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BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules Clearance Sale

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Vile Traveller:
I'm clearing out the last few copies of BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules here at the Dreamscape Design Mansions. These are saddle-stitched, the cover is a little less shiny and the pages are a little thicker than the Lulu version. I'm sending these babies across the globe for US$9.99 including air mail. PM me if you're interested!

I ordered one of these from Vile about a year ago. They're lovely :)

Vile Traveller:
Why, thank you, sir. :)

Alex Karaczun:
What does that generally run to the U.S.?

Vile Traveller:
It's US$9.99 including P&P wherever you are in the world. Turns out that I seem to be equidistant from all English-speaking countries. I'm selling these below cost, mainly to make space. My work library (and my gaming library) keeps expanding ...  :o


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