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I recently started running a Spelljammer campaign using the AD&D 2nd Edition rules with viewers from my YouTube channel. It currently runs Saturdays from 12pm EST/EDT to 4pm EST/EDT on my Twitch.tv channel. Please join in and watch it live!

The first two sessions have been uploaded to my YouTube channel and can be viewed from the playlist. Future sessions will also be uploaded to YouTube and added to the playlist in the week following the session.


Second Edition AD&D / Monster Mythology Update Project
« on: February 01, 2016, 03:46:40 AM »
This thread is for my project to update the DMGR4 Monster Mythology deities to the Faiths & Avatars style format.  All future write-ups will be posted in this thread, and I will edit this first post with links to the posts.

Bugbear (and Other) Pantheon:
Grankhul the Hunter
Hruggek the Decapitator
Meriadar the Patient One
Skiggaret the Deranged One
Stalker, the Hateful Shadow

Goblin Pantheon:
Bargrivyek the Peacekeeper
Khugorbaeyag the Overseer
Maglubiyet the Mighty One
Nomog-Geaya the General

Kobold and Urd Pantheon:
Dakarnok the Raider
Gaknulak the Trapmaker
Kuraulyek the Horned Thief
Kurtulmak the Cunning

Orcish Pantheon:
Bahgtru the Leg-Breaker
Gruumsh One-Eye
Ilneval the Horde Leader
Luthic the Cave Mother
Shargaas the Night Lord
Yurtrus White-Hands

The Ordning:
Annam the All-Father
Diancastra, the Wanton Wanderer
Grolantor the Steading Lord
Grond Peaksmasher
Hiatea the Huntress
Iallanis the Tender One
Karontor the Deformed One
Memnor the Deceiver
Skoreaus Stonebones, the Living Rock
Stronmaus the Storm Lord
Surtr the Black
Thrym, the King of Ice

Gnoll Pantheon:
Gorellik the Loner
Refnara the Moon-Biter
Yeenoghu the Demon Prince of Gnolls

Ogre Pantheon:
Mirklak the Orcslayer
Vaprak the Destroyer
Ysshara the Lorekeeper

Interlopers on the Giant Pantheon:
Baphomet, Demon Lord of Minotaurs
Kostchtchie, the Demon Prince of Wrath

Draconic Pantheon (Io's Children):
Aasterinian, the Messenger of Io
Arcanic the Learned
Astilabor the Hoardmistress
Bahamut the Platinum Dragon
Chronepsis the Death Dragon
Elemtia the Tempest
Faluzure the Night Dragon
Garyx the Firelord
Hlal the Jester
Io the Ninefold Dragon
Kalzareinad, The Keeper of Dark Wonders
Kereska Wonderbringer
Lendys the Balancer
Rais, the Cogitative One
Sardior the Ruby Dragon
Tamara the Merciful
Task the Wrester
Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon
Zorquan the High One

Aerial Deities:
Jazirian the Eternal Serpent
Koriel the Vigilant
Stillsong the Singing Sphere

Aquatic Deities:
Anguileusis the Abiding One
Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother
Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons
Eadro the Deliverer
Ilxendren the Demonray
Panzuriel the Enslaver
Persana, Guardian of the Deep
Sekolah the Great Shark
Surminare the Selkie Queen
Trishina the Waverider
Water Lion the Sharkslayer

Avian Deities:
Krocaa the Crimsonfeather
Quorlinn the Filcher
Remnis, the Great Lord of the Eagles
Syranita, Mistress of the Aarakocra

Reptilian and Amphibian Deities:
Laogzed the Devourer
Merrshaulk the Serpent Lord
Parrafaire the Naga Prince
Ramenos the Great Frog
Semuanya the Survivor
Sess'innek the Emperor Lizard
Shekinester the Three-Faced Queen

Centaur Pantheon:
Brilros the Battle Stallion
Chitza-Atlan, the Guardian of the Gateway to the Underworld
Fanthros Storm-Hooves
Linroth Fleet-Hoof
Skerrit the Hoofed Lord

Lycanthrope Pantheon:
Balador the Master of Mead
Daragor the Wolflord
Eshebala the Vixen Queen
Squerrik the Ratlord

Dark Fae Powers:
The Queen of Air and Darkness

Seelie Court:
Fionnghuala the Mistress of Swans
Nathair Sgiathach

Beholder Pantheon:
Great Mother

Deities “missing” from Demihuman Deities:
Nebelun the Meddler

Illithid Pantheon:

Undead Deities:

Miscellaneous Underdark Deities:
The Dark God
The Elder Elemental God

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