Author Topic: Chapter 5: From the Back Room to the Bar Area of the Ten Bells  (Read 2062 times)

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Madara the monk: Does the door reveal anything?

Dungeon Master (GM): yes an entryway into another very dark area.

Madara the monk: do i need to roll for stealth mode?

Dungeon Master (GM): to hide in shadows, & move silently yes. You roll a D100 & need to roll low

Madara the monk: rolling 1d100 = 91, the hide in shadows did not work

Dungeon Master (GM): hide in shadows is a 10% chance move quietly is a 20% for Madara

Madara the monk: I walk into the dark room with a lit torch given to me by Deklan.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok i will reveal what the torch sees...about 15 feet outward the green object is an old hanging oil lamp.
That's the hanging oil lamp & you see half a fireplace.

Deklan the cleric: check to see if there's oil still in the lamp

Dungeon Master (GM): hmm ok this is at least 125 year old oil if so & it hardened to a clump

Madara the monk: Pulls out a match and lights the lamp

Dungeon Master (GM): it does light the wick but you see the oil is now a hardened substance here is what you see in the room:

You notice a critter Stepping into the darkened interior of the Ten Bells’ main bar,

you enter a room in which hundreds of ale-soaked dramas would have played out over the years before it was boarded up and abandoned.

At one time, it may have been a comfortable if decidedly lower-class tavern.

The original brick and flint walls, ancient floors, old beams, and aged furnishings and tables are reminiscent of an earlier age,

a time when patrons by the dozens would have drunken themselves into rowdy stupors within.

Now the room is eerily silent, and the only patron is a frighteningly large raccoon that scurries into the fireplace

in response to your intrusion.

Deklan the cleric: maybe a little like the Cam Inn?

Dungeon Master (GM): basically yes, just not leaning on it's foundation

Madara the monk: I examine this lamp for oil

Dungeon Master (GM): it appears just like the other

Madara the monk: I light it.

Dungeon Master (GM): the oil has hardened into a clump

Madara the monk: does my lamp reveal anymore?

Deklan the cleric: perhaps the rest of us should enter the room?

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha yea, he's one very brave fellow!

Deklan the cleric: well... he's hiding and moving quietly to check things out

Dungeon Master (GM): right

Deklan the cleric: should the whole party come on in? I would think so... looks big enough

Madara the monk: More the merrier.

Dungeon Master (GM): up to you i'll just need 4 more d20 checks for holding down their stomach contents is all

Deklan the cleric: rolling 4d20 = 15, 4, 7, 3 so only the first one of the last four entering managed to hold down their stomach from experiencing the evil aura which was Altomi.

Madara the monk: Can the druid talk to the raccoon?

Dungeon Master (GM): not until you rest up again for 8 hours so taursis, sven & fewe could not handle the evil feeling & hurled as they enter the Ten Bells

Madara the monk: do i need to roll for perception to reveal more of the room?
Fenwe the ranger enters the large room
Where is Luren the thief ?

Dungeon Master (GM): no, i just reveal what you see, based on where you place your token, 15 feet out for madara (torch), 30 feet out for barak (lantern).

Deklan the cleric: the paladin should be spearheading our search

Dungeon Master (GM): you see the original front door in that white space above the steps graphic, which is all boarded up & notice boards on the outsides of the front windows.

Deklan the cleric: detecting evil... is Deklan the only one that can turn undead?

Dungeon Master (GM): yes

Deklan the cleric: ugh

Dungeon Master (GM): where are you detect evil? This is the paladin doing so.

Deklan the cleric: he should be nearer to the front too... are those stairs down?

Dungeon Master (GM): The stairway appears to lead upstairs & downstairs.
Right now, You see 2 doors along the east wall one of which Madara is at now, the other behind the bar.

Madara the monk: Madara searches room for traps 1d100=30 : Madara finds no traps at the door he is at (door behind the bar)

Dungeon Master (GM): You note the room is 25 feet wide & right now you see 40 feet long of it.

