrain.

I only resort to the mini's and mats, when things become tactical.  Otherwise, we use Theater of the Mind, along with graph paper, and a pencil, to map out the dungeon.  Once we begin using miniatures, the flavor of the game changes to more like miniatures gaming.  For tactical combat, I very much prefer mini's, and some sort of terrain (usually the Battlemat, as this is the fastest, most efficient mapping method, as well as the most versatile).  You?  What do you do, in your RPG adventures and dungeons?  Cheers!

I stumbled across a link to a phone app which allows you to catalog your items (any items), with a photo.  The app would allow you to share your inventories with others.  I thought, "How perfect for sharing my mini's collections, so my friends won't need to ask me if I have X and Y mini's/terrain pieces for a fantasy battle they are planning!"  Then the rubber hit the road of reality...

The app, in question, is only written for Apple iOS.  They promised to offer an Android OS version -- two years ago, but it still is not available.  I found other apps, for my Android phone, but they do not allow me to share with others.

A friend suggested I do it with Excel.  I have more than 10 armies, each consisting of 20-180 miniatures, each.  I need a catalog, with photo's, and detailed information, in each entry.

I also need to catalog my collection of RPG books.  I have two copies of a couple of expansion rule books, in my collection, because I didn't realize I had a copy already.  Really want to have something on my phone, to consult, before I bid on e-Bay, or order from Amazon/DriveThruRPG/etc.

What would you suggest?  I could use OneNote, and other MS programs.  Wondering what the hive-mind thinks...  Remember, it needs to be usable on a cell phone (Android preferred, but Apple iOS compatibility as well, would be ideal -- my friends, who I wish to share my files with, have both types of phones).  Cheers!

Tables by Davis has launched its first KickStarter, offering Heirloom Dice Towers, available in 12 different woods: six domestic, and 6 exotic. Quantities are limited for these special KS prices. Grab what you want, before they revert to regular commercial prices on TbD's web site (TbD creates custom built Gaming Tables, in the size you need for your game room, and your group of gamers).

The 180 domestic wood Towers are already manufactured, ready to box and ship as soon as the money is received from the KickStarter company, mid-August. The exotic wood Towers will be manufactured in August, and shipped in September. No lengthy waiting times for these classic Dice Towers… Cheers!

General Discussion / Adventures in "Hell" survey?
« on: June 01, 2018, 08:39:12 AM »
I am working on an adventure where the PC's try to rescue a Paladin PC's wife, who was thrown into my campaign's version of "Hell", body and soul, alive. The Paladin PC is preparing to go after her, no matter who will/will not accompany him. I am curious on how popular running adventures in the Underworld is, amongst forum members.

So, how often do you run adventures in your nether planes? I've run several short jaunts into Gram Nar (Icelandic, "Angry Corpse", my version of Hell). Now I am preparing a long adventure wherein the PC's will enter the Underworld of the dead, and search its vast lands for the poor woman, to learn if she is still alive, and if so, bring her back to the land of the living. They think they know Gram Nar, fairly well... They ain't seen nothin' yet!

They will arrive on an island, in a cave, greeted by Cerberus (extremely difficult to "kill", as he regenerates; this will likely be a comedic encounter: all three of his heads will argue who gets to eat them, even fighting between themselves). After that, they will have to cross a sea which is full of warring undead souls on ghost ships: they will need to negotiate with the dead sailors safe passage to the land mass across the sea. Once on land, they will need to navigate, and search, the various climactic regions, in search of the wifey, without any real guides to show them the way.

They will need to dodge several dead gods' abodes/palaces, while searching. They will also need to avoid the more powerful demons and devils along the way. I really don't know how it will all play out, but it should be a real hoot for everyone... Can't wait to bring them to the cave, and Cerberus! Playing the arguing three heads is gonna be a blast, watching the players try to manipulate them into fighting one another. Picked up the Safari Ltd. toy Cerberus for this -- prefect size, pre-painted to a decent standard. Ohhhh, so fun! Cheers!

Kickstarters / Dice Tower KS will launch in around four weeks...
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:20:57 AM »
Wanted to share three videos which will be featured within our KS for Dice Towers:


d4-d20 Slow Motion demonstration of the baffles in action.

