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AD&D Unclassified
« on: April 13, 2017, 12:05:44 PM »
When I started roleplaying back in the day, my main games were AD&D 1e and Classic Traveller, I was always somewhat frustrated by the class restrictions in AD&D although I could see the point as a matter of gameplay and strategy, but I longed for the skill based system that games like Traveller provided, why not have a Thief who could just learn the Lock/Knock spell to make his life easier instead of being another cookie cutter elf/half-elf multi-class? I gravitated towards The Fantasy Trip and later GURPS to get a skill based system, but these turned out to be a bit complex and favoured min-max strategies for character creation, they tended to miss the traditional style of roleplaying that AD&D provided.

So eventually I sat down and sketched out an idea, recently I have put pen to paper (or keyboard to word processor) and came up with a plan to incorporate into traditional AD&D without hopefully ruining the basic experience and gameplay.


I feel this amendment could be applied to 1e, with or without UA, or any of the 1e clones out there.

Comments and playtesters welcome.