Author Topic: Chapter 12: Continuing Search of Kobold Lair, Then Back Home ! (Final Chapter)  (Read 1928 times)

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Barak tries to search for secret doors: rolling 1d6 =(4) : Nothing was found in the search !

Dungeon Master (GM): There is the one more room you passed up in the 1st hallway.

Deklan -Cleric -(TimB): Deklan takes all the useless tomes he kept from the kobold leader's room and puts on the shelf in this room

Dungeon Master (GM): ok, you can do that, you do have the mule Tewahutes with you, that can carry back some of the stuff,
though really only 2 of the tomes look of any worth.

The tome on the workbench looks related to a ritual Sorcerer Hissiz wanted to perform.

You can pretty much head over to the one unexplored room now, with the one last single key looking likely to open it
ready to head there?

Barak -Fighter -Scott C.: Yes. Let's go. Whoever has it, uses it on the door. Or else I throw myself at the door. LOL!!!!

Dungeon Master (GM): You go back out into the hallway & when barak happens to look up he noticed many holes in the ceiling in the middle 10 feet of the hallway.

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Everybody stop.

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: That's not good

Barak- Scott- Fighter has the thieves look for traps.

Dungeon Master (GM): ok i will need rolls for them, Roman, Altomi, Madara & Deklan, can all look for traps

Dungeon Master (GM): rolling 1d100 = 13% : A Success for Madara for checking for Traps !

Madara the monk, looks at the doorframe of the middle door in the hallway which has the carcass of the black dragon wyrmling

& noticed a secondary device in the lock, he thinks it may have been tied to a trap but it did not activate.

(Note: You put the correct key in the lock on the first attempt)

Let me post a picture of what may have happened, as you can see it was a dart trap but the darts come from the ceiling !

Ok, moving the characters on towards the last room.

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: Did any grab that wax-sealed potion bottle on the wizard's table?

Dungeon Master (GM): Back in the sarcaphus room, now back into the hallway.

Ok, the southern door here is the one you passed up & did not open.

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: It's safe to go in now, right?, Says Deklan to the trap finders

Dungeon Master (GM): Yea, you try the last single key in the lock & it opens the door here

Dungeon Master (GM): i'll say someone grabbed that bottle, Deklan. Who looks into the room?

Altomi (Bard) does

Dungeon Master (GM): Your lantern illuminates the whole room & this is what you see:

The locked door opens to reveal a storage room.
In the room are three crates, two large barrels, a woodpile, and a large wooden table.
Under the table is a large sack.

Altomi (Bard): "Everyone pick something and rifle through it."

Deklan (TimB)-Cleric: glances up at the ceiling, then looks through the sacks

Ellamin -Mick P. -Druid: I'll look through the sack

Dungeon Master (GM): Deklan just sees a solid stone ceiling.  Altomi & Barak looks at the crates:
create #1 contains: 4 lengths of rope, a dozen crampons, 2 climbing picks, 1 hammer
crated #2 contains: 5 pairs of snowshoes, 5 pairs of boots
crate #3 contains: cold weather clothing that appear dwarf sized

Sack #1: Chunks of wood & other debris
Sack #2: Foodstuffs

Who opens the 2 barrels?
taursis & fenwe?
one contains ale the other dry mortar
Any searches for secret doors? Give me a 1d6

Fenwe the ranger: rolling 1d6 = 1

Dungeon Master (GM): Ok, Fenwe finds no secret doors !

Barak- Scott- Fighter: We ran the number from least to greatest. Nothing here.

Dungeon Master (GM): So now the adventurers feel they have explored all they could of the former dwarven temple converted to a kobold cult lair,
what will be your next move ?

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Back to the Foamy Mugg Inn, for some R&R. Sell items we can and have some ale !!!

Altomi (Bard): Agreed!!! Make a makeshift sled for our mule to tow

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Any better ideas? We can look for our next adventure.

Altomi (Bard): The tavern always holds a mission or someone in need... let us go...

Dungeon Master (GM): Very well then, I will say it would be at the least a 58 - 59 mile trip back to the Foamy Mugg Inn, roughly 5 hexes.

Dungeon Master (GM): i'll say you do your 4 mph hike speed & get there in the evening.

Barak- Scott- Fighter: Ok.

Dungeon Master (GM): You arrive there & Mugg Grimmhammer, is all happy to see you & that Idhrenwen Lasseth, & Smoke, the cooshee, are safe &

sound. So you can rest here for the night & continue back to Caer Brennau & the morning to tell them the dragon egg was found & returned to Galversharn, which will be a 2 day trip.

Fenwe: sounds good

Dungeon Master (GM): It would be around December 18/19th when you return to Caer Brennau & do so on horseback finally...without the threat of a dragon breathing down their necks the fort militia let you use their horses.

Deklan (TimB) asks if Caer Brennau is the best place to sell off some of this stuff?

Dungeon Master (GM): Yes it would be Deklan! Ok so you are back in Caer Brennau & debrief Lord Warden Arwel Hart of the details of the trip.

Altomi (Bard): Aye all our loot will be appraised and sold here please...

Dungeon Master (GM): You all stay at Gildas old Manse again with Berenion all happy to see the egg was found, He looked at the potion bottle & says it

contains a healing potion. So, you all sleep in the original rooms you had when you first came for Gildas' funeral.

Next morning at breakfast, a servant passed a note to Berenion.

He mentions that Lord Warden Arwel Hart will be over at 1 bell past Noon to discuss an urgent matter with the adventurers.

Berenion relates a tale of 'The Ripper' from 125 years ago & says Millers town on the coast is again experiencing brutal murders.

Barak- Scott- Fighter: ~sigh~ a hero's work is never done.

Dungeon Master (GM): at 1 bell past Noon Lord Warden Hart arrives.

He explains the situation & would wonders if the adventurers would like to look into it ?

Barak- Scott- Fighter: We would.

Deklan (TimB): Will we be deputized?

Dungeon Master (GM): Heh, perhaps at some point !

Ellamin- Mick- Druid: and rewarded

Altomi (Bard): Aye not like last time... just a thanks....

Dungeon Master (GM): Lord Hart says any unclaimed treasures you find is yours to keep.

Millers town is 48 miles from here on the south east coast. You can likely buy horses now or Lord Hart will provide you with them.

Deklan (TimB): what kind of unclaimed treasure are laying around a town?
seems like not much...

Altomi (Bard): "The treasure we got from kobold's hideout"

Fenwe: Can we convince Lord Hart to promise us a concrete reward for our efforts ?

Dungeon Master (GM): Lord Hart ponders for a moment, says, "Perhaps, i will let you keep the horses as yours, if this mission is successful."

Deklan (TimB): what kind of horses are these?

Lord Hart: " Light war horses, as these would come from the town militia stables. "

Deklan (TimB): I do have a skill in riding horses, so I have some familiarity
nice horses...

Altomi (Bard): And a wagon... most definitely need a wagon...

Lord Hart: "so we have a deal then, you shall look into the matter?", "The wagon you could perhaps buy here in town."

Altomi (Bard) nods "Okay.. the horses are good payments"

Altomi (Bard): "I will go"

Deklan (TimB) -Cleric: agreed

The End of "1A: The Inheritance"