Author Topic: Save For Half Podcast # 9: Star Trek RPG by FASA  (Read 1515 times)

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Save For Half Podcast # 9: Star Trek RPG by FASA
« on: February 28, 2018, 09:08:29 PM »
Save For Half Podcast # 9: Star Trek RPG by FASA

Space is big, really big, but Star Trek by FASA is definitely bigger. Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the awesome spectacle that is the Save for Half Podcast crew Trekkin it up! With an Easter egg that you donÕt have to wait for the end of the show to catch, because DM Jim is in da house! On top of that we have DM Jeff! Who is that, you say, well only the Trekkin-ist Trekkie to ever go on a Trek. You will get to hear about all the Trek you can eat! Learn the secrets of a forty year old game and then feel good about it later. So donÕt walk, run! Unless youÕre carrying scissors, then walk Ñ to your local podcast dealer and download Save For Half Episode 9! Supplies are limited, act now!

No DM Mikes were harmed in the making of this podcast Ñ despite his ominous silenceÉ

It's all here at: http://saveforhalf.com/

Links mentioned in this show:

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The Old DragoonÕs Blog (DM Jeff’s Blog)

Royal Manticoran Navy

Star Trek: The RPG on Memory Alpha

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