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Title: Monster Mythology Update Project
Post by: AuldDragon on February 01, 2016, 03:46:40 AM
This thread is for my project to update the DMGR4 Monster Mythology deities to the Faiths & Avatars style format.  All future write-ups will be posted in this thread, and I will edit this first post with links to the posts.

Bugbear (and Other) Pantheon:
Grankhul the Hunter (http://bit.ly/1TTie59)
Hruggek the Decapitator (http://bit.ly/1XX3cus)
Meriadar the Patient One (http://bit.ly/1RTjyNC)
Skiggaret the Deranged One (http://bit.ly/1X3bgdU)
Stalker, the Hateful Shadow (http://bit.ly/1O7VbB3)

Goblin Pantheon:
Bargrivyek the Peacekeeper (http://bit.ly/1U3efkG)
Khugorbaeyag the Overseer (http://bit.ly/24ne4Cb)
Maglubiyet the Mighty One (http://bit.ly/1TNW2UB)
Nomog-Geaya the General (http://bit.ly/1ss21aV)

Kobold and Urd Pantheon:
Dakarnok the Raider (http://bit.ly/1UBjZAN)
Gaknulak the Trapmaker (http://bit.ly/1TTjqVU)
Kuraulyek the Horned Thief (http://bit.ly/1PaE0de)
Kurtulmak the Cunning (http://bit.ly/1PsgPAp)

Orcish Pantheon:
Bahgtru the Leg-Breaker (http://bit.ly/1UmIK0I)
Gruumsh One-Eye (http://bit.ly/1VCla5n)
Ilneval the Horde Leader (http://bit.ly/24nfwV7)
Luthic the Cave Mother (http://bit.ly/1UBjd6N)
Shargaas the Night Lord (http://bit.ly/1sTJO5O)
Yurtrus White-Hands (http://bit.ly/25FbI7s)

The Ordning:
Annam the All-Father (http://bit.ly/1U0cJOR)
Diancastra, the Wanton Wanderer (http://bit.ly/1PaEzUo)
Grolantor the Steading Lord (http://bit.ly/1U3fGQ5)
Grond Peaksmasher (http://bit.ly/24nggt6)
Hiatea the Huntress (http://bit.ly/1XpIe9p)
Iallanis the Tender One (http://bit.ly/1X3cvd4)
Karontor the Deformed One (http://bit.ly/1O7VU5v)
Memnor the Deceiver (http://bit.ly/1UBjLcS)
Skoreaus Stonebones, the Living Rock (http://bit.ly/1XX66zm)
Stronmaus the Storm Lord (http://bit.ly/289ALyn)
Surtr the Black (http://bit.ly/289ABqP)
Thrym, the King of Ice (http://bit.ly/25Corob)

Gnoll Pantheon:
Gorellik the Loner (http://bit.ly/1UBjXZy)
Refnara the Moon-Biter (http://bit.ly/1PspJ11)
Yeenoghu the Demon Prince of Gnolls (http://bit.ly/1UBk87a)

Ogre Pantheon:
Mirklak the Orcslayer (http://bit.ly/1VCpPnK)
Vaprak the Destroyer (http://bit.ly/1TTm1zk)
Ysshara the Lorekeeper (http://bit.ly/1t7fJk7)

Interlopers on the Giant Pantheon:
Baphomet, Demon Lord of Minotaurs (http://bit.ly/1U3lSrf)
Kostchtchie, the Demon Prince of Wrath (http://bit.ly/1XpQeHa)

Draconic Pantheon (Io's Children):
Aasterinian, the Messenger of Io (http://bit.ly/1XpQuWH)
Arcanic the Learned (http://bit.ly/1WzDlK9)
Astilabor the Hoardmistress (http://bit.ly/1PaJGDQ)
Bahamut the Platinum Dragon (http://bit.ly/2gcEmW6)
Chronepsis the Death Dragon (http://bit.ly/1O7Yx7l)
Elemtia the Tempest (http://bit.ly/1U3m1uJ)
Faluzure the Night Dragon (http://bit.ly/1ZcdvtA)
Garyx the Firelord (http://bit.ly/1X3g6In)
Hlal the Jester (http://bit.ly/2aI5MoG)
Io the Ninefold Dragon (http://bit.ly/2iuNgmv)
Kalzareinad, The Keeper of Dark Wonders (http://bit.ly/1VCqHc5)
Kereska Wonderbringer (http://bit.ly/2fbhbMv)
Lendys the Balancer (http://bit.ly/1U3nzos)
Rais, the Cogitative One (http://bit.ly/20Y18Sg)
Sardior the Ruby Dragon (http://bit.ly/2bMvFiS)
Tamara the Merciful (http://bit.ly/2dMW2KH)
Task the Wrester (http://bit.ly/29aUTaK)
Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon (http://bit.ly/22DC4Bx)
Zorquan the High One (http://bit.ly/1UjK9W9)