Deklan the cleric: we should get roman hands to do it

Madara the monk: Agreed, Madara tries to open the door

Dungeon Master (GM): 3 of you have thieving abilities

Deklan the cleric: who else? let's pair up at each door?

Madara the monk: ok

Dungeon Master (GM): Since Luren the thief, moved there I will assume he has the 2nd lantern to reveal some more

Madara the monk: I already searched this door, do you wanna pair up here?

Madara the monk: Taursis the paladin, enters room Sven the mage-thief, enters the bar room area now from the back room.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok you are all inside the bar area now

Deklan the cleric: Taursis the Paladin, detecting evil in the stairs, & he finds no evil emanation.

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren the thief, noticed another door about 10-15 feet down from where he is, so there is a total of 3 doors along this east wall.

Madara the monk: I figure Barak can tank so he should be in front?

Deklan the cleric: just because you didn't detect traps doesn't mean there isn't one there

Deklan the cleric: Luren the thief searches at his door

Madara the monk: Do you want to go up the stairs or threw the doors?

Deklan the cleric: oops... he rolled a 1d100 roll= 95 at the door roman is standing at (Middle door in east wall)

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, he thinks there is none there

Deklan the cleric: who else can check?

Madara the monk: I can

Deklan the cleric: I thought there were 4? it takes 10m to check for traps

Dungeon Master (GM): Altomi, Madara, Luren & Sven all have thieving skills

Madara the monk: Altomi checks door for traps 1d100 roll= 59; & thinks that there are none

Madara the monk: Altomi opens the door behind the bar (Middle door on east wall)

(There was some chat here that indicated attempting to open the top & middle doors however the majority of the tokens were behind the bar so
it is the only door described as being opened & entered)

Deklan the cleric: " Hopefully there isn't zombies behind the doors.", says deklan, over at the fireplace.

Dungeon Master (GM): is Deklan probing the fireplace (that is where the raccoon disappeared)

Deklan the cleric: (sure Deklan is poking about the fireplace)

Deklan the cleric: Luren tells altomi he would have liked to have listened for noises before opening...

Dungeon Master (GM): here is what is seen when you shine a light into the room (Altomi):

The floor of this small room is covered in dust, the air is stale, and dense cobwebs hang from the rafters like a funeral shroud.

A few old crates and barrels lie scattered about the room, one of which is covered in a dark, quivering

blanket that seems to shy from the light.

Deklan the cleric: quivering?

Dungeon Master (GM): It appears to quiver in the light.

Where exactly is Deklan poking the fireplace?

Deklan the cleric: The Mantle.
ah... not really quivering... just optical illusion

Dungeon Master (GM): poking the mantle only disrupts the dust on it

Madara the monk: Luren the thief, enters the room and examines the crate

Dungeon Master (GM): as Luren entered the room he became ensnared in a web at ankle level
Luren, can attempt to break out of it but not before Roman gives me a surprise roll!

Deklan the cleric: Luren the thief, rolled 2 on a 1d6

Dungeon Master (GM): ok you were surprised by 2 spiders!

Deklan the cleric: tiny ones?

Dungeon Master (GM): Let's say not so tiny ones that look like oversized wasp spiders (~ a foot long)

Deklan the cleric: they're never tiny....

Deklan the cleric: is that a rug in front of the fireplace, or stone?

Dungeon Master (GM): It is stone work, rug would catch fire!

Deklan the cleric: what happens if I wave my torch inside the fireplace?

Dungeon Master (GM): Two big raccoons come out of the fireplace at Deklan.
Deklan rolls for surprise.

Deklan the cleric: deklan surprise: 1d6 Roll= 4 : Not surprised by the Raccoons coming out of the fireplace!

Madara the monk: Was the trap set off by the fireplace?

Dungeon Master (GM): For all Luren the thief, knows he is just ensnared into spider webbing from simply walking into it.

