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Title: I'm Making a Thing (D&D Clone-ish)
Post by: Shroompunk Warlord on June 25, 2020, 07:09:13 AM
The general idea is that I want to implement some of the neater concepts from Player's Option in a simpler game, more like Classic D&D than Advanced. Other major influences are other versions of D&D, Palladium, and Rolemaster; I'm trying to replace the points systems from Player's Option and Rolemaster with a slot-based system: drawn from Rogue Genius' brilliant Pathfinder supplements, class-based Edges and Talents, and basic weapon-and-skill stuff with Proficiencies.

I am trying really hard to avoid the pitfalls of previous feat-based systems, which are requiring multiple feats to gain an insignificant advantage and gating maneuvers that should be "clever play" behind feats-- I want to protect the concept of player skill at the table while giving characters more tools for clever players to use.

Basic gist is that everything-- attack bonus, skill bonuses, saving throws, spellcasting-- advances by quarters of a level, from 1/4 per level to 3/4 per level and then Edges gained at 1st level and 5th, 9th, 13th, et cetera provide additional +1 bonuses.

The Generic D&D version of this, tentatively given the pretentious trainwreck of a title: Gallows & Godwars: Old School Player's Option for Fantasy Roleplaying, will look a lot like Classic D&D with the classic classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Priest, Druid, Mystic, Elf (includes mage and druid variants), Dwarf (includes dwarf cleric), and Halfling (includes variants).

The idea is that the Edges/Talents system allows Warrior and Rogue to include all of their AD&D subclasses, and support a rudimentary form of multiclassing. Worth noting that unlike d20, the Warrior is a strong secondary skill-user and the Rogue is a strong secondary fighter, mostly differentiated by their Edge selections. Also worth noting that Mage, Priest, Druid, Mystic, and Elf have different spellcasting mechanics. (I really wanted to use Rolemaster's spell lists here... but they wouldn't work with anything else.) Psionics and mystical martial arts... taking inspiration from both Dragon Fist and Tome of Battle... are built-in.

I'm also developing the system for my Shroompunk setting... which is almost like a D&D setting if D&D leaned harder on Conan and Thongor and replaced all of the Tolkien bits with Mario and He-Man.

That version of the game is going to replace the Warrior and Rogue with the Knight, Slayer, and Gunslinger and then Arcane and Divine magic with Psychic, Astral, Umbral, Primordial and Aberrant magic. (Mages and Mystics become Psychic under these rules, and unlike generic version, Martial and Psychic are interwined.)

Then, the nonhuman classes will be replaced with the Kappa (like dragonborn/tortles), the Vanara, Trolls (more Shadowrun than D&D), Dromites (straight from 3.PF), Kobolds (classic w/halfling features), and the Forged-- like warforged, if they were Always CN and their Favored Class was Mage/Rogue.