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Title: Six Guns and Sorcery
Post by: Shiftkitty on February 09, 2020, 09:27:47 AM
Firearms are not Magic Wands of Instant Death. Our DM handed us images of Wild West meets D&D characters and told us to choose and name them. I picked a good old-fashioned gun-slinger and named him Lee M. Valance (a tribute to Lee Marvin, who played Liberty Valance in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"). We also have Denver St. John, a young gun-slinging magic-used with snow white hair. Our cleric is Reverend Michael Priest (appropriately named and with a deep voice that sounds ready to condemn your soul to Hell), and Silas Roberts, a gambler who serves as our Thief.

We were ready to blast some kobolds and goblins into non-existence, especially when the DM said that bullet ricochets would not be an issue in the Caves of Chaos unless you rolled a 1. He also said he wasn't going to penalize anyone for the blasts inside closed areas, like caves. Our hearing was safe. We even got to use smokeless ammunition. The catch was that we had single-action weapons, meaning one attack per turn. We could fan the pistols if we wanted to, BUT... if you got off all six shots you'd have to spend the next turn reloading (no speed-loaders) and if you didn't purchase leather gloves, you had to make a CON roll or your hand would hurt too much and reloading would take two rounds... AND every shot past the first took a cumulative -1 to hit because the kick could throw your aim off.

Pistols do 1d6, rifles 1d8, and shotguns do 1d10 but are only effective at short range. If something got close enough to use a melee attack, only your pistol would be maneuverable to be effective, and reloading would be impossible. And he had one more nasty surprise for us; we have to count our ammunition. When you run out, you better hope you have a more traditional means of combat.

The limitations on and inclusion of the firearms, though not entirely realistic (different loads and rounds have different effects in the real world), hasn't broken the game. This became painfully obvious when I shot an ogre at about 10 feet away and the DM described the ogre rubbing his head and then glaring at me saying "Quit poking me!" and then sent me flying across the room with his club.

Ummm, yee-haw?
Title: Re: Six Guns and Sorcery
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You sure those aren't BB guns? ;)