Dungeon Master (GM): Luren has to cut out of the web first, if he does so the spiders get free attacks on him until he is free of the webbing

Deklan (Tim B): i'm probably going to get rabies from these raccoons

Dungeon Master (GM): Taursis the paladin, should be able to clear that up if so

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Re: Chapter 5: From the Back Room to the Bar Area of the Ten Bells
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2016, 02:47:11 PM »
Deklan the cleric: Sizes up the room dimensions and with Bless being a ranged spell that has an area of effect of a 50' cube, it would seem that he could target a Bless spell in such a way to include all of our party members in the area of effect

Dungeon Master: Yes, you could do a Bless spell however the Raccoons are already on you, so attempting to do so would spoil the spell casting & leave you vulnerable to another free attack from the Raccoons!

Deklan the Cleric: Ah... it's a 1 round casting time... yeah nevermind. I'll just initiative and melee with the raccoons

Altomi the Bard: Pulls out his panpipes and starts playing a calming tune to keep all animals in a non hostile manner

((Charming: Bard’s Singing & Playing can charm Creatures within 40ft. Creatures must save versus magic or be charmed & sit entranced while the bard sings. Those not Charmed will listen to the bard for 1 full round. Charmed Creatures are subject to ‘Suggestion’, if the bard utilizes it, the charmed creaturs must save vs magic at -2 on their die rolls or be subject to the suggestion. Loud noise or physical attack will negate charm but not suggestion.))

Dungeon Master: The Charming will take two roll20 combat turn rounds before it takes affect.

When it does either Altomi or I rolls a 1d100, if the roll is 15% or less the 4 creatures are charmed if they do not make a saving throw, if they do make a saving throw, they still listen to it for 1 round.

Those that failed the first saving throw, now has a chance of being given a 'Suggestion' by the bard & makes another saving throw a -2, if they fail the 'Suggestion' holds.

Meanwhile the Adventures will gain a +1 on their 'To Hits'.

Deklan the Cleric: Drops his torch, staff and backpack to get full benefit of Tumbling proficiency for Unarmed Combat. Dropping the torch into the fireplace stone bricks. Rolls for Initiative In Game.

Dungeon Master: Ok, I will then need everyone to give me an Initiative roll for the weapon they are using to establish the turn order for combat!

Luren the thief: With his feet ensnared with tricky webbing, dinner plate eyes seeing not one, but two spiders, rolls for initiative. 13 and prepares to take some damage and deal some as well with his short sword.

Dungeon Master: Ok, Luren the thief, needs to make a Break check (1d20), then an escape artist check (1d20), to get out of the spider webbing.

The Wasp Spiders get 2 free attack before the regular combat turn begins.

Also, Luren, when doing the Initiative roll click on your character token, then a row of your macros will show up along the top of the screen.

In this case, you can use your Long or Short Sword or your dagger, so you would click on either of the 3 Initiative macro buttons for those weapons.

Right now, i'll just take the 13 roll unless you wish to re-roll it again.

Initiative Roll = [1d10] + Dexterity Bonus - Weapon Speed or casting time.

Then turn order goes in Descending order from highest roll to lowest.

Monsters are sometimes done differently when they don't have Dexterity stats, like the original 1st edition monsters.

In this case, for every 30 feet of movement speed above the norm of 120ft, the monster gets a +1 (+1 at 150ft), where the Dex bonus would go.

The above Initiative roll is used in the Baldur's Gate Games & considered 1st Edition.

Luren the thief: Break Check= 13 (ill stick with that)
Escape Check= 7
Init Roll Short Sword: 9

Dungeon Master: Hmm, Luren the Thief, does not Break or Escape from the spider webbing!

Deklan the cleric: Are there PCs that can move to get in between Luren and the spiders within a round.. or will anyone going into the room have make a save or get stuck in the webbing like Luren?

Dungeon Master: PC's can make a move yes, the map represents the start locations of actions.

Ok, i will say that because Luren the Thief, did not break & escape the spider webbing as of yet, that is it still pretty much intact enough to ensnare anyone else entering the room.

I guess like when Luren the Thief, finally makes the Dice Checks the next one to enter gets the Dice Checks at -4 since the webbing is coming apart now, so it would be easier to get out of. Thus, 3rd person gets -8 on the rolls & so on....