Aerial Deities:
Jazirian the Eternal Serpent (http://bit.ly/1UmSlo6)
Koriel the Vigilant (http://bit.ly/2kszfGg)
Stillsong the Singing Sphere (http://bit.ly/2pAAh5J)

Aquatic Deities:
Anguileusis the Abiding One (http://bit.ly/2lcZsdz)
Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother (http://bit.ly/2tK3Pzc)
Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons (http://bit.ly/2V7sVn3)
Eadro the Deliverer (http://bit.ly/Eadro)
Ilxendren the Demonray (http://bit.ly/2svK8MH)
Panzuriel the Enslaver (http://bit.ly/2CJf7IQ)
Persana, Guardian of the Deep (http://bit.ly/2OXzuFW)
Sekolah the Great Shark (http://bit.ly/2iyzGR3)
Surminare the Selkie Queen (http://bit.ly/2nsA7cU)
Trishina the Waverider (http://bit.ly/1t7h0rg)
Water Lion the Sharkslayer (http://bit.ly/2x7BNwt)

Avian Deities:
Krocaa the Crimsonfeather (http://bit.ly/2BL3ddK)
Quorlinn the Filcher (http://bit.ly/2iTi41K)
Remnis, the Great Lord of the Eagles (http://bit.ly/2J4orfd)
Syranita, Mistress of the Aarakocra (http://bit.ly/2qFphWC)

Reptilian and Amphibian Deities:
Laogzed the Devourer (http://bit.ly/2vo4pox)
Merrshaulk the Serpent Lord (http://bit.ly/Merrshaulk)
Parrafaire the Naga Prince (http://bit.ly/2epLsHv)
Ramenos the Great Frog (http://bit.ly/1sTUIsi)
Semuanya the Survivor (http://bit.ly/2SzBYfM)
Sess'innek the Emperor Lizard (http://bit.ly/2EuSHcW)
Shekinester the Three-Faced Queen (http://bit.ly/Shekinester)

Centaur Pantheon:
Brilros the Battle Stallion (http://bit.ly/2XmYvhK)
Chitza-Atlan, the Guardian of the Gateway to the Underworld (http://bit.ly/2NCr5HT)
Fanthros Storm-Hooves (http://bit.ly/2KKZH9m)
Linroth Fleet-Hoof (http://bit.ly/2PvXvUv)
Naharra the Mother-Mare (http://bit.ly/32kSzIc)
Skerrit the Hoofed Lord (http://bit.ly/1t7gQQH)

Lycanthrope Pantheon:
Balador the Master of Mead (http://bit.ly/2MMJ7qp)
Daragor the Wolflord (http://bit.ly/2GIbUL7)
Eshebala the Vixen Queen (http://bit.ly/2LoZOLw)
Squerrik the Ratlord (http://bit.ly/24nmVDV)

Dark Fae Powers:
The Queen of Air and Darkness

Seelie Court:
Caoimhin the Kindly (http://bit.ly/2obZk0g)
Damh the Horned Beast (http://bit.ly/2xy2LQx)
Fionnghuala the Mistress of Swans (http://bit.ly/20Y1bNS)
Nathair Sgiathach

Beholder Pantheon:
Great Mother

Deities “missing” from Demihuman Deities:
Nebelun the Meddler (http://bit.ly/1TO1req)

Illithid Pantheon:

Undead Deities:

Miscellaneous Underdark Deities:
The Dark God
The Elder Elemental God
Title: Lendys the Balancer
Post by: AuldDragon on February 01, 2016, 03:47:13 AM
Where Chronepsis judges dragons after their deaths, Lendys the Balancer (http://blog.aulddragon.com/2016/02/lendys-the-balancer/) judges them while still alive. He believes in retributive justice, that those who live by fang and claw die by fang and claw. All punishments are carefully measured, however, and minor crimes have minor punishments. While he is hard and merciless, he is fair in his dealings.

