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Title: Outdoor Survival Map, More Modern Looking?
Post by: Dizzy on March 25, 2020, 04:05:31 AM
I've been working on recreating the Outdoor Survival map in Campaign Cartographer 3+. I just started today. Started by getting the hexes set, and then manually filling where mountains, forests, swamps, deserts are on the map. I then started manually placing mountains on top (but not completely). I thought I'd share what I've started with y'all and to update on my progress.

Title: Re: Outdoor Survival Map, More Modern Looking?
Post by: Dizzy on March 29, 2020, 05:24:43 PM
I wanted to update that I have continued work on this. I've been uploading my progress as I go over at the odd74 forums, in the OD&D workshop area. Here is my work from last night (I've done some more since then, but not enough to be worthwhile making a whole new image out of it, its a big map so takes a good amount of time).

I ended up deciding the ponds on the maps would be rolled for as it says in U&WA of the lbbs. The deer would be ruins, notable monsters, battle grounds. the 4 cities near the center would match one of the 4 cities on the edge, making this whole map a hotly contested area by 4 kingdoms. I'm going with all the weirdness that Wayne Rossi's research on the implied OD&D setting would be using U&WA and Outdoor survival, so it is no wonder no one was captured the desert in the middle.

Title: Re: Outdoor Survival Map, More Modern Looking?
Post by: Dizzy on April 03, 2020, 04:30:07 PM
My mostly final version is here!

Ok, I finished it last night. The only thing I may update on it, is some of the deer locations from the original. I generally am okay with where I placed battles, but some of the other deer, I may instead change some to be small villages/hamlets. Since currently the only thing on the map are the big cities on the outside, and towns near the middle. Some smaller villages seem appropriate. I noticed I had missed one of the cities in the middle. So I made the middle most city different, and moved the one that was in its place to the west where I was missing one. No one controls the desert in the middle. I decided using the implied setting of OD&D as put together by Wayne Rossi, that the appearance of barsoomian creatures has drawn these 4 kingdoms into a fight for control of the area. Trying to discover new technology, gain dominance over new creatures, etc...

For anyone that ever wants a copy, I can easily turn off the grid or the political boundaries. Anything can be turned off, some things will be harder/easier to do so, so I will be more than happy to do some of it, but some requests I may just have to be honest and say it may require too much work.

Larger versions of maps are available upon request, I didn't want this post to be as obnoxious as the previous ones with the huge map.