Break is DC14, Escape Artist is DC18 for Luren & Taursis as well if he is in the room with Luren now, if you make the break roll you are cutting the webbing with your weapon which will be 4 HP for each person entangled.

Thus if another player enters the room after Luren & Taursis manage to free themselves, the Break Roll is DC10 & Escape is DC 14.

The entanglement is occurring below the knees.

Dungeon Master: Ok, both Monstrous Wasp Spiders missed Luren the thief on their free attacks!

Ok, all Initiative rolls were made & combat with the 2 Raccoons & 2 Monstrous Wasp Spiders took place.

See Battle Log for stat results, chat log for the blow-by-blow of combat.

After the fight, one raccoon flees back up the fireplace, the 2 Monstrous Wasp Spiders are dead.

Those in the supply room, Luren, Taursis, Ellamin, Barak, cut themselves free of the webbing, which was only knee high.

Ellamin noticed a barrel where baby Wasp Spiders were crawling in & out off, which did not attack.

The boxes, crates & barrels were found to be empty, however they manage to grab something from the supply room in the form of 2 hanging lanterns as Luren the Thief tries to swirl some of the spider webbing around a torch handle, perhaps for some later use.

Meanwhile, Deklan picks up Raccoon #2 & places him in his backpack, perhaps to make a nice coonskin hat.

Deklan the cleric: Asks Fenwe the ranger, if he knows how to skin a raccoon?

Fenwe the ranger, searched the bar counter area but found nothing of value, just some old filthy dusty glassware.

Altomi the bard, moves down to the last door on the east wall, rest of the party soon follow.

Altomi just simply opens the door, as Luren looks inside with his infra-vision, he notes an old hearth in the center with tables, one of them with several knives stuck into it.

Luren the thief: I believe I also have a light?

Dungeon Master (GM): i remember at least 2 lanterns, a bullseye lantern & one torch being used by Deklan.
(Party now has 2 more lanterns taken from the supply room which will need cleaned & the old dried up oil removed)

Luren the thief: Luren would like listen for any noises or movement. Rolls a 1d100= 58 for hear noise & does not hear anything.

Altomi the bard:  lights his torch from Deklan's & goes into the room sees the Hearth in the center of it, & two tables, the north one with several knifes stuck into it.

Room Description:
This filthy room is still and silent; the hearth along the wall is cold and sooty.

Several jagged, rusty knives are plunged into a foully stained table.

The room (kitchen) is filled with the nauseating stench of rot.

Altomi the bard, searches the table with the knifes but found nothing.

Then Taursis the paladin, Luren, Fenwe & Sven the mage/thief, enter the kitchen & begin to search it also looking for secret doors.

As Fenwe the ranger, moved over towards the table with the knives, one suddenly comes free & flying at him & strikes him, with a 1d20+1 roll of 21 for

double damage of 8 Hit Points Total as the party hears a feminine voice holler " GET OUT, GET OUT!!! "

Dungeon Master (GM): as you guys just stand around in shock, looking for where the female voice came from but seeing nothing,

another knife begins to jiggle in the table then the rest, 4 in all.

Ellamin- Druid: "Run!!!"

Fenwe, being the nearest to the table tries to grab for one of them, as Taursis the Paladin runs to get the other knives

Deklan the cleric: gotta be a secret door in this room

Dungeon Master (GM): Give me a 1d20 Dexterity check to see of taursis & Fenwe snags a knife as the others go flying

Taursis the paladin Rolled an 11 & just missed the knife!

(Opps! I forgot about Fenwe here, dang it!)

Dungeon Master (GM): Flying Knives Rolls:

1d20+1 = 3 (Taursis), 3 (Deklan), 4 (Sven), 2 (Lauren) : All Missed!

The feminine voice is heard again, "GET OUT!"

Luren the thief: Luren looks in direction from which knives came come and sees?