Title: Re: Monster Mythology Update Project
Post by: Dizzy on February 01, 2016, 09:39:33 AM
Thanks for posting these back up! You got all of those links super quick too!
Title: Re: Monster Mythology Update Project
Post by: AuldDragon on February 01, 2016, 03:06:25 PM
Thanks for posting these back up! You got all of those links super quick too!

No problem! I post it on multiple forums so it was luckily a quick copy and paste.  :)

Title: Garyx the Firelord
Post by: AuldDragon on March 01, 2016, 02:02:29 AM
Garyx the Firelord (http://blog.aulddragon.com/2016/03/garyx-the-firelord/) is one of the draconic deities originally presented in FOR1 Draconomicon, for the Forgotten Realms. He is somewhat similar to Elemtia, but whereas Elemtia is a purely elemental deity, Garyx represents the effects and power of fire, rather than the element of fire.

Title: Kalzareinad, The Keeper of Dark Wonders
Post by: AuldDragon on April 01, 2016, 12:31:55 AM
Kalzareinad, The Keeper of Dark Wonders (http://blog.aulddragon.com/2016/04/kalzareinad-the-keeper-of-dark-wonders/) was a deity of magic mentioned originally in an adventure in FOR1 Draconomicon. For the last two millennia, he had one worshiper remaining, sustaining him and keeping him from deific death. This ended with him voluntarily merging with Kereska during the Time of Troubles in the Forgotten Realms, but need not be the case in other settings.

Title: Rais, The Cogitative One
Post by: AuldDragon on April 30, 2016, 11:38:06 PM
Rais, the Cogitative One (http://blog.aulddragon.com/2016/05/rais-the-cogitative-one/), is another minor deity that was mentioned rather briefly in a single 2nd Edition product. In her case, she was created to be a deity for the dragons (particularly silver dragons) of the air world Edill in the Spelljammer supplement SJR6 Greyspace, which detailed the planets in the crystal sphere encompassing the Greyhawk setting. I developed her as a deity of philosophy and logic, with an emphasis on the truths and creative power of thought. While minor, she can prove to be a very interesting deity in a campaign.

Title: Faluzure the Night Dragon
Post by: AuldDragon on June 01, 2016, 02:34:28 AM
Faluzure the Night Dragon (http://bit.ly/1ZcdvtA) is by far the most insidious evil of all the draconic gods. He longs for a multiverse that is beyond death; inhabited solely by the undead, and ruled by him and various forms of undead dragons. He stalks the planes, feeding off the life energy of the wisest and the best to power himself and his magic. If there is one force that could unite the good and evil members of dragon-kind, it is the Night Dragon.

Title: Task the Wrester
Post by: AuldDragon on July 01, 2016, 01:54:49 AM
Task the Wrester (http://bit.ly/29aUTaK) is the deity of greed, the pure unadulterated avarice that particularly affects evil dragonkind. Whereas Astilabor represents the desire to acquire treasure for the status and utility a large hoard brings, Task represents the selfish desire to own wealth for the sake of wealth itself and the desire to take what others have simply to deprive them of it.

Title: Hlal the Jester
Post by: AuldDragon on August 01, 2016, 01:01:00 AM
The draconic deity of humor and music, Hlal the Jester (http://bit.ly/2aI5MoG) was detailed first in the Forgotten Realms accessory FOR1 Draconomicon; but with the release of The Cult of the Dragon accessory, she was described as an aspect of Aasterinian due to the similarity between the two deities. I decided to split the two up as was done in 3rd Edition, in part because Hlal fills the empty niche of a Chaotic Good power in the pantheon, which was lacking without her presence. I kept their similarity as an element of her mythos, however, so those who wish to merge them can do so.

