Author Topic: Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!  (Read 2590 times)

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Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!
« on: February 23, 2016, 06:29:09 AM »

The RFI train keeps on going, burning up the tracks as they are here this week with a special guest, Jeff Saidek from Gorilla Games!

In the meat of this show the guys talk about what should and should not be brought to the table each week. What would kill the mood and what you should do as the Dungeon Master when these things happen!

Matt reaches into the treasure chest for an interesting item involving magical paints.

Sal show his love for everything slimey and moldy in the Creature feature theater!

We read your emails and listen to your voicemails in sage advice to end the show!

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Re: Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2016, 11:49:57 AM »
Thanks for reading my Patreon comment on the air and for considering the viewpoint!

I can see that I am in the minority camp.  It seemed to me that the major disagreement with the 'DM for hire' entrepreneurial idea is related to the character of the individuals you have encountered so doing.  While that might be a negative characteristic for the enterprising DM to have, the only one then who would be hurt by exhibiting 'jagoff' behavior would be him or herself thus ending that business rather quickly especially as word of mouth gets around.  I can imagine, however, that there might be others out there whose behaviors might be more appealing to the gaming public and I would certainly not advocate for going out of one's way to destroy their budding enterprise out of spite or elitism or because your offended by their attitude or <insert_cause_here>.

One thing is for certain, if an individual was to charge for his service it'd better be a fine time had else, that too might end business.  I might give the benefit of the doubt to a DM who would charge for less than a 'New York dinner' (which, btw I was paraphrasing from an individual who made that comment in the particular round table discussion on the episode).  Again, if the game isn't good then so what?  All I am out is a measly $6 which couldn't even buy you a movie ticket in most places.  Live and learn and find a better DM who is worth the money.  Let the free market decide.  As with many products in a free market economy, the best will sell and competition will improve the product or service.  And like Jeff said, it only makes it better for the role-playing business overall and especially for the game designers whose games are being played and thus promoted.

If 'Joe Schmuckatelli' wants to charge for his game at a game store, his house, another facility or online then I say 'Go for it, Joe!'  Make a name for yourself and if you can put food on your table! 

You don't have to play in it.  Let him be well and move on with his business.  No matter the product or market, one of my pet peeves are those who would seek to tear down an individual like a Joe S. simply for daring to sell services such as this that most of us have grown accustomed to not having to pay for, though we'll certainly pour tons of hard-earned fiat money into the coffers game designers and publishers and kickstarters without so much as batting an eye or with little more justification than 'Hey, this looks cool take my $2 on DriveThruRPG!'

So, Joe S. isn't a Tim Kask, or a James Ward or a <insert_your_favorite_celebrity_DM_here>.  So what?  If we would gladly fork over $50, $100 or more to be able to play with these greats why would we not extend the same courtesy to those less well known only asking for peanuts by comparison in our local gaming communities?  Let them be because ultimately this can only be good for the RPG hobby.  Again, you don't have to play in their games but please we shouldn't then make it our mission in life to take up a crusade against the 'capitalist gaming heretic'.

Twice last year I was in a situation where I had no job, no income.  For months.  I was actually considering going into business doing this very thing.  Thankfully, as I was in the middle of doing my market research late last year another tech job came along and I am back to contributing to Patreons and Kickstarters and so forth. If I had to go through with yet another job action I would hate to think that there are people out there who might intentionally undermine the business I was trying to start just out of a sense of elitist pride in a hobby we enjoy and have enjoyed for 40+ years.

Again, thanks for considering my comments on the round table and discussing them candidly and openly.  Thanks to your guest, Jeff, whom I found to be a very like-able and agreeable personality.  I shall be looking into Battle Stations now because of this lively episode.


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Re: Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2016, 06:35:40 PM »
Great podcast as always guys. I really enjoyed it. You know, I don't want to cause any problems, but if the Over Lords are causing you guys any problems, I know a few Dwarfs that owe me a favor that could ummm...talk to em for ya lol. It's hard to ding that bell when your fingers are broke, I'm just saying. LOL. Seriously I loved the show, and the Over Lords made me laugh.

The call me from Satan made me spit the water out of my mouth I was laughing so hard.

Keep up the outstanding work guys!! You are making my now cigarette free days more bearable. Without WGP I really don't know what I would do. Thank you.


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Re: Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!
« Reply #3 on: February 29, 2016, 11:02:07 AM »
Another excellent episode.

I never even considered the concept of pay for play, which is odd considering that I used to play poker (not quite the same, but similar).
The problem with D&D in this regard is that every campaign, and every session for that matter, is so subjective.
Fascinating topic, to say the least.

And, good to hear that Sal and I are kindred spirits on all things oozy, gooey, slimy and sloppy. Those have been some of my favorite monsters since those early, heady days of the first Monster Manual.
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