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Hi Folks, I am kicking off a 1E AD&D homebrew campaign setting this weekend. Some house rules but pretty much straight oldschool AD&D, Please check it out!


Nick, if you'll play a cleric I'll let you have a sword!

Thanks everybody who gives it a look- thanks even more if you play!

Roll for Initiative Podcast / Re: Volume 6 Issue 191– UNEARTHED ARCANA!
« on: February 22, 2017, 09:18:35 AM »
Thanks guys, I really enjoyed this show and  thought you covered everything in the book really well. For the most part my experience with and feelings toward UA match up with Vince and Nick. We were thrilled with the book when it came out and embraced, but over time some of its flaws and shortcomings became apparent and as a result we kept the parts we liked and abandoned the parts that we didn't like or just didn't fit with our game (comeliness, new PC races, e.g.).

The new spells are nice to have, although many of them are geared more towards the roleplay aspect of the game. There are a few that are pretty killer though and definitely have the potential to contribute to power creep. You guys are dead on about the whole cavalier/paladin reclassification debacle. Paladins should have remained as outlined in the original PH and cavalier is a bit munchkinish for my taste, but hey if that's how you like to play your game- enjoy it. I agree with Chrispy about the UA version of  the barbarian being the best one. I have never leveled up a barbarian very far but it does seem like that class as is could lend itself to power creep somewhat as well. But then, barbarians should be uber powerful BAs. Thief acrobat? Forget it!

Keep 'em coming guys, you put out a great podcast. It's great to hear Chrispy back on and I hope Matt will be back soon as well and we can hear all four of you. Hail the new tetrarchy!

Roll for Initiative Podcast / Re: Glad to hear Chrispy's voice again
« on: February 19, 2017, 04:36:52 PM »
I always enjoy hearing Chrispy on the various podcasts as well, especially on RFI, Sae or Die, and Old School Blues. It's really nice to see him showing up more regularly lately. I hope he is able to continue for a while and would love to see him as a permanent regular on any of the shows.

Great show, as usual. This sounds like a scenario well worth checking out and could be a major feature of any campaign, if desired.

There was some discussion about the possibility of PCs being able to identify some of the fungi. I think this could be one of those semi-rare occasions where a druid would have some true utility for the party. Under the class description for the druid in the PHB p.21 it says that at 3rd level a druid gains the ability to identify plant type. The word "type" could be interpreted a few different ways I suppose, ranging from- it's a tree, it's algae. it's a fungus, to a more specific identification of the properties of the plant. I guess if I were DMing, I would take a middling approach and provide the druid with more info the fungi than any other class, but I probably wouldn't disclose all the properties of every single mushroom. I also think my players would argue vehemently that the druid would know everything there is to know about every mushroom that ever lived. Again, I wouldn't go that far as a DM, but I think a druid might know a fair amount more than any other class.

Thanks for the show!

Save or Die Podcast / Re: Save or Die Episode 120: "Back in Black"
« on: April 10, 2016, 02:33:48 PM »
So glad to see you folks back, you have been greatly missed. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to produce one of my favorite old school D&D podcasts

Back in issues 150-152 you mentioned several times about going on to review/explicate the Thorkhammer sequels to G1-3. I would still like to here you guys do that. Even more however, I would like to hear you do D1-2, D3, and Q1. (one show for each one, do 'em justice!). Anyway, you asked. I have always liked the module reviews you guys have done. Thanks for doing the show.

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