Title: Sardior the Ruby Dragon
Post by: AuldDragon on September 01, 2016, 03:29:38 PM
Presented as an archetype of the gem dragons in Dragon Magazine #37, Sardior the Ruby Dragon (http://bit.ly/2bMvFiS) fit in well as a deity with Bahamut and Tiamat. He was only rarely mentioned during 1st and 2nd Edition, which helped form my description of him as a mostly forgotten deity outside of neutral dragons themselves. Enjoy!

Title: Tamara the Merciful
Post by: AuldDragon on October 01, 2016, 01:28:02 AM
Tamara the Merciful (http://bit.ly/2dMW2KH) was one of the members of the draconic pantheon presented in FOR1 Draconomicon. In her role as a goddess of life and forgiveness, she is favored by many good dragons, while most dragons call on her blessing at some point in their lives when looking for mates, and later for her protection of their eggs and hatchlings. She is the consort of Lendys, and tries to moderate his harsh form of justice.

Title: Kereska Wonderbringer
Post by: AuldDragon on November 01, 2016, 05:19:12 PM
Kereska Wonderbringer (http://bit.ly/2fbhbMv) is the energetic deity of magic within the draconic pantheon, who is said to have taught dragons how to harness the innate magical powers Io infused in them at the time of creation. She delights in magical creativity and blesses those dragons undertaking magical research and creation.

Title: Bahamut the Platinum Dragon
Post by: AuldDragon on December 01, 2016, 12:35:37 PM
Bahamut the Platinum Dragon (http://bit.ly/2gcEmW6) is the lord of metallic dragons, and one of the greatest forces for good in the multiverse. He is a wise being, and a paragon of enlightened justice, the melding of mercy and forgiveness with just punishment. He is the template many metallic dragons strive to emulate, especially silvers, golds, and bronzes.

Title: Io the Ninefold Dragon
Post by: AuldDragon on January 01, 2017, 12:53:46 AM
Wrapping up the draconic deities is the creator of all dragonkind himself, Io the Ninefold Dragon (http://bit.ly/2iuNgmv). Much like Annam, he is said to be the creator of the universe, wherein other deities have built their own worlds and own races. He is an experimental deity, tweaking dracoform species and their environments in order to produce unique combinations. Despite his experimentality, he is not a particularly active deity, preferring watching to interfering.

Title: Koriel the Vigilant
Post by: AuldDragon on February 01, 2017, 04:10:26 PM
Koriel the Vigilant (http://bit.ly/2kszfGg) is the patron of the ki-rin and t’uen-rin, as well as other powerful paragons of law and good. He is a wandering power, constantly working to foil the forces of evil throughout the outer planes, while sending his followers to face evil on the Prime Material Plane. He has only a small number of humanoid followers, who look to Koriel as a model of their behavior.

I’ve also revised my previous Jazirian entry (http://bit.ly/1UmSlo6) and added a shamanistic humanoid cult.

Title: Anguileusis the Abiding One
Post by: AuldDragon on March 01, 2017, 12:32:52 PM
Anguileusis the Abiding One (http://bit.ly/2lcZsdz) is the imprisoned patron deity of the Anguiliians, eel-like deep sea humanoids with some sort of connection to Sahuagin. The Anguiliians were first presented in the product Sea Devils, but there wasn’t a great deal about them in that book; they received more details in the last of the adventures that accompanied that product, Sea of Blood, which also introduced their imprisoned patron. Anguileusis can be used in a time-traveling campaign, or he could be released through the above-mentioned adventure.

Title: Surminare the Selkie Queen
Post by: AuldDragon on April 02, 2017, 12:32:20 PM
Surminare the Selkie Queen (http://bit.ly/2nsA7cU) is the peaceful and gentle goddess of the selkies. She is a member of the asathalfinare, the loose alliance of aquatic deities headed by Deep Sashelas. She is not a warrior, but fights bravely to defend those she loves.

Title: Stillsong the Singing Sphere
Post by: AuldDragon on May 01, 2017, 10:51:08 AM
Stillsong (http://bit.ly/2pAAh5J) is a very unusual entity, apparently transitioning from one state to another. What he was before, and what he is to become is unknown. He grants no spells and has no priesthood, and represents a wandering benevolent force throughout the planes.

