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Victorious / Re: Temporal Damage = Kinetic Damage?
« on: October 22, 2018, 07:41:38 PM »
Thanks for the reply. It's good to have a better understanding of what was meant by these terms. Perhaps conventional or non-magical would be a better substitute for temporal.

I always get a kick out of your disclaimer that your guidance is just opinion and not official. You are the author of the game. I tend to think that gives your explanations some added weight and not merely one GM's opinion. That being said, I still can choose to ignore it ;)

My apologies for not replying sooner. We haven't had a follow up game in several weeks and I don't get on OSR gaming much. Yes, we are playing on Tuesday nights... usually. We last played prior to original question being posted due to scheduling conflicts and writer's block. I'm a bad procrastinator and am working on tomorrow night's game. I've got an idea for an adversary - The Leprechaun, a mischievous magical villain who steals gold and then creates dangerous challenges for the greedy to get his pot of gold for his amusement. Kind of a cross between Mxyplyzyk and Arcade.

Victorious / Temporal Damage = Kinetic Damage?
« on: September 30, 2018, 07:55:26 PM »
Some superpowers, such as Armor and Etherealness, refer to temporal damage, while others, such as blast references kinetic damage. Am I right in thinking that temporal and kinetic are synonymous both basically meaning physical damage, as opposed to energy (heat, electricity, etc) damage or other non-physical damage? One of my players was unhappy when I told her that her Ethereal form was still vulnerable to heat damage.

First Edition AD&D / Re: There and back again
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:40:22 PM »
This sounds kind of like what Swords and Wizardry Complete turned out to be - a rework of the various OD&D books into a single more straightforward volume that resembles 1e lite.

My online gaming friends chose to restart our Victorious campaign and we could use a couple more mystery men or women to fill out the team. We currently have a Alan Quarterman-style Big Game Hunter and an Opera Diva with sonic powers. Characters will be 2nd level. The adventures will be encapsulated into 1-3 sessions. At this time I don't have any grand arc in mind, but that could change as the game develops.

First session will be next Tuesday 8/28 with character prep. We use Google Hangouts and Roll20. Reply or PM and I'll make sure you get an invite to the hangout.

Victorious / Re: Report from Intro to Victorious Event at Kantcon
« on: July 16, 2017, 08:20:40 PM »
It was a signup game and all the players had even pre-registered. Funny thing was that I was also running Tegel Manor which in year's past always maxed out or came close during pre-registration. This year nobody signed up for it, while Victorious was nearly full. So you beat out Tegel. Congrats!  ;D

Victorious / Re: Report from Intro to Victorious Event at Kantcon
« on: July 16, 2017, 03:11:13 PM »
Heh, I couldn't solve the puzzle of how to serve hot tea either. You'd need to have an assistant brewing the tea somewhere else and then bringing it on a serving tray at a predetermined time... which would be really fun to arrange. No, I settled for some room temperature sweetened 'ice' tea that I picked up at the store on my way to the con.

Wow, those firearms house rules ARE lethal. I did think it kind of ridiculous that an encounter could continue very long after one or both opponents managed to actually put a bullet in the other. On the other hand, this IS a pulpy action game in which characters fly around and blast each other, so I was willing to suspend disbelief on that account.

Victorious / Report from Intro to Victorious Event at Kantcon
« on: July 16, 2017, 12:33:46 PM »
I ran Hyde and Seek this last Friday at Kantcon. There were three players at the table and despite this being my first face to face Victorious game, everything went well.

We spent about an hour creating characters. My prior test run of the game on Google Hangouts paid off as I was much better prepared to facilitate character creation. The players were offered the pregens as well as the Hero Character 'classes' but all chose to create their own, although one did borrow some from the .

One modeled hers off of the Radiant archetype, however hers had a water elemental theme choosing a water force Blast, Ethereal (ability to turn into water), Force Shield (water) and Entrap within hardened water. She took on the name of Hazard.

Another took on the hunter role with lightning speed and elastic powers and carried around a buffalo gun.

The last was more of a street level rogue type who like to avoid combat with her Lightning Speed and Absorbtion, which channeled temporal damage into Dexterity.

At my recommendation, all had one to two ranks of Attribute.

I decided to have the first scene begin with a bit of roleplaying explaining the Heroes were having an afternoon social visit to discuss working together. As of course this was an afternoon tea, I served tea and cookies to the players using real (but child sized) tea cups and saucers.