Dungeon Master: Luren sees nothing

(Madara the monk, has heard the voice & wonders to himself if the voice belongs to the ghostly apparition he briefly saw upon entering the back room.)

Taursis- Paladin: Tries to Detect Evil but senses none in the direction he focused on.

Altomi the bard: Yells out, "Do you need help ghost??"

Dungeon Master: Altomi gets no reply.

As Fenwe binds his kitchen knife wound, the room searching continued on however, nothing was found, not even a secret door, in the floor or ceiling even.

Altomi the bard: "Hello??? Ghost???"

Dungeon Master: Still no response from the ghost.

Altomi- bard: tries to light the hearth with his torch but it is just ashes & soot inside.

Altomi- Bard: leaves the room & the others follow

Deklan the cleric: says let's go to the 3rd door

Altomi- Bard: Moves to the northern door on the east wall as the others follow, when they are all nearly there,

all the furniture in the room begins to jiggle & thump loudly!

Luren the thief: Surf's up Dudes!

Altomi- bard: Opens the door (Altomi, was ahead of the party so he was already at the door before the furniture started acting up!)

Ellamin- Druid: "Something is not right here"

Barak the fighter: In what way?

Altomi- bard: nods "Yes and maybe it is behind this door"

Dungeon Master (GM): The furniture continues the rocking & rumbling then you hear the "GET THE HELL OUT!!!!" then.....

One of the tables comes flying at the party!

Altomi- bard: ducks into the room for cover, allows his eyes to adjust

Ellamin- Druid: did we try speaking with the ghost?

Dungeon Master: Yes, & so far it would not respond back, vocally!

Deklan the cleric:  Uses his tumbling skill to avoid

Dungeon Master (GM): Sven, Ellamin & Luren are in the table's path!

Dungeon Master (GM): Sven, Ellamin & Luren need to make a 1d20 Dex Check. If made you only take Half of the 1d6 = 6 Damage
from dodging the Flying Table!

Ellamin & Luren make their Dexterity Checks & receive 3 HP of damage each

I goofed on Sven, he rolled a 20 thus did not make his dex check so received 6 HP of damage & is down to 1 HP!

Barak the fighter shouts "We're leaving"!!!!

Deklan the cleric:  is gonna take his chances in the other room

Barak the fighter: Now let's get out.

Luren the thief: ducks into next room

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Re: Chapter 5: From the Back Room to the Bar Area of the Ten Bells
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2016, 03:06:07 PM »
Dungeon Master (GM): ok you stumble into what looks like an office, here is the description:

This room seems to have been the private office of the tavern proprietor, furnished with a

desk and chair, two flimsy bookshelves lined with mildewed papers & record books, & an overstuffed couch.

A heavy blanket of dust & shrouds of cobwebs lie over everything, giving the room a ghostly, ominous appearance.

Altomi- Bard: "everyone grab your own furniture and shut that door!!

Altomi- bard: holds down the dresser thing

Taursis- Paladin sits on the chair and holds down desk

Altomi- bard: tips the bookshelf down on floor and covers book with bookshelf

Deklan the cleric: says " Someone should search the desk. "

Fenwe- Ranger: searches the desk

Dungeon Master (GM): Fenwe finds nothing of value on the desk nor in it's drawers

Luren the thief: to check for secret doors, Along north wall: Rolling 1d6= 3

Dungeon Master (GM): No secret door found on north wall found by Luren

Taursis & Sven find a Secret door behind the overstuffed couch after rolling a 1d6=2

Luren & Fenwe rolls 1d6=3 & do not find any secret doors along the east wall.

Ellamin- Druid: nice

Deklan the cleric: someone's not going to like this...

Luren the thief: Is going to check for traps on secret door behind couch: Rolling 1d100= 90% & believes he does not find any trap

Sven Kas 'Ka - Thief / Mage: Rolling 1d100= 85% & also believes there is no trap on the secret door

Dungeon Master (GM): Room Description:

You’ve discovered a secret doorway leading to a frail-looking staircase that ascends into darkness.

Cool air with a scent of raw earth rises from below and brushes past you like an inmate eager to flee his cell.