Title: Syranita, Mistress of the Aarakocra
Post by: AuldDragon on June 01, 2017, 10:51:12 AM
The only non-aquatic member of Deep Sashelas’s asathalfinare, Syranita, Mistress of the Aarakocra (http://bit.ly/2qFphWC) is the protector-goddess of the aarakocra. She is an excellent diplomat, and is always on the look out for new allies to help protect her gentle race.

Title: Ilxendren the Demonray
Post by: AuldDragon on July 02, 2017, 10:49:31 AM
Ilxendren the Demonray (http://bit.ly/2svK8MH) was originally introduced in the 2nd Edition boxed-set adventure Night Below, along with the subterranean fresh water variant of the ixitxachitl, the ixzan. To a certain extant, Ilxendren represents the most dangerous threat to Demogorgon’s mortal power base, for unlike that tanar’ri power, Ilxendren shares many traits and elements with the devil fish themselves.

Title: Laogzed the Devourer
Post by: AuldDragon on July 31, 2017, 11:59:56 PM
Perhaps one of the few deities who can rival the disgusting nature of Vaprak is the patron of troglodytes, Laogzed the Devourer (http://bit.ly/2vo4pox). While he grants spells to the troglodytes, he did not create them, and cares little for their welfare, granting spells simply because he doesn’t care enough not to. He is shunned by most other powers, and used as a divine disposal by those willing to deal with him or willing to risk getting close.

Title: Parrafaire the Naga Prince
Post by: AuldDragon on September 01, 2017, 11:08:03 AM
Parrafaire the Naga Prince (http://bit.ly/2epLsHv) is one of the more unusual deities, as he is a servitor of many other powers more than one who has active concerns of his own. He is a guardian of secrets and items of power, but his guardianship is not absolute. He designs traps, tricks, and riddles to test those who search for his charges in order to determine only those he deems worthy gain them. His few worshipers similarly focus on guardianship, although with a much lower focus on testing those who search for their wards.

Title: Water Lion the Sharkslayer
Post by: AuldDragon on October 01, 2017, 02:06:15 PM
Water Lion the Sharkslayer (http://bit.ly/2x7BNwt) is an unusual and mysterious deity who wanders the planes for reasons unknown, although there are many theories about his purpose. He has only a small and dispersed following among the aquatic races, mostly loners and hunters.

Title: Quorlinn the Filcher
Post by: AuldDragon on November 01, 2017, 08:52:58 PM
The patron of the kenku, Quorlinn the Filcher (http://bit.ly/2iTi41K), is one of the more interesting deities in the AD&D game, because he’s not terribly comfortable having the responsibilities of godhood that have been thrust upon him. This isn’t exactly a rare situation, however; what makes Quorlinn different is that he was never a mortal like most of those who share those feelings. It creates a much more interesting deity, as does the merging of eastern and western elements that kenku represent.

Title: Sekolah the Great Shark
Post by: AuldDragon on December 01, 2017, 05:05:04 PM
Sekolah the Great Shark (http://bit.ly/2iyzGR3) is the patron of the so-called Sea Devils, one of the greatest scourges of the deeps and the shallows. He did not create them, instead having adopted them as his chosen when he discovered them on one of his many great hunts among all the seas of the worlds, and molded them into the powerful and dangerous society they are today.

Title: Sess'innek the Emperor Lizard
Post by: AuldDragon on January 01, 2018, 01:21:20 PM
Happy New Year everyone! The ascended tanar'ri lord Sess'innek the Emperor Lizard (http://bit.ly/2EuSHcW), long ago tiring of the Blood War, turned to followers on the Prime Material Plane as another path to power. Seeing the general complacency of Semuanya, he has been slowly usurping that power's authority over the lizard men with the creation and leadership of his chosen followers, the Lizard Kings.

Title: Krocaa the Crimsonfeather
Post by: AuldDragon on February 03, 2018, 12:06:27 AM
Krocaa the Crimsonfeather (http://bit.ly/2BL3ddK) was introduced in Dragon #124 as the deity of the aarakocra. With DMGR4 Monster Mythology, however, he was replaced with Syranita. Combining the pair into a small pantheon required some alterations to his original characterization and dogma to make the pair synergize well, with Krocaa being more of an active defender than Syranita, with an additional emphasis on hunting.