Slow-motion video of a handful of dice, showing just how reactive the baffles really are.


Second Edition AD&D / 2e Bard: What is your experience with this class?
« on: February 09, 2018, 01:34:26 PM »
I have had only one player run a 2e Bard, back in the mid-90's.  He was a passive player, so I could not gauge the class based on his play of it.  My current players consider it weak, so they avoid it.  What has been your experience with this class?  Good, bad, ugly?

I play in a 2e game, but I don't believe the DM would know what to do with a Bard.  The class does not appeal to me much, personally, so I have never played one, either.  I think it has tremendous potential, with a DM willing to play it up, handing the character background information (lore, history, etc.), as well as be willing to play up the social networking it should have.  Granted, this background stuff would be taxing on the DM, but I believe it could be quite fun, if the DM has developed his societies to the point where he could play this stuff up properly.  Thoughts?  Experiences?  Your views?  Cheers!

General Discussion / PDF vs. Used Hard Copies...
« on: December 13, 2016, 02:16:57 PM »
I decided to purchase a copy of the 2e book, Players Options:  Combat & Tactics, because of how it beefs up the X-bow (another story altogether).  I was all set to purchase the PDF copy for $9.99, off of dmsguild.com, which is an incredible resource!  But, I paused, and I went to Amazon.com, to see what a decent condition, used, hard copy was available for:  "very good condition", $8.51, delivered!  I decided I can wait a week, or two, for a hard copy, which is less money than the PDF copy.

I've learned to do this, more and more.  Especially with e-Bay.  I love e-Bay, but they do not always have the best prices on the market, nor do they have the best selection of available books, modules, etc.  I'm sure most of you are smarter than me, and you likely have figured this out on your own, long ago...  Just wanted to share that I finally woke up, and I smelled the coffee brewing.   ;)  Cheers!

Second Edition AD&D / PurpleWorm forum: dead, or alive?
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:02:25 PM »
I sent an e-mail to the admin account trying to register myself (site gives message stating that registration is currently not available...), but have not heard back.  The most recent post on the site is dated 2-16-16, but nothing since.  Wondering if anyone knows what the situation is.  Cheers!

General Discussion / Anyone ever play G1 in miniature, with terrain?
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:02:47 AM »
I've been slowly working on building a pseudo-3D set-up for G1:  Steading of the Hill Giants, for several years now.  I hope to run it at a few conventions.  I've been wondering if it has ever been done before?  Here are some photo's demonstrating my approach:

This shows the 2.5D approach to the walls of the Steading, using some WorldWorks Games wooden palisade wall sections, and a gatehouse.  The figures are an Ettin (MK), and some Ogres (MK Kruug), with some adventurers calling to sell them Avon products.   :o

Here is a shot demonstrating the wall sections inserted into rubber mats, painted to resemble the rock surface the Steading is built on top of (as per the module, it was built on top of rock, not soil, which makes an Earthquake spell far less effective at toppling it).

This is a photo showing a hodge-podge of painted terrain mats, with a tape measure, and gray mat border sections, used to mark the limits, in scale, of the Steading. It is quite large, in a scale of 1"=5 Feet!  It is 5' 2" x 6' 8", or 300 feet x 400 feet -- larger than a football field!  I am using the sizes of the Giants, as listed in the 1977 Monster Manual, not the later editions of the game, which made them even bigger...  The Hill Giants, in proper scale to 25mm tall Humans, are 54mm tall.  I use 54mm Cave Men figures for the Hill Giants.  In the bottom corner, there is a 28mm Human female fighter figure, to put it into perspective, for size.

I will be using the 1990(?) BattleSystem Skirmish rules to run the game.  They are a miniatures rules set, with a thin veneer of role-playing on top, based upon 2nd Ed. AD&D rules.  Combat is drastically simplified:  Giants have around 12 Hits, while 10th level Fighters have around 10 HIts; each successful 'hit', scores one Hit of damage against the receiving figure.  It uses standard THAC0 for To Hit rolls.  Magic is mapped out pretty well.  I hope to start playtesting the scenario the end of March, this year.  Cheers!

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