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Title: Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"
Post by: DMMike on April 10, 2017, 08:09:12 PM
Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"

We're back and ready to find a dragon in a dungeon...so long as its Basic/Expert! The terrible trio of DMs Mike, Liz and Corbett throw down on dragons, ghouls, and rules lawyers in this third episode of Save for Half!

It's all here at: http://saveforhalf.com/

Links mentioned in this show:

Dungeons & Dragons Basic set by Tom Moldvay - Wikipedia

Dungeons & Dragons Expert set by Steve marsh/Zeb Cook - Wikipedia

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Title: Re: Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"
Post by: Vile on April 11, 2017, 10:51:08 AM
I loved the Elementals! I was so unhappy when it first went awry and then fizzled out. But I didn’t realise out it was the same Bill Willingham that I first saw in the front of Holmes until last year, nearly 20 years later.

Siegfried Ironwolf? Now there's a coincidence. My second* D&D character was an elf called Siegfried Eisenbein. Which translates as "Ironleg", but still.

*My first was a magic-user called Catweazle. He died in the first room he entered in the Caves of Chaos, speared by a goblin.

Title: Re: Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"
Post by: longfoot on April 18, 2017, 01:37:00 PM
This show continues the high quality of podcasts that you have done in the past. Glad you're podcasting on the new show. Others have ebbed and flowed, but yours has always been consistently well-done.  Bravo!
Title: Re: Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"
Post by: Rafael Beltrame on June 21, 2017, 06:02:36 PM
yey, im stalking you guys  ;D
This was the last episode i heard, and i loved. wonder if there is a topic for request. if so, i would love one about Arduin

best wishes
Title: Re: Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"
Post by: ctcharger on July 27, 2018, 05:11:01 PM
Playing catch up, I finally listened to this one. 
Nostalgia factor 11 as this was my first exposure to D&D.  Such a shame I didn't realize I was right in Tom Moldvay's back yard when I move to Akron in 2000, by the time I did, it was too late.  :(

I did pickup Omegakron which maybe I will run someday. 

Anyway, back to the podcast....
Very informative, glad we ignored some of the rules like many others did!

Cave Locusts are DM Gold, same with the Helm of Telepathy!   ;)

Here is an example: 
The treasure is located in an area completely overun by yellow mold.  Burn it you say?  nope, it will burn up the treasure if you do!  Plus, who needs a bunch of spores floating around?
Enter the cave locusts, like goats to poison ivy, cave locusts are to yellow mold....good stuff but how do you herd a bunch of skittish locusts to the area?
Hmmm, that well to do farmer with the weirdly over-sized straw hat...the one that seems to be able to talk to the animals?   maybe he is hiding a fancy helm of telepathy underneath it?  Maybe he could herd them to the area?

You already mentioned the other benefit of the cave locusts, farming their spittle could be a great way to escape a bad situation (When flaming oil won't do) or hide your scent.  The dragon/ogre/orc/bear will take one whiff and go the other way, who wants to spook a bunch of stinky locusts?  if they don't and attack you anyway, hope they can swing a sword while they turn inside out tossing their cookies everywhere. 

Yeah OK, the ocean is dangerous enough, who needs water termites?  ;D

I wonder if the boxed text on the back of the Expert box warned people they need the basic rules to use the expert set?  I can't find a image I can read well enough to tell. (trademark of course)

Too bad Frodo and Gandalf didn't have a small bag of devouring... gone forever!  Perfect thing to have on long trips if you know what I mean.. :P

Big fan of the morale rules which I believe gamers ditched, Squad Leader types excepted!  You don't have to kill the monsters to get XP so making them run away and taking their toys counts as defeating them.

I love the Tarantella's dance.  Have a dance troupe do the Tarantella's dance so they can pickpocket everyone before they head to the next town...

So I can see a Medusa through a mirror safely but she can't?  um no..

I thought the most dangerous encounter was the NPC party which it gives you instructions for, very cool I thought.  I enjoyed creating them in my spare time back in the day.

The book list was great.  You needed that information to defeat the librarian NPC and force her to give up her secrets!   ;D

I do like Holmes Basic though even though I never saw it back in the day, like you all, I think I favor it a bit more than Moldvay. 

Did I miss it?!?!  Did DM Mike say anything about the Gnome Lair??!?!  A whole mapped out gnome lair just sitting there to be looted! And no Gnome PCs to protect them...I am sure he made some remark, I probably just missed it...

I thought the evasion table was really interesting.  It creates an interesting choice for the both sides.  Split up and have a better chance of evading but if you are caught, you have fewer people to defend with.  For the pursuers, they can split up too representing them spreading out but if they spread out too much, they can be defeated when they find the party.  Of course their first move is to sound the alarm and signal the other groups.  Like a flaming arrow, a horn, etc.  However, if you cast a silence spell on the horn...would darkness work on an arrow?
Title: Re: Save for Half Episode #3: "Basic and Expert D&D"
Post by: DMMike on August 14, 2018, 10:38:04 AM
Sorry for the delay replying, I missed these! Also I'm getting an error msg when I try to quote so I'll have to do this from memory:

Thanks for the kudos, and I didn't in fact mention the gnome lair. My mind must've shut it out...trying to protect me from my natural desire to get in there and kilkilkil! ;)

Yellow mold is always fun, I insisted on stating it up for Castles & Crusades when I worked on that game. Green slime, Bansheas, and Giant Tics as well! Morale was one of those things I rarely used, preferring to decide as DM based on the situation if the monster(s) retreated or surrendered or whatnot. For new DMs though, it isn't a bad mechanic. Even if its not used, the morale level is a handy shorthand as to how dedicated to fighting the critters are.

Flammable treasure? I suppose scrolls or wands could fit that bill. Gold has a low melting point but in my exp. PCs will happily burn it anyway and then scrape it off the cave floor. LOL!

As I've noted on the 'cast, my fave is Holmes but if I'm trying to teach someone new to play D&D IMO there's never been a clearer rules set for that sort of new person than Moldvay. As for Expert, I *think* it was on the back of the box but I can't say for sure. I'll need to get Liz to crack open our set. Or find that mini set of Expert we've got around here somewhere. :)

Glad you liked the show!

DM (Good at better late than never!) Mike