We quickly jumped to the fire scene and the players had a lot of fun trying to save the various persons trapped in the burning building. They saved a woman with a baby jumping out a window by using Hazard's entrap ability to create an area of springy, shock absorbing water to jump on. The only difficulty was convincing the woman to jump.

the water elemental's The water elemental was at a definite advantage, encased within her force shield, protected from the smoke. She was disadvantaged as she had difficulty hearing the cries of people needing saving. The hunter ended up using his elastic skills to stretch from window to window, swinging around the building looking for people to save. He encountered the one fellow throwing personal items out the window, but decided the idiot was worth the trouble saving. He was neutral and when later discovered and saved an abandoned baby felt himself vindicated. The street rouge speedsters was having trouble getting the artist to leaving his one massive masterpiece. When the hunter and elemental finally converged and the hunter pointed his gun at the artist, the man decided it was indeed time to leave.

Given the limited time, I summarized the events and the nearby coroner's office and took them to the dock. They had a two-fold plan whereas the water elemental would gain access to the boat in stealth with her water form while the hunter and street speedster would go directly and try to storm their way aboard. They eventually discovered an unconscious Hyde being experimented on in the hold. In desperation the doctor awoke Hyde who promptly broke free and went on a rampage. It took quite a few rounds for the Heroes to subdue Hyde as all their attacks were physical based and Hyde had strong invulnerability to that kind of damage. Fortunately the hunter had his buffalo rifle and Hazard was able to push her water blast to R5 level a couple of times before she failed her saves and lost use of her powers due to fatigue. In a moment of inspiration, the water elemental turned her  body to water and forced herself up into Hyde's nose and lungs trying to suffocate him. Finally, however, a shot from the hunter's buffalo rifle did the final HP of damage needed to fell the behemoth.

Observations from this and Hangout game:

- Unless you have a powerful rifle, firearm damage which cannot get an attribute damage bonus is at a disadvantage to melee/martial arts/blast which does get an attribute damage bonus. As such the mechanics sort of encourage smart players to choose Heroes that deal the damage from the latter types of attacks.

- A team of heroes would be wise to be able to do multiple types of damage. Hyde's invulnerability allowed him to shrug off most physical attacks unless they dealt a considerable amount of damage.

- Spending the time doing character creation was valuable in the convention game as it allowed the players to feel more connected with their characters and how to use their powers. One player observed how having a backstory for her character was more important in this game over others that she had played in.

- If you do character generation, a referee should expect to spend time with each player listening to their ideas and giving suggestions as to what powers and skills complement the Hero they have in mind. It took us just a bit over an hour to complete character creation with me splitting my time among the three players.

Humorous Anecdote

Over halfway through the game one of the players commented that another player's attribute could not be Prime because it was 16 and 16 was not a prime number. Up until that point she thought when I was asking if an attribute was Prime I was wanting to know if it was a prime number. We all got a good laugh out of that.

Here'a a few pictures I managed to get.

Heh, I was using straight up full selection of all skills and powers, but did show my players the classes in case they needed inspiration. One fellow immediately set out to create an Allan Quartermain type character and was able to come up with his character in about an hour. My other player has the tendency to want to min/max and just got overwhelmed by all the choices.

Regarding the coroner, the Hyde and Seek text states that Hyde broke the coroner's neck. Seemed strange that the thugs would bash in his head if his neck was already broken. Plus he wasn't quite dead and yet he only mentions the thugs if healed. That made me think the text describing Hyde's involvement was perhaps some remnant from an earlier version of the adventure.

Another question on powers, this one the Absorption power. If I understand correctly, the Absorption power allows the owner to channel a certain amount of damage (based on a dice roll) and instead of losing HP instead boosts an attribute or power rank for the duration of a combat scene. Is the die rank based on rank such that rank 1 gets 1d6, rank 2 gets 1d8, etc? And can the power be used multiple times in a single combat scene? If my hero has rank 1 Absorption which converts damage to Strength (like Sebastian Shaw), will that occur every time my hero takes temporal damage? Thus if 5 people are beating up on my hero and he gets hit five times, would I be rolling 5d6 to temporarily boost my Strength, or is it only available the first time damage is taken? And what about channeling it to power ranks? Diverting 5d6 to a power Rank would increase that power by 5-30. That seems excessive even if just for a single combat scene. My initial inclination is to only allow that power to be used once per combat scene. Would you agree?

Cool, thanks for the relatively quick answer.

I've already had a chance to do half of the mini-adventure in an on-line game with some friends to practice for the convention. None of us have ever played before. Character creation was a real bear for one of my players who got overcome with all the skills and power choices. I know pre-gens were intended for the mini-adventure but I wanted this to be an intro to the game system as a whole and I thought that spending an hour in character creation would be fun. An hour wasn't enough, however, at least for those learning the intricacies of integrating a set of skills and powers into a single character. I'm almost of the mindset to initiate character creation through a series of questions about the type of hero(ine) that the player wants and then use the answers to make recommendations as to what skills and powers to use.