The odor is unpleasant and unnerving, like that of a freshly dug grave.

Ok anyone going up? who is first???

Sven - Thief / Mage: Opens & enters the secret door opening with Taursis & Luren right behind

Luren the thief: Could Taursis Detect Evil up this staircase?

Deklan the cleric: says could be skeletons... might need me up front to turn undead.

Ellamin- Druid: lets go

Dungeon Master (GM): Taursis the paladin, does not detect evil on the staircase

Deklan the cleric ... or not ....

Luren the thief - agrees with Deklan. Does Luren see anything up the staircase?

Taursis- Paladin waits for Deklan

Dungeon Master (GM): the staircase goes up from here & that is all you see is a frail looking staircase

As Luren, Sven, Taursis & Deklan explored the secret door opening Altomi was doing this:

Altomi- bard: Searches the papers and record books and books and shelves

Fenwe- Ranger helps Altomi

Dungeon Master (GM): Altomi & Fenwe, see records indicating the movement of goods & find that the proprietor was a Henry Crofter

Altomi- bard: What kind of goods?

Dungeon Master (GM): The listed goods ranges from typical things a bar/restaurant/inn, would need & use to use however you noticed all kinds of stuff in

other record books that would be unusual for the place to be handling (very pricey items, weaponry, drugs, etc).

As Fenwe looks he finds a piece of old parchment, in one of the unusual record books, & it appears to be a map.

Fenwe- Ranger looks at it closely & shows the others

Ellamin- Druid: is that a map of this building?

Deklan the cleric: thieves guild safehouse i assume, the map shows an underground sewer tunnel between 10 bells and a safe house.

Deklan the cleric: Deklan going to lead up the stairs

Ellamin- Druid: how do we get to this safe house

Deklan the cleric: it's in the basement Ellamin

Dungeon Master (GM): Note: The stairs in the secret passage off the office, go up; the stairs in the bar go up & down.

Deklan (Tim B): the stairs go up to the smell of fresh graves?

Dungeon Master (GM): ha ha yea

Deklan the cleric: ok.... very odd

Deklan the cleric: says let's check these stairs up first, then the bar stairs up, and finally the bar stairs down

Taursis- Paladin follows deklan

Luren the thief: Agrees with Deklan as long as Deklan leads the way

Deklan the cleric: is going to back as soon as there's no undead!

Dungeon Master (GM): ok deklan leads up the stairs, as he does so about midway the stairs give out from under him !!!
Deklan give me a 1d20 Dex Check please!

Ellamin- Druid: I was just about to follow

Deklan the cleric: I do have Tumbling skill for falls

Dungeon Master (GM): if that that helps ok

Deklan the cleric: Rolling 1d20 = 1 : a succesful Tumble

Barak the fighter: Looks like you're tumbling and falling.

Deklan the cleric: On a successful proficiency check, he suffers only one-half the normal damage from falls of 60 feet or less and none from falls of 10 feet or less. Falls from greater heights result in normal damage.

Deklan the cleric: my Tumbling check is 12

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, your save has you falling only halfway up to your torso into the stairs Deklan !!!

Deklan is left clinging desperately to the stairs, his legs kicking desperately in the dark emptiness below.

You do however take just 1 HP of damage on Deklan, which would otherwise be a 1d6 roll.

Deklan the cleric: that's the best roll anyone can make

Dungeon Master (GM): yes & that is the result

Barak the fighter: Am I where I can grab him?

Dungeon Master (GM): You could grab Deklan, Barak yes, & as you do so
Deklan swears he felt a pull on his left foot like someone was trying to pull him down !!!

Deklan the cleric: Did the stairs fall away? did we here them crash? Can we drop a torch down there?

Dungeon Master (GM): Yes, picture the stair being two pieces of wood (one verticle, one horizontal), which simply snapped when you stepped upon it.

You heard the initial break & fall, as to any klanking after a piece hits the floor, i would say no.