Title: Eadro the Deliverer
Post by: AuldDragon on March 01, 2018, 10:25:24 PM
It took me a little while to decide what exactly Eadro the Deliverer (http://bit.ly/Eadro) represented, as he was described simply as the patron of the merfolk and the locathah. I eventually decided that he represented the strong bonds of community that merfolk and locathah are characterized as having, and this makes him a good addition to the loose “pantheon” of good and neutral aquatic deities.

Title: Shekinester the Three-Faced Queen
Post by: AuldDragon on April 01, 2018, 04:58:02 PM
Shekinester the Three-Faced Queen (http://bit.ly/Shekinester), creator and queen of the nagas, is one of the most complex deities in the D&D multiverse. She has three distinct aspects, each representing a different alignment, with different portfolios of interest, but all elements of her overriding portfolio of Wisdom.

Title: Remnis, the Great Lord of the Eagles
Post by: AuldDragon on June 01, 2018, 07:50:12 PM
Flying through the skies of the upper planes is Remnis, the Great Lord of the Eagles (http://bit.ly/2J4orfd). He is said to be the ultimate aerial hunter, and with his great eyesight, he spies out secrets throughout the planes. He perches on the heights of Mount Celestia and in the boughs of the World Tree Yggdrasil, awaiting the call to service.

Title: Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother
Post by: AuldDragon on July 01, 2018, 05:33:59 PM
Nearly insane, Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother (http://bit.ly/2tK3Pzc) is patron of the declining subterranean race of kuo-toa. She hates humanity for the ancient wars that drove her race underground, and is well pleased when her followers sacrifice them to her. She is rumored to know great secrets of ancient magics, but in her insanity, she shares them with no one.

Title: Merrshaulk the Serpent Lord
Post by: AuldDragon on August 01, 2018, 04:23:44 PM
While still powerful, the somnolent Merrshaulk the Serpent Lord (http://bit.ly/Merrshaulk) is in a slow decline. His chosen followers are the insidious yuan-ti, who lurk in ruins of ancient cities, either remnants of their own past or the remains of places they corrupted and destroyed. His lack of direct attention to his followers has led to a usurpation of his power by other deities on more than one world, however.

Title: Linroth Fleet-Hoof
Post by: AuldDragon on September 01, 2018, 03:57:19 PM
One of the four minor centaur deities mentioned in Dragon Magazine #103, Linroth Fleet-Hoof (http://bit.ly/2PvXvUv) is a deity of speed, traveling, and merchants. I drew some inspiration from nomadic steppe peoples for the write-up, as well as some elements from Greek mythology.

Title: Persana, Guardian of the Deep
Post by: AuldDragon on October 01, 2018, 11:42:04 AM
Persana, Guardian of the Deep (http://bit.ly/2OXzuFW) is the creator and patron of the tritons, having sculpted them from elemental water and breathed life into them. He is known as one of the greatest architects of the multiverse, having designed a wide variety of wonders throughout the planes. While aloof and generally uninterested in the affairs of others, he recognizes that the other good and neutral races of the deep are more likely to keep to agreements and defend allies in need, and so has thrown his lot in with them.

Title: Semuanya the Survivor
Post by: AuldDragon on November 04, 2018, 11:01:18 PM
Wrapping up the reptilian deities is Semuanya the Survivor (http://bit.ly/2SzBYfM), the patron and creator of lizard men and their kin. Semuanya is an aloof deity who exists and survives for the sake of surviving and existing, and teaches his followers that survival and propagation is of paramount importance.

Title: Fanthros Storm-Hooves
Post by: AuldDragon on December 02, 2018, 11:34:24 AM
This month features the second of the four centaur deities that were listed but not detailed in an old Dragon Magazine articles on centaurs. Fanthros Storm-Hooves (http://bit.ly/2KKZH9m) is the patriarch of the small clan of four deities, who all serve under Skerrit the Forrester. Among the small centaur pantheon, Fanthros is the deity of weather, the sky, and agriculture.

Title: Panzuriel the Enslaver
Post by: AuldDragon on January 02, 2019, 12:07:42 AM
Panzuriel the Enslaver (http://bit.ly/2CJf7IQ) is the evil of the depths, partially banished long ago by Deep Sashelas and an alliances of oceanic deities. He raises a rabble of followers wherever he can in order to lay waste to the civilizations on the sea floor, although his favored followers are the kraken and morkoth.

