Author Topic: Volume 6 Issue 180 - North Texas RPGCON Special 2  (Read 1452 times)

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Volume 6 Issue 180 - North Texas RPGCON Special 2
« on: June 30, 2016, 06:03:34 AM »

Vince and Erik continue the North Texas RPG Con special for RFI and speak with various guests at the con. Whom do they speak with? I guess you’ll have to listen in to the show and find out!

Just Kidding!

We speak to the following people:

    Rich LeBlanc
    Zach Glazer
    Jeff Dee
    The Frugal GM Chris
    Mike and Liz from Save or Die
    Jim Wampler from Save or Die
    DM Glen from Thaco’s Hammer
    Jennell Jaquays

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