As to tossing down a torch, certainly it can be done, if you wiggle aside enough to create a space or Barak pulls you fully out, though at the moment

something appears to be trying to pull Deklan back in!

Deklan the cleric: is there just a hole in the stairs? or did the whole stairs fall away?
(See the picture in the live session journal of an adventurer that fell through the stairs to get an idea how it would look)

Barak the fighter: I grab him and pull with all my might.

Deklan the cleric: yes... I want out of the hole

Barak the fighter: I'm trying.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, barak give me a 1d20 strength check roll

Barak the fighter: Rolling 1d20 = 2 : Barak is successful in pulling Deklan up out of the stairwell hole!

Dungeon Master (GM): Good! Now then you drop deklan's torch down into it & you swear you saw a skeleton !!!

Deklan the cleric: how far down?

Altomi- the bard: (Was the skeleton moving?)

Dungeon Master (GM): The Skeleton appears to be climbing out out of the hole to greet you, you can see the skull with it's jaws moving now !

The hole appears to be a half story deep.

Deklan the cleric: did the break in the stairs look like a trap or weak/rotten wood?

Dungeon Master (GM): It appears to simply be just old, weakened, rotted wood.

Barak the fighter: I pull my sword to greet him back.

Deklan the cleric: pulls his robes open to present the large tattoo of his Holy Symbol filling up his entire torso, and brings the end of his staff down forcefully and dramatically, and shouts a curse at the undead

Deklan the cleric: if the roll of 20 is successful, then 5 undead are turned
Skeletons 10, Zombie 13, Ghoul 16. Shadow 19, Wight 20

Dungeon Master (GM): ( hmm, i do wonder does a natural 20 mean twice the number of undead turned? Thus 10 it would be )

Dungeon Master (GM): There is a pause from the skelelton as the cleric's holy symbol glows with a holy light (that only the undead see), then it

continues to come up out of the hole completely instead of backing & cowering away !!!

Uh oh!

Deklan the cleric: what???

Dungeon Master (GM): Yep, you guys are like, " What the hell ?!?! " with dumbfound looks upon your faces !!!

Deklan the cleric: ((guessing not normal skeleton))

Dungeon Master (GM): The skeleton looks to throw a punch with a skeletal hand & thus begins combat!

It is here Initiative rolls were made for the first round of combat.

To get the blow-by-blow consult the chat log. Also see the battle log for combat & injury statistics.

Dungeon Master (GM): It is during this combat that the party realizes that this skeleton is more than what they initially thought it was.

The group noticed that the skeleton had a translucent gel around it !!!

It would turn out to be what is called a Bone Jelly which had slam, constriction & bone marrow attacks !!!

During this fight Deklan suffered enough damage from being slammed by the beast, that he was knocked to unconsciousness,

to -4Hit points, but was magically revived by his Thorns of the Martyr Bracers, when his HP goes below 1 hit point & regains the maxmium of

8 Hit Points back. Thus as the fight continued as Deklan lay on the steps, the magic armor did it's thing & he will be back up to 4 Hit Points,

due to the fact he had a Cure Light Wounds Spell memorized, beforehand.

(During the game here we forgot about that & had him drink a Healing Potion which is 2d4+2 HP of Healing, if you still have a Healing potion in your equipment or magic items list you may want to make note of the amount of healing it deals out.)

At this point some of the party's options include:
Continuing up the secret stairwell.
Examining the new hole in stairs where the Bone Jelly came from.
Going up or down the staircase in the main bar.
Going through the trap door in the alleyway.

Deklan the cleric: A shaken, rattled, and somewhat half-unclothed Deklan drops into the hole with Altomi...

Dungeon Master:
After the party moves the icky feeling Bone Jelly out of the stairwell, & into the office, Altomi & Deklan decide to just hop right on into the newly created orifice in the stairwell!

It appears a whole skeleton of a humanoid was within the Bone Jelly along with a few rats.

I will let an Intelligence / perception check or anatomy proficiency type roll perhaps, determine which type of humanoid.