Another question that came up was regarding the Attribute superpower. If one uses the Attribute power to increase intelligence and/or charisma, and thus increases their attribute bonus, does that mean they get additional skills (when intelligence is increased) or super powers (when charisma is increased). I initially denied this possibility, but then relented regarding intelligence and skills, at least during initial character creation. I am very reluctant to allow Attribute boosted charisma to allow additional superpowers as this could lead to a spiraling increase in Attribute ranks increasing charisma and so on. Of course, I could always allow it and simply put a cap on charisma as the GM is advised that any attributes over 20 need GM approval.

In the online adventure, a major issue was that all the players failed to make their multiple search rolls at the coroner's office because these were all based on WISDOM and none of them had WISDOM as a prime attribute and thus had a challenge base of 18, which can be really easy to fail. Thus without finding the clues they were flailing around to figure out where the body was taken. They managed to find someone on the street who gave them the direction that the wagon carrying the body was going and the observation that some of the men looked like dock workers. They followed the path to the riverfront and then gave up when there wasn't a wagon with a huge "GO HERE" sign printed on the side. Finally one of the players got the idea to go to Jekyl's home to look for clues. We'll pick up at that point tomorrow and hopefully they can get pointed in the right direction.

Oh, regarding the mini-adventure, there is some inconsistency regarding how the coroner was attacked. At first it states that the coroner inadvertently triggered Hyde's emergence and Hyde's body reflexively choked the coroner. Later it states that the coroner was instead attacked by the thugs who came to steal Jekyl's body. Based upon all the text, I decided that the latter made more sense and used that for the backstory of how the coroner was killed.

Enjoying the game and it remains an option for a longer online campaign if my friends and I decide we want to play more once the mini-adventure is concluded.

I've had the book for several months and have been slowly absorbing the rules, starting with character creation. Combat seems fairly intuitive for someone familiar with D20 rules.

What I cannot figure out is how much damage a done during a successful hand to hand combat attack. I think I've reread the section on combat a half dozen times looking for something that mentions this. The Damage section has a table that describes Attack Type and gives To Hit Bonus and Damage Bonus but excludes the base damage die that is rolled for physical attacks. There are tables on the opposite page that describe the damage die for firearms and melee weapons, but nothing for a simple punch or kick.

Based on the the description of the Might Superpower on page 17 and the combat example on page 38, the intention seems to be for a melee damage die that increases with strength. However, I can find no table that actually describes the progression. Moreover the Might superpower informs that the base normal strength damage die is 1d4, while the combat example states that "With Fawke's Strength of 14, the damage for a punch is 1D2 points".

What am I missing?

Planning to run the Hyde and Seek mini adventure at Kantcon this Friday evening and

Save or Die Podcast / Re: To our Fans
« on: January 09, 2017, 11:48:23 PM »
When I saw the new Expert edition episode had been released, I had to come by and confirm my biggest fear. All good things must come to an end. So sad. I'll miss you guys - from Liz's ever cheerful 'Hello', to Mike's curmudgeonly 'BAH' and Jim's DCC and Tim Kask anecdotes - it was always a treat to listen to the latest podcast. Thanks for all the great episodes and good luck with whatever comes next.

PS: I got Victorious for Christmas. Well done, Mister Stewart. Now, I just need my copy of Mutant Crawl Classics to arrive and my SOD game collection will be complete.

Save or Die Podcast / Re: Save or Die on Hiatus
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:23:49 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Magic Items
« on: January 30, 2016, 07:37:19 PM »
I'm currently running a Labyrinth Lord Campaign(with AEC) and we are about to start session 3. Everyone is level 1. I was curious how everyone handled magic item acquisitions. Do you have a rule of thumb of when and how many magic items a PC should have at each level? For me I usually have +1 items for 1-5, +2 for 6-10, +3 for 11-15. Magic potions and consumables I don't mind giving out. Just interested in how everyone handles it.

I'm kind of stingy, mostly scrolls and spells, rings and miscellaneous minor magical items at lower levels, with the occasional magical weapon for a major encounter accomplishment.

First Edition AD&D / Spell Research - Anyone ever done it?
« on: January 30, 2016, 06:14:30 PM »
The 1e DMG has a section on the mechanics for PCs wanting to research new spells. Has anyone every done that? I was listening to dead game's interview with Ernie Gygax and he mentioned his PC researching the original Ice Storm as an alternative to Fireball which had the habit of destroying treasure. Researching new spells makes sense in the pre 1E days when there were not very many spells, but by the time the 1E PHB came out, it contained more spells than our PCs could ever hope to learn and cast. Thus the desire for new spells just wasn't there.

First Edition AD&D / Re: Favorite PHB Class to Play
« on: January 30, 2016, 06:09:17 PM »
I'm realizing there are a few classes that I've never played. Assassin, Monk, & Bard. I've run an NPC Bard in 2e, but I've never played one as a PC. I'd be curious how many of these classes has anyone else never played?

I'm like you. I'm sure I've never played Assassin or 1e Bard and can't recall ever playing Monk.

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