Title: Balador the Master of Mead
Post by: AuldDragon on February 01, 2019, 12:40:22 PM
Of the lycanthrope deities, the only benevolent power is Balador the Master of Mead (http://bit.ly/2MMJ7qp), Father Bear to the werebears. He is a protector of wildlands, and a wise and paternal guardian to his followers. While shy, he is a lover of good tales told around a fire over a shared mug of mead.

Title: Chitza-Atlan, the Guardian of the Gateway to the Underworld
Post by: AuldDragon on March 01, 2019, 12:12:43 PM
The most unusual centaur deity is Chitza-Atlan, the Guardian of the Gateway to the Underworld (http://bit.ly/2NCr5HT), an interloping undead deity who is said to guard the passage to the underworld and the afterlife.  Little is known of his origins, but he has connections with the lord and lady of the dead, Mictlantecuhtli and Mictanchihuatl, and is known to the Olman peoples of Oerth.

Title: Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons
Post by: AuldDragon on March 31, 2019, 11:35:04 PM
Powerful enough to claim the title of Prince of Demons, Demogorgon (http://bit.ly/2V7sVn3) is a foul lord of of the Abyss who has achieved true divinity. Favoring the intelligent shallow-water rays known as ixitxachitl, he focuses on domination and the draining of life energy from victims in order to increase his own power.

Title: Eshebala the Vixen Queen
Post by: AuldDragon on May 01, 2019, 01:13:24 AM
As Queen of the Foxwomen, Eshebala the Vixen Queen (http://bit.ly/2LoZOLw) embodies the same vain and shallow obsession with beauty and material wealth found in that lycanthropic race. She has a decidedly cruel streak as well, and seeks to destroy things and creatures she has n further use for, or that which she cannot acquire.

Title: Re: Monster Mythology Update Project
Post by: AuldDragon on June 02, 2019, 08:16:36 PM
Another member of the centaur pantheon, Brilros the Battle Stallion (http://bit.ly/2XmYvhK) is the child of Fanthros and Naharra, and sibling to Linroth. He represents war, battle, and strength, and like his sister, is a youthful and vigorous power. He leads centaurs in the defense of their lands, and teaches their warriors strategy and tactics.

Title: Damh the Horned Beast
Post by: AuldDragon on July 01, 2019, 10:34:04 PM
Child of Titania and Oberon, Damh the Horned Beast (http://bit.ly/2xy2LQx) (pronounced DAV) is the revelrous patron of satyrs and korred. Despite his love for wine, women, and song, he is the physically strongest member of the Seelie Court, and the first to come to defense of sylvan lands.

Title: Daragor the Wolflord
Post by: AuldDragon on August 01, 2019, 12:47:48 PM
The bloodthirsty and rapacious patron of werewolves and seawolves, Daragor the Wolflord (http://bit.ly/2GIbUL7) is a wanderer who delights in nothing but sating his bloodlust. While he wanders the Lower Planes butchering the fiends and travelers he finds there, he sends his avatars to do the same on the Prime Material Plane.

Title: Naharra the Mother-Mare
Post by: AuldDragon on September 01, 2019, 12:46:13 PM
Naharra the Mother-Mare (http://bit.ly/32kSzIc) is the final member of the small centaur pantheon mentioned in Dragon Magazine #105, and rounds out the family group that serves Skerrit. She is the centaur deity of lover, motherhood, and fertility, and as a deity of family, represents the ancestor spirits that many centaur shamans contact for advice.

Title: Caoimhin the Kindly
Post by: AuldDragon on October 01, 2019, 12:35:09 PM
The smallest member of the Seelie Court is Caoimhin the Kindly (http://bit.ly/2obZk0g) (KOO-ev-inn), patron of the little killmoulis. He is a timid and grumbly deity who is keenly aware of his own weaknesses, but has an inner strength where his friends and allies are concerned.

Title: Re: Monster Mythology Update Project
Post by: Loma on January 26, 2020, 08:03:23 AM
Wait, this Seelie Court is a pantheon, not the Elven government by the same name?