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Title: Domain Level Play
Post by: Dizzy on December 17, 2016, 02:35:15 PM
Did here ever do any of the domain/stronghold/etc... stuff once reaching name level? I've always been interested in seeing how a campaign works at that point but have never played or ran a game that went into that. I'm thinking my next campaign will be 1e or OD&D and hoping that we make it that far to give it a shot.

If you did what were your experiences? Did you eventually get bored of it and continue adventuring as normal, or did you go more into a war game?
Title: Re: Domain Level Play
Post by: Pladohs Ghost on December 20, 2016, 08:43:24 PM
We did a little bit of that, though not really enough to say I have any wide experience at it.

I had a character who began accumulating mercenary soldiers as followers, after saving a handful of them from calamity. As we travelled and helped out here and there, more joined up. The PC had a small tower that was technically a stronghold, though was rarely there and kept only a small contingent in residence. The rest of the group travelled with the PC, and usually ended up helping out villagers while the PC and comrades (plus a few of the followers) ventured into the caves/dungeons. Never did anything with politics or running a domain.
Title: Re: Domain Level Play
Post by: Dizzy on December 20, 2016, 10:14:40 PM
Thanks Pladohs Ghost! Any experiences are useful. I've played using henchmen and hirelings, but never to that scale.
Title: Re: Domain Level Play
Post by: Pladohs Ghost on December 24, 2016, 05:02:51 PM
The PC was a cleric. He claimed a ruined site that had a 60' x 40' half-fallen hall. Some folks the party had helped nearby showed up here and there and began clearing rubble and so forth. The men-at-arms he saved--the party fought off the baddies, the cleric healed several of the soldiers--asked to ride along and were just helpful. The cleric (I can't recall his name) invested in repairing and purchasing armor for them and the men-at-arms sort of recruited people to help at the outpost ruins if they could or ride along if they were able.

So there wasn't any sudden appearance of a large contingent of followers or m@a, which seemed reasonable. Just people who had been helped showing up to help. They'd come and go, with a slow accumulation of permanent residents at the shrine/hall/outpost. The holy order sent some acolytes and such out to help with things. We assumed that the PC spent most of his down time helping organize things as the ruins got repaired and consecrated and all that.

We weren't interested in playing out political stuff. The domain play involving protecting the facility was just sending half the men-at-arms that were riding with the party back to chase off some goblins and then start a formal garrison force there. Never did any play involving threats on the stronghold and marshalling forces to hunt down the enemy or anything like that. Never worried about relations with nearby nobles or like.