After steeling their stomach from the rotting stench which is stronger in the space under the stairs, Altomi & Deklan, begin to search the tight 3 ft by 10 ft high space, grossing out that they have to step in the muck on the floor here.

Some bone fragments of rats can be found as well as waste from the Bone Jelly.

Then the lights from the lantern & or torches, reveal more things lying about in the Bone Jelly's muck.

Something that looks like a scroll is noticed, along with a fancy dagger with a fish design, what looks like a coil of rope, a pouch, & what appear to be gold coins somewhat spread out, in the muck on the floor.

Altomi the bard: ((Int check 3))

Altomi hands Deklan the torch and start to sift through the items that catch their attention... Altomi grabs the dagger and scroll and hands them back to Deklan, ensuring he doesn't need to move through the muck after his ordeal and smiles before throwing the coil of rope over his shoulders, picking up and counting the gold coins and looking into the pouch...

Dungeon Master: Upon looking over the Bone Jelly Corpse after it was pulled from the stairwell, Altomi gauges the the humanoid skeleton was that of elven stock.

After Altomi, gathers whatever was spotted to be of any worth in the nauseating muck & smell, & hands it to Deklan, they climb out of the narrow space & proceed to

have a closer examination of the objects by spreading them out on the office table & find that they have recovered:

Gold Pieces: 50
A Rotted Hemp Rope: No longer of any good use
A Scroll of Sealskin Vellum: Sven determines it is inscribed with a 'Knock' spell.
A rotted pouch containing: Three translucent waxballs, each with an amber liquid core.
An ornate masterwork Bloodcoral Dagger: Engraved with images of dolphins Value ??? GPs

Altomi the bard: Altomi leaves the rotted rope and pouch and puts the wax balls into his own pouch. Does anyone recognize what the waxballs are?

Altomi will go up hidden the stairs, oh so carefully.

Dungeon Master: It's the first time anyone in the group came across the translucent waxballs, so no one know what they are.

Altomi makes it up the hidden stairs, hugging one side & stepping over where it caved it.

So now Altomi is at the top of the stairs & notes what currently appears as solid walls around him, in a 5 feet wide space.

Altomi the bard:  spends 20 minutes looking for a secret door...

attempt 1 secret door [5]
attempt 2 secret door [1]

Dungeon Master: On the 2nd attempt Altomi finds a secret door on the north wall.

Deklan the cleric: is shadowing his bud Altomi, speculating out loud that the waxballs could be something like Gummi potions.

Altomi the bard: looks back to Deklan and offer for him to eat one then slowly opens the door ajar to peek in.

Dungeon Master: You open the door, into what appears to be a Master Bedroom.

Altomi listens for any movement or sounds: rolling 1d100 = [[16]] listen check

Dungeon Master: Altomi does not hear anything coming from the room.

As Altomi steps in & looks about quietly this is what he sees:

This room is comfortably furnished, with bed, closet, wash stand with basin, and a desk.

There’s an uneasy aura clinging to the air hereabouts, an unnatural chill that hints at evil.

Whatever fouls this room seems to inject you with a feeling of horrible dread.

Altomi the bard: Altomi will search the room bed/bedside tables and drawers

Deklan the cleric: Should we follow him up there? I'd hate for him to get attacked by something all by himself.

Dungeon Master: Ok, Altomi & Deklan went upstairs & did some snooping around.

I will have them come back to the party & basically give the rest a tour of what they had seen so far.

They didn't really explore & search thoroughly, all that much.

It's up to Altomi & Deklan what they reveal to the rest of the party, maybe like just let you go up & look around but warn you if you get 'hot' unto something that may be dangerous.

Altomi the bard: "We didn't find much of worth... We did find a room full of bats in which we closed the door carefully again and left them there. An empty room.

And a room with a skeleton of a bride with a silver ring and a ghost protecting it telling us that she isn't the one emanating the evil presence and her soul can only lay

to rest once we bring her killer to justice. and the hall look all weird up ahead, so we cam back down stairs to tell you lot. "

Luren the thief: Not a good idea to take the silver ring...