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Title: Great Play Test of my rpg design.
Post by: Mojo on June 11, 2017, 08:51:48 PM
Hey everyone. Mojo is back again. I had to tell this super funny story. So after a long time of play testing, & getting feedback from al of my play test groups, the verdict is in. Now all I have to do is a final rewrite, find an editor, a lay out designer, & good artists. Now on to the story.

So I normally hand pick a group of players between 6 & 7 of them from the other playtest groups to play test a new rule or monster. I select the most brutally honest & "unhappy" play testers from the last report. This time I had 7 gamers, some GM's, other were players. I ran them through an adventure I had been working on.

So to start things off, the 2 thieves died when they failed to detect traps in the entrance hallway. So while they rolled up new characters the party continued on. I had some zombie monsters in the dungeon. The Cleric was the only member to have any magical device. It was a +1 Mace. A relic she had taken from her temple to fight the undead rumored to be in this dungeon. So when they encountered the undead things she was the first to fall victim to the effect of a bite or scratch from a zombie. She failed her Saving Throw with a natural 1. So she became a zombie too. The group basically ignored the other zombies to focus on their fallen cleric. Not to save her, but to get that +1 mace. In the process of that 4 others fell to the zombie sickness. I have never seen so many misses rolled in my life. The now badly out numbered group decides to cut tail & run, until the Wizard of the group, (being played by a seasoned GM by the way) decides to roast the undead with a massive fire ball. I asked him 4 different times if he was sure he wanted to do that. He said yes. The explosion of the fireball was so big, (this guy rolled a crit when he cast it & I have exploding dice when dealing damage) he just kept rolling. After the damage was rolled & the group saw how much damage was done, I asked them, what do you think that much damage would do in this small hallway? To a one they replied, it would kill us too. So they each got a Save & they all failed. So now some of the zombies in the dungeon will the roasted remains of the party. One of those zombies will even have a +1 mace that now is a carrier of the zombie sickness. We all had a good laugh, & all said they want to go through the dungeon again to face their fallen old characters.

They were no longer "unhappy" with the rules or some of the new monsters, but said that they thought the game was ready. I am now waiting to hear back from the other play test groups. From all the reports so far, looks like I could finally be done.

anyway that's my play test story. thanks for reading.
Title: Re: Great Play Test of my rpg design.
Post by: angelicdoctor on June 23, 2017, 08:38:48 AM
Looks like you have something very good on your hands, Mojo!
Title: Re: Great Play Test of my rpg design.
Post by: Mojo on June 23, 2017, 05:37:16 PM
I am hoping so anyway. Gonna target people that have never played, & areas that rpg's are